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Facility Management program | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Would you like to make your facility management requirements easier to deal with?

Discover usBIM.maint, the Visual Facility Management software that allows you to see your assets and maintenance interventions using 2D/3D maps and models automatically.

Always keep track of who, when, where and why your assets need maintenance interventions...

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Maintenance planning, activity tracking and problem management in a single platform

usBIM.maint is the cloud-based facility management software with integrated apps and tools to give you the best facility management solutions

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Why choose the facility management software usBIM.maint?

usBIM.maint enhances maintenance processes, boosting productivity while reducing management time and costs.

All documentation in digital and visual formats | usBIM.maint | ACCA Software
All documentation in digital and visual formats, always updated, georeferenced and accessible from anywhere
Faster communication and easier collaboration | usBIM.maint | ACCA Software
Faster communication and easier collaboration between managers, technicians and suppliers thanks to the cloud platform and mobile app
Reduction of response time| usBIM.maint | ACCA Software
Reduction of response time and completion of maintenance activities with online management of work orders and tickets
Cost reduction | usBIM.maint | ACCA Software
Cost reduction with energy management and budget control
Full control of asset and maintenance team performance | usBIM.maint | ACCA Software
Full control of asset and maintenance team performance with custom reports and KPIs
Advanced CMMS integration | usBIM.maint | ACCA Software
Advanced CMMS integration with BIM platforms, Common Data Environment (CDE), IoT systems
Facility asset registry with all relevant data available in a centralized cloud-based service | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Facility asset registry with all relevant data available in a centralized cloud-based service

usBIM.maint can be considered one of the top software solutions for facility management based on cloud technology.

Manage information relating to buildings, plants and any other assets with personal data sheets containing all required information (personal data, location, scheduled maintenance, maintenance and documents) and all stored and always available on the cloud. Our maintenance scheduling software feature ensures optimal, well-maintaned assets, resulting in long-term cost savings.


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Geolocation of assets, properties and plants | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Geolocation of assets, properties and plants

usBIM.maint is a truly unique facility asset management software: you can automatically view the location of assets, plants, properties and geolocate activities and places of intervention directly on DWG, DXF or IFC. The Integrated Facility Management (IFM) capabilities are central to the purpose of facility management, making tasks easier and more efficient.

Seeing data on 3D drawings or models (also in 3D Visual BIM & Indoor Navigation) and simply finding information and documents makes the facility manager's job easier. This also fits into the broader spectrum of facility management tools and techniques aimed at simplifying the workload. If you were looking for the best facility management software to save time and money, usBIMmaint is the right solution for you!


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Facility management app to work anywhere with any device and manage targeted interventions | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

A facility management app to work anywhere with any device and manage targeted interventions

usBIM.maint is a real facility management software app that allows access to all information wherever you are and from any mobile device. In the realm of facility management services, our app stands out for its versatility and efficiency.

Every open intervention request arrives in real time on the mobile device of the team best suited to carry out the intervention.

You get direct feedback, you can monitor intervention times, performance and activity progress. The maintenance program is designed to maximize facilities maintenance, ensuring that your assets stay in top condition.

Field technicians directly from the application:

  • receive all the information necessary to carry out the scheduled maintenance tasks
  • receive notifications of all emergency maintenance activities to be carried out with all the necessary guidance and information
  • perform significant activities and real estate census for the creation or updating of plant systems and asset data.

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First facility management software connected to Common Data Environment for dynamic management of BIM model | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

The first facility management software connected to a Common Data Environment for the dynamic management of the BIM model

usBIM.maint is the first facility management software connected to a Common Data Environment (CDE).

The link between facility management and BIM is essential not only to geolocate asset management and maintenance information in a 3D/BIM model.

BIM is a 3D model management process that can continuously vary its geometry and its data (information, documents, etc.) following redevelopment, management and maintenance activities.

usBIM.maint has a dynamic connection to the IFC open-format BIM model management platform through a BIM facility management software. A unique system that brings two extraordinary advantages for facility management:

  • The BIM model to which the asset control and maintenance activities refer to is always updated by the continuous data trails originating from designers, technicians, maintenance technicians, managers, etc.
  • Facility management activities allow a dynamic and continuous modification of the BIM model allowing to vary model data and geometry in the openBIM IFC format with simple tools that can also be used as web apps.

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Facility management software features

Geolocated Assets | usBIM.maint | ACCA software


Geolocate assets, activities and locations on 2D plans or 3D models to visually contextualize all facility management tasks

Facility management in the cloud | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Facility management in the cloud

usBIM.maint is an online facility management software to make the work of the facility manager and intervention teams easier.

A complete cloud-based facility management platform with additional apps that allow you to access information easily from anywhere.

Personal data sheets and QR code | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Personal data sheets and QR code

Create sheets of your properties, assets and plants with all the information and documents that describe them accurately for your maintenance activities.

Generate QRCODES to quickly access information when you're in the building and give maintenance teams all the information they need or to dynamically change and update data.

Routine and emergency maintenance | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

and emergency maintenance

Plan routine and emergency maintenance operations and monitor activities in real time with a full overview of scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance requests.

A notification system with technical information, place and date of intervention, components, etc., alerts all work teams.

Ticket management | usBIM.maint | ACCA software


Manage emergency intervention tickets integrated with routine maintenance to optimize use of resources and reduce interferences.

Maintenance teams have dedicated interfaces designed to facilitate the recording and management of maintenance requests.

Activity monitoring and reporting | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Activity monitoring and reporting

Monitor and control every aspect of the facility management process through automated and customizable reports.

You have numerous reports and data views to monitor ordinary and emergency maintenance activities and technical data.

Performance, SLA and KPI | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Performance, SLA and KPI

Analyze performance by setting specific SLAs and KPIs. Evaluate the equipment indices, MTBF (mean time between failure) and MTTR (Mean time to repair) that allow you to program targeted interventions to prolong the life cycle of each component.

For each class of SLA, the graphs show the number of interventions in time, on late, out SLA.

Document management | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Document management

Set up the list of documents needed for each asset and receive alerts and notifications in case of expiration or missing required documents.

You have specific functions to perform due diligence on documents and share documents between different stakeholders, print them or export them in different formats.

Buildings, plants or assets are usually associated with documents in many types of formats (pdf, Office, Dwg).

Energy management | usBIM.maint | ACCA software


Energy Consumption dashboard for real-time management. Control and account for energy consumption levels and get all your data in a ingle centralized solution for predictive activities.

Quickly detect any anomalies and you can integrate the software with remote control and remote reading systems and with accounting systems (ERP) to account for all consumption.

Discover usBIM.maint, the best way to manage your facilities


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Looking for a facility management software that can support maintenance activities in schools, sports centers, churches, warehouses, hospitals, accommodation facilities, offices...?

This is the solution for you! Here are some examples...

If your business doesn't fall into any of these areas...

Easily customize usBIM.maint the CMMS facilities management software, according to your needs.

Integrated facilities management system

Hard Services and Soft Services in a single facility management system software

Hard Services - maintenance management | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Hard Services
Building services that impact on construction and plant infrastructures

  • routine and emergency maintenance of the building;
  • equipment maintenance
  • energy and water management, with a view to sustainability;
  • management and maintenance of lifts and escalators;
  • maintenance of the electrical and hydraulic system;
  • maintenance of the fire safety system.
Soft Services - facility maintenance | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Soft Services
Maintenance of building comfort and safety

  • cleaning and custody services;
  • safety measures;
  • car park maintenance;
  • disinfestation treatment
  • waste disposal;
  • recycling;
  • restocking of furniture and equipment;
  • space management;
  • maintenance of external appliances.

Discover usBIM.maint, the streamlined maintenance management software, the best way to manage your facilities


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What you need to know about facility management

Facility management (FM) is the process of managing a building, its facilities and its contents and includes the maintenance of the building, cities or infrastructure to ensure safe, comfortable, productive and efficient use.

the FM includes:

  • facility maintenance management: preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and repairs;
  • energy management: management and monitoring of energy use and implementation of energy efficiency measures;
  • monitoring the performance of the equipment and ensuring its correct operation.

Facilities management software are tools that help facility managers, property managers, municipal administrations or organizations manage all aspects of construction management operations.

From building, asset and plant maintenance to infrastructure management with facility management software, you can accelerate many processes and  save time and money.

The facility manager is the professional figure who oversees the maintenance, repair and renovation of an organization's spaces.

In particular, the tasks of a facility manager vary depending on the size and complexity of the organization, but some common responsibilities include:

  • organise regular building inspections;
  • ensure compliance with health and safety standards;
  • manage contractors and other external suppliers;
  • manage repairs, renovations and upgrades of building infrastructures (plumbing, HVAC systems).

With a facility management software you can manage different aspects of a facility, from creating an inventory list to monitoring repairs and maintenance work orders. There are numerous benefits of facility management software including:

  • Increased Efficiency;
  • improvement of communication;
  • Better data management;
  • simplification of the intervention request processes;
  • saving time and money in maintenance management.

Yes, usBIM.maint has all the features of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), but also of an Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS).

There are, in fact, different types of software for building maintenance, each with specific features and advantages.

The most common are:

  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
    A system designed to exclusively handle maintenance requests for systems and equipment. This system can be used by Facility Managers, technicians, and staff of any organization to manage scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, monitor plant and equipment status, manage cost information, and track work orders.
  • Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS)
    An integrated system that helps companies optimize the use of resources in the workplace. It can be considered as a combination of a CMMS software, focused on maintenance, and a CAFM system, based on space management.
    An IWMS platform makes it easy to manage work orders and make the most of available space. The IWMS allows, in fact, to monitor the occupancy and use of spaces on planimetric views in real time, highlighting the parts of the office that are not exploited to their full potential.
  • Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM)
    A software platform that simplifies facilities management and maintenance processes. Unlike CMMS, which focus on plant and capital maintenance, CAFMs help users optimize the management of space and resources in a building and plan, execute, and monitor all asset maintenance activities. CAFMs are therefore predominantly administrative tools and their main objective is to track data on people and equipment.
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
    They are systems designed to track, monitor, and manage a variety of business resources, including information about costs, priorities, competencies, and so on. Unlike CMMS software, which is typically used to manage large mechanical equipment, EAM platforms are useful to track office equipment (such as furniture, computers, etc.) and to ensure efficient management of human resources, procurement and inventories.

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usBIM, the BIM management system, scalable and configurable according to your needs.

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  • usBIM is the online system that integrates different types of BIM tools:
    • BIM interoperability tools: allowing full interoperability during the various phases of construction design, execution and the relating maintenance processes
    • BIM collaboration tools: specific BIM tools for improved collaboration and sharing of information among all the various stakeholders involved in creating or updating the digital twin during the project's entire life cycle.
  • With usBIM, manage the project, construction management and maintenance phases of a building or infrastructure, starting from the free usBIM.10 solution.
  • usBIM offers you infinite configurations with functions, applications and cloud storage space that you can activate from the online store.
  • Only subscribe to the BIM tools that you really need.
  • Keep your usBIM tools under control. Check out your current configurations and remain updated with the latest available plugins.
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