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BIM Business Intelligence helps improve building projects saving time and money!

With usBIM.BI, transform data into easy to read information promoting the successful outcome of your projects!

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usBIM.BI is an application of usBIM and will be available soon.
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Discover the power BI integrated in usBIM | usBIM.BI | ACCA software

Apply Business Intelligence to your BIM models and processes to build up useful insights into day-to-day operations

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Improve your construction projects by integrating Business Intelligence and CDE | usBIM.BI | ACCA software

Improve your construction projects by integrating Business Intelligence and CDE

Use advanced Business Intelligence tools integrated with the CDE to analyze data related to every aspect of the BIM project.
Bring data to life with dynamic dashboards and make better decisions easier | usBIM.BI | ACCA software

Bring data to life with dynamic dashboards and make better decisions easier

Create dynamic graphical reports deriving from all the information stored in the CDE with easy to read dashboards for quick data-driven decision making.
Forget about Security Issues and Reduce Costs with Cloud Data Management | usBIM.BI | ACCA software

Forget about Security Issues and Reduce Costs with Cloud Data Management

Manage data in a single cloud platform, access analytics from any device, and eliminate cost and security issues related to managing large amounts of data at once.
Improve your building projects with Business Intelligence and CDE | usBIM.BI | ACCA software

Improve your building projects with Business Intelligence and a CDE

With usBIM.BI  analyze all data contained in the Common Data Environment, access a complete view of your projects and easily take actions aimed at improving design, construction or maintenance processes.

usBIM.BI allows you to keep track of every aspect of the project (such as performance of different team professionals or updates on the status of projects) from start to finish.

All the information provided by Business Intelligence helps you make better decisions and manage your projects in a simpler and more efficient way:

  • increase productivity with performance analysis;
  • leverage data from multiple sources to gain insight into how the various parts of your organization work together;
  • make more informed decisions about which activities to improve or repeat in future projects based on previous information.

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Discover the Business Intelligence for BIM data integrated in usBIM


Bring data to life with dynamic dashboards simplifying decision making procedures

With usBIM.BI, apply business intelligence to BIM models and processes connecting hundreds of different data sources together.

Data sources can be of any kind.  Analyze and view data sources produced by each application of the usBIM platform allowing you to:

  • graphically analyze cost estimates and identify expenses for each work section, categories of work, item types, etc. or get a quick indication of the number or percentage of objects with specific characteristics to speed up a quote;
  • perform an analysis on all information linked to the BIM model (classifications, properties and property values of each object);
  • easily get activity percentages for each level of progression, by status or activities carried out by operator;
  • analyze processes in terms of their performance while managing budget and costs accordingly;
  • address project or work management issues leveraging the automatic integration with usBIM.resolver.

usBIM.BI is the software that truly enhances your understanding of the business highlighting issues before they become major problems Access and view data more effectively, identify opportunities for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.


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Discover Business Intelligence for the Construction Industry integrated in usBIM


Forget about security issues and reduce costs

Managing the large amount of data provided by construction projects can turn out to be a great benefit but can also represent increased complexity and high management costs.

With usBIM.BI, forget about these aspects and concentrate more on data-driven decision making workflows..

With usBIM.BI, there's no longer any need for expensive systems to keep your data safe or workstations equipped with high-end computing power for processing: usBIM's cloud services will respond to your each and every need.

usBIM.BI is integrated into the usBIM.platform CDE where you can safely store your project data and thanks to Business Intelligence, you'll be able to process large amounts of data providing you with all the information you need to improve your projects while drastically reducing costs.


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Discover the BIM business intelligence tools integrated in usBIM

Everything you need to know about BIM Business Intelligence

Business intelligence, commonly abbreviated with "BI", is the science of collecting, analyzing, and presenting information that help make smarter decisions.

Of course, business intelligence can be applied not only to BIM workflows and the construction industry, but in a wide variety of business processes, including budgeting and forecasting, risk management, project management, customer relationship management (CRM), human resource analysis (HR), and sales performance monitoring alike.

The main advantage of using business intelligence is that it allows you to get more information regarding your business and make more effective decisions based on more reliable data. Learn more about BIM Data

In Building Information Modeling you can use BI for more than just reporting on past projects.

The use of Business Intelligence can help BIM managers and other stakeholders understand the project lifecycle better, identify potential risks and issues, and make more informed decisions that improve decision-making throughout the BIM process.


The main advantage of business intelligence applied to BIM is that it allows you to see how projects are progressing day by day. This allows problems to be identified before they become critical project management issues and also helps identify opportunities for improvement.

Business intelligence makes BIM more efficient by providing BIM Managers with detailed information concerning the various BIM processes at any given time.


Business Intelligence can be applied to BIM models or the process.

Considering that the openBIM IFC format BIM model contains classifications, properties and property values relating to each object in the model, you can now perform all types of data queries and analyse it for all kinds of needs. For example, get immediate feedback relating to the number or percentage of objects with specific characteristics to speed up the drafting of detailed cost estimates or search for different components to evaluate design aspects, etc.

By applying BI to the BIM process, easily obtain activity percentages for each work phase or progression, activities by operators, or get insights into the most efficient processes, etc.

There are many different types of business intelligence applications with BIM models or processes, to name just a few, we have:

  • keeping track of hours of work and correlations with the different processes;
  • methods for identifying task completion rates;
  • project budget/costs/estimates management;
  • issue management methods;
  • information analysis tools relating to the BIM model;
  • BIM model objects analysis.

usBIM, the BIM management system, scalable and configurable according to your needs.

Get started with 15 applications and 10GB of cloud storage space for free. Then choose the applications that you need to configure your usBIM experience according to your preferred workflow!

  • usBIM is the online system that integrates different types of BIM tools:
    • BIM interoperability tools: allowing full interoperability during the various phases of construction design, execution and the relating maintenance processes
    • BIM collaboration tools: specific BIM tools for improved collaboration and sharing of information among all the various stakeholders involved in creating or updating the digital twin during the project's entire life cycle.
  • With usBIM, manage the project, construction management and maintenance phases of a building or infrastructure, starting from the free usBIM.10 solution.
  • usBIM offers you infinite configurations with functions, applications and cloud storage space that you can activate from the online store.
  • Only subscribe to the BIM tools that you really need.
  • Keep your usBIM tools under control. Check out your current configurations and remain updated with the latest available plugins.
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