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The usBIM application to view and manage BIM models, documents and data online, with any device, at high speed and without file size limitations.

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usBIM.browser | ACCA software
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Manage models and documents online | usBIM.broswer | ACCA software

View, browse and manage models and documents online

usBIM.browser is the basic application of the usBIM system that allows you to:

  • view and manage all data, documents and models directly online
  • browse the 3D model online with any device
  • federate multiple IFC models into one view
  • collaborate with connected users on the project in real time
  • use Issue to collaboratively solve potential problems encountered in the model
  • describe with textual information the comments needed to solve a problem regarding the IFC file directly on the model
  • connect together graphics, descriptions, technical specifications and other documentation
  • localize all the information on the objects of the IFC model through the association of links or attribute additional information by inserting #TagBIM
  • even add other applications - such as usBIM.render and usBIM.reality – for rendered views and immersive experiences of your models

With usBIM, work with large files that probably no other viewer can handle and with the same performance, speed and reliability.

usBIM.browser allows you to view and manage each single model as if it were produced with the original BIM authoring software or to load multiple IFC files simultaneously, create a merge of the models and achieve the integration of the digital BIM model in its entirety.

In addition to all the IFC properties of the object, usBIM.browser allows you to access graphical or descriptive drawings, construction details, technical specifications, requirements, prescriptions, etc.

* Currently not available - the following formats E57, PLY, PTS, XYZ, FBX, GLTF will soon be supported. Office formats such as .DOC, .DOCX, .XLSX, .PPTX, .RTF, .ETC. are supported by usBIM.office.

Model management on browser | usBIM.browser | ACCA Software

Manage IFC models online: federation, #TagBIM, links and georeferencing

To view multiple IFC documents in a single view, usBIM.browser provides a specific functionality for model federation: usBIM.federation.

usBIM.federation proposes a specific tree structure of federated BIM models to manage different visualization, translation, rotation and scaling options.

With usBIM.browser, you can also:

  • associate additional information (#TagBIM) to IFC model objects that enrich the 3D model and enable powerful graphical filters.
  • create logical links between the digital model and the documentation present on the platform, or with material coming from outside or associate additional information (drawings, descriptions, technical specifications and other documentation).

Both documents, stored on the platform together with external links, can be linked to the BIM model entities by creating links. All this information can be associated with the objects contained in the model, so that these can become the georeferencing of the information present within the platform.

Render and VRI | usBIM.browser | ACCA software

Navigate the BIM models in Real-Time Rendering, Augmented Reality and Immersive Virtual Reality directly online

With usBIM, you can browse the rendered models of the IFC, EDF, RVT or SKP files from the browser to see all of the project BIM models in real time and in an advanced form.

With the advanced Real-Time Rendering functions (usBIM.reality) you can take a virtual tour of the BIM model and move around for a true first-person viewing experience..

Immerse yourself in the BIM model with virtual reality and check out the effectiveness of the project assessing conflicts in an extremely precise manner.

Call up specific information and data attached to BIM objects from the VR view of the model.


usBIM.browser is one of the 10 free applications included in usBIM.10 allowing you to view and manage large BIM models, documents and data with maximum power and speed, all completely online and from any device.

Going into more detail, with usBIM.browser you can:

  • open and view all documents and models in different formats (IFC, EDF, EDL, RVT, RFA, DAE, OBJ, 3DS, SKP, DXF, DWG, PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc.)
  • browse through large 3D models from any device without having any BIM authoring and without installing any software
  • share your work without having to exchange files, simply pass a link to your customers and colleagues
  • navigate in real-time or in immersive virtual reality and analyze every single property of the IFC objects belonging to the digital model
  • attach data and information to the objects of any 3D model
  • federate multiple IFC models into a single view, creating tags, annotations, links and georeferenced content.

Using usBIM.browser brings many advantages in the work of technicians, speeding up and simplifying both ordinary and more complex operations. In fact, with a free application, it is possible to have a very powerful tool to manage and navigate even large files, generated with any BIM authoring and without installing any specific software. This means that with usBIM.browser you can easily browse a file generated with Revit (or any other BIM software) even without having Revit on your computer.

You can browse any type of 3D file: architectural, structural models, plant engineering and ranging from large to small scale without problems and with any device. In addition to viewing the model, you can also query each element or attach information and data to create a real set of files linked together in advanced and complex models but managed with extreme simplicity.

Also, you can view files using any device. In this way you can consult your work files while you are on the train, on the construction site or at a customer's home, even using your tablet or a simple smartphone.

You can manage large files without taking up space on your PC and share your work with extreme simplicity and speed.

You can collaborate with your colleagues and exchange models and files even if you don't use the same software.

usBIM.browser is one of the usBIM.browser is one of the that form the usBIM.10 integrated system.

usBIM is a scalable system. That means you can build up your preferred eco-system according to your needs, you can implement and customize it with many additional functions available in usBIM.store.

Accessing usBIM.browser is very simple and all you need is a simple myACCA service registration.

In detail, all you need to do is:

  • access the usBIM page;
  • enter your myACCA credentials (email used for registration and password)
  • click on “Login”.

If you are not already registered, go to the ACCA website and follow the instructions for registering with myACCA.

At this point you are already granted fee access to the usBIM.10 features where you can view and manage your BIM models with usBIM.browser.

Remember that you can access usBIM.browser from the browser and from any device (PC, tablet or smartphone).

With usBIM.browser you can view, manage and browse different formats, both open and proprietary, without having to install any software.

For example, you can view the following formats:

  • 3DS (3D Studio)
  • EDF (Edificius)
  • EDL (EdiLus)
  • HSBIM (CerTus HSBIM)
  • DWG/DXF (CAD format - Autodesk)
  • DAE (Collada)
  • DGN (CAD Format - Bentley Microstation)
  • ICDD (Data Drop)
  • IFC (OpenBIM 3D Model)
  • OBJ (3D Model)
  • PDF (PDF)
  • RFA (Revit)
  • RVT (Revit)
  • SKP (SketchUp)
  • BMP (Image)
  • JPEG (Image)
  • GIF (Image)
  • JPG (Image)
  • PNG (Image)
  • TIF (Image)
  • TIFF (Image)
  • SVG (Image)
  • TGA (Image).

You can view the BIM and IFC models directly online in several ways:

  • real-time rendering (RTBIM)
  • virtual reality

These viewing modes allow you to browse 3D views of your IFC, EDF, RVT or SKP files directly from your browser and in real time.

This way you can:

  • have a realistic view of BIM models with advanced Real-Time Rendering functions
  • immerse yourself in the BIM model with virtual reality and immediately verify the effectiveness of the project and also assess any conflicts
  • get easy to access information and data attached to BIM objects with the augmented reality view of the model
  • browse 3D models even if you don't have any BIM authoring.

usBIM, the BIM management system, scalable and configurable according to your needs.

Get started with 10+1 applications and 10GB of cloud storage space for free. Then choose the applications that you need to configure your usBIM experience according to your preferred workflow!

  • With usBIM, manage the project, construction management and maintenance phases of a building or infrastructure, starting from the free usBIM.10+1 solution.
  • usBIM offers you infinite configurations with functions, applications and cloud storage space that you can activate from the online store.
  • Only subscribe to the BIM tools that you really need.
  • Keep your usBIM tools under control. Check out your current configurations and remain updated with the latest available plugins.
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APP and functions supplied with usBIM.10 (included and free of charge)

  • Video meeting | usBIM.meet | ACCA software

    usBIM.meetVideo Meetings and desktop sharing tools

  • BCF file management | usBIM.bcf | ACCA software

    usBIM.bcf BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) management

  • Integrated Word Processor | usBIM.writer | ACCA software

    usBIM.writer Integrated Word Processor for document and forms management

APPs and additional functions (available with subscription plans)

  • Advanced IFC file editor | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

    usBIM.editorAdvanced IFC file editorComing soon

  • BIM Real-Time Data from Internet of Things | usBIM.IoT | ACCA software

    usBIM.IoT BIM Real-Time Data from Internet of ThingsComing soon

  • Augmented Reality of the BIM model | usBIM.reality | ACCA software

    usBIM.reality BIM model Real-Time rendering, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality