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Here's the free LAS viewer to open LAS, PLY, E57 files and other point cloud formats with a common browser directly online!

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Sign in with your ACCA account, upload your files with a simple Drag&Drop, view them with the free built-in online LAS viewer.

What is a .LAS file extension | usBIM | ACCA software

What is a .LAS file extension?

LAS filetypes are widely used formats used for exchanging and storing lidar point cloud data clusters and considered an industry standard for LiDAR data.

The LAS format stores all data collected by the light sensors. These sensors illuminate the target with laser light, measure reflected and scattered light to generate a three-dimensional image of the targeted object.

This method is also used to create accurate terrain maps.

The LAS format includes the complete waveform data and can be of several gigabytes in size, which is why point clouds are often exchanged and shared in the .LAZ file format, a compressed version of a .LAS file.

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How can I open a LAS file online | usBIM | ACCA software

How can I open a LAS file online?

To open a point cloud LAS file, you need to use a free LAS viewer such as usBIM which allows you to view files with the .LAS extensionwithout having to install any specific software.

With the usBIM online LAS viewer, you have the ability to view, manage and navigate through your point cloud clusters of any format and size (.PLY, .E57, .PTS, .LAZ, .XYZ etc.) and directly online.

All you need is a device connected to the internet (tablet or a simple smartphone), log in to the usBIM page with your ACCA account, upload the file to your free cloud space and open the LAS file completely online now!

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Don't have a LAS file at hand but you'd like to test the usBIM online viewing capabilities?

Try the usBIM .LAS viewer online now with one of our point cloud files!

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