Facilities management software for schools

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Are you looking for a unique and integrated solution to manage maintenance plans, preventive safety measures and other facility management activities for schools?

Discover usBIM.maint, the software to program, manage and control the maintenance of school buildings in a simpler and more effective way.

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School CMMS software | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Only proper maintenance ensures that school facilities are always kept safe, efficient and functional

With usBIM.maint, manage the facility management services of buildings and school equipment with the most advanced technology in the industry.

Centralized data in a single cloud platform

You have a single centralized system where you can monitor every school asset and easily locate all available resources.

Geolocation of school assets

Geolocate problematic assets directly on the 3D model of the school structure, find information faster and make maintenance or repairs more efficient.

Energy management

Take full control of the school's energy consumption, identify any waste and optimize energy management.

Preventive maintenance

Create preventive maintenance plans to avoid costly equipment problems and disruption of normal school activities.

Space Management

Manage the space of the premises within the schools and create a comfortable and stimulating learning environment for the students.

Access from any device

Access maintenance information from anywhere and with any device and better manage school resources even when you're away.

Resource monitoring

Take advantage of automatic and customizable reports to easily analyze the performance of each equipment and make data-driven decisions that aim to optimize each school resource.

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No more emails or paper records, centralize all information of schools in a single cloud space | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

No more emails or paper records, centralize all information of schools in a single cloud space!

Optimally managing facility management in schools can be difficult if staff use different tools (email, notes, phone) to communicate maintenance and service requests.

With usBIM.maint, the school maintenance software, this is no longer a problem.

usBIM.maint in fact, offers a call center service that facilitates the registration of tickets even to users who do not have any competence.

In this way, all the information you need (communications, photo attachments, equipment manuals) will be easily available within a single cloud space and you can effectively mobilize the maintenance team.


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Automatic routine maintenance plans and geolocalized extraordinary maintenance for school buildings that are always safe and efficient | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Automatic routine maintenance plans and geolocalized extraordinary maintenance for school buildings that are always safe and efficient

Proper maintenance of school facilities is of fundamental importance because it guarantees optimized and efficient school buildings.

With usBIM.maint you no longer have to worry about forgetting urgent maintenance or repairs. After an initial setup of the necessary maintenance cards, the software automatically generates a maintenance plan that you can easily and intuitively view through the maintenance calendar.

In addition, the management of extraordinary maintenance interventions becomes faster and easier. Directly from the floors and floor plan of the building, view the location of the system inside the school building and geolocate the request for intervention.

Thanks to the mobile application, school building maintenance personnel can;

  • be guided in the execution of repair activities through the data sheets in the cloud accessible from any device with all the necessary information (personal data, location, scheduled maintenance, maintenance interventions and documents)
  • communicate in real time the progress of the work.

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Make the right decisions: analyze and optimize every aspect of school facilities with usBIM.maint automatic reports | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Make the right decisions: analyze and optimize every aspect of school facilities with usBIM.maint automatic reports

with usBIM.maint, the educational facilities management software, you have numerous automatic reports that simplify the monitoring of school maintenance activities. Instantly view detailed reports on assets, maintenance costs, facility utilization, and get a complete view of activities.

Detailed reports from usBIM.maint help you make important decisions with reliable data and indexes that allow you to:

  • monitor the number of interventions and their cost;
  • understand the performance of equipment, resources and facilities;
  • assess the need for additional staff;
  •  acquire important information about the equipment that allows you to choose whether to repair or replace it;
  • plan targeted interventions to extend the life cycle of the equipment itself.

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Educational facilities software - Facility maintenance management software for schools | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Maintenance of school facilities
is of paramount importance.

Choose to manage them more efficiently, try usBIM.maint, the CMMS software for schools!

  • Improves the learning environment for students and ensures school facilities are always in good condition thanks to the creation of efficient maintenance plans
  • It guarantees always functioning school equipment through the real-time monitoring of their condition.
  • Ensures maximum safety and compliance of school facilities thanks to the ability to keep track of the performance of each asset
  • Improves communication in the school district through communication tools integrated into the platform
  • Maximize the use of school space thanks to space management functions
  • Increase the efficiency of school assets, reduce costs and improve budget planning through automatic and detailed dashboards.

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What you need to know about school facility management

The term School Facility Management refers to the set of processes and tools that allow to optimize the management and maintenance practices aimed at buildings, structures, equipment and resources owned by a school.

As in the case of residential buildings (or those intended for production, work and recreational activities of any kind), school buildings, and all facilities and equipment contained therein, are subject to wear and tear and the effects of time, and require periodic maintenance in order to preserve their safety and functionality.

School Facility Management processes make it possible to respond effectively to this need because they offer a strategic and innovative approach to the management of school structures. These processes are based on the use of software and cloud platforms that help Facility Managers to:

  • keep an inventory of school resources, specifying their location and conditions;
  • assess which of these resources need to be repaired or replaced to minimise equipment loss;
  • automatically schedule repairs and maintenance;
  • generate and monitor work and service orders;
  • keep track of equipment downtime;
  • set up preventive maintenance programs;
  • check the costs associated with maintenance;
  • produce custom reports that offer detailed metrics on which to base future projects.

Among the potentialities of Facility Management, we also find the ability to integrate with Building Information Modeling. The use of properly realized BIM models allows you to manage even more effectively the construction and plant components of a building.

The proper maintenance of school facilities is of fundamental importance because it contributes to the creation of optimized study and learning environments, and ensures the improvement of the overall efficiency of the buildings.

The most important aspects that School Facility Management processes focus on include, for example:

  • the management and maintenance of buildings, premises and plants, through regular inspections, inspections and interventions, and also through preventive maintenance actions aimed at drastically reducing the likelihood of breakdowns or degradation in the operation of assets;
  • the planning and organization of spaces, which favors the creation of more comfortable and welcoming environments for all users;
  • the containment of energy consumption, through conservation techniques that reduce energy expenditure and promote sustainability;
  • compliance with health and safety standards, through an adequate risk assessment and the formulation of appropriate emergency protocols that help keep pupils and teaching staff safe;
  • the preparation of lists and inventories, which allow to document, track and organize resources of any kind;
  • theadoption of preventive security measures, which may include the installation of code-based access systems, CCTV cameras, intrusion alarms, etc.;
  • the planning of hygienic-sanitary activities, aimed at cleaning and sanitizing the spaces;
  • the creation of purchase orders, for the supply of new equipment;
  • the management and monitoring of work order systems for schools, which help to schedule interventions, assign technicians, reduce costs, etc.

All schools should provide a variety of spaces, tools, and resources at every level of education to promote student engagement and achievement, improve school staff productivity, and ensure compliance with safety, wellness, and hygiene standards.

In order to guarantee an effective improvement of school structures and increase the efficiency of the educational system, it is important to orient the implementation of Facility Management in schools towards:

  • greater use of technology, to take full advantage of learning opportunities and improve communication;
  • flexible use of spaces, which must adapt to different configurations to host special activities, meetings, conferences, shows, alternative educational programs, etc.;
  • the  design of classrooms of adequate size, easily accessible, characterized by good acoustics and lighting, equipped with systems for the control of temperature and indoor air quality, and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies;
  • se of renewable energy to improve energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of schools;
  • theadoption of security and surveillance measures, to deal with emergencies in the best possible way and ensure the protection of students and staff;
  • the formulation of preventive maintenance programs, which allow to anticipate maintenance problems in the structures before they even occur.

The correct implementation of Facility Management in the school environment allows you to:

  • reduce costs for the management of facilities;
  • significantly extend the life cycle of goods and resources, and improve their quality;
  • positively affect students' learning abilities and increase participation in teaching activities;
  • simplify the organisation of processes and reduce stress on managers of educational facilities;
  • improve the cleanliness, order and safety of spaces;
  • encourage communication between employees;
  • help staff manage limited resources by identifying priorities proactively;
  • improve the appearance of buildings, the operation of equipment and the health of students and staff;
  • save energy and protect the environment.