Advanced IFC editor

Advanced IFC editor | usBIM.editor | ACCA software
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Looking for a solution that enables you to access and work on an IFC file without having any specific BIM Authoring such as Edificius, Revit® or ArchiCAD®?

With usBIM.editor now you can! Edit, print, render and even experience your IFC BIM model in immersive virtual reality!

Make changes, add and view information relating to your IFC files.

usBIM.editor is the first advanced editor that enables you to truly manage an IFC format BIM model created by any BIM authoring software such as Edificius, Revit®, ArchiCAD®, Allplan®, Tekla®, EdiLus, etc.

  • Make changes to element geometry, insert new models, assign materials, print and render without using any BIM authoring software.
  • Edit, delete or add information to BIM model IFC entity properties
Video | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

Working on IFC files with usBIM.editor allows you to manage information and access data with great freedom throughout the construction lifecycle without having to use the same software used to create the original architectural model…. That’s true BIM collaboration freedom!

  • IFC Editor | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

    view and operate on the entire model and on the individual IFC entities and properties

  • Library of BIM objects | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

    access an extensive library of BIM objects to enrich your model or even create new IFC objects

  • Convert 3D models and objects to IFC file format | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

    convert models and 3D objects to IFC, also import them from SketchUp®, Blender® or Rhino-Grasshopper®.

  • Project documentation | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

    automatically produce project documentation, working drawings, reports, schedules, etc.

  • Rendering | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

    Produce professional Hi-Res renderings (also in Real-Time) together with videos, animations, scene photo-montages and VR immersive experiences

Your IFC BIM projects online | usBIM | ACCA software

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Working on a BIM model in IFC format | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

Open, view and edit IFC BIM models by operating on the geometric and informational properties of each individual entity

With usBIM.editor:

  • open IFC files created by any Authoring software such as Edificius®, Revit®, ArchiCAD®, ALLPLAN®, Teklasup®, EdiLus®, etc.
  • display the model using different style and appearance options
  • move and rotate the model by aligning it to other models within the federation.
  • navigate the model according to property and classification selections
  • edit, delete, replace and add geometric and informational properties of individual model entities
  • delete, duplicate and move BIM model entities
  • define customised classification schemes
  • create templates of added properties and classifications to be automatically applied to other models
  • import your properties from Excel files into the IFC model and automatically associate them with an entity class or a selection thereof
  • create a new version of the IFC model with all the geometric and informative changes made to the original model.

Suppose that the IFC to be modified is the result of the federation of three models (structural, architectural, plant engineering) produced with different BIM authoring.

The IFC file is the 'digital twin' of an existing building that has undergone changes over time (e.g. boiler replacement and demolition of a partition).

Normally, in order to update the model and make it conform to the state of the art, you would have to edit the 3 models individually (using 3 different BIM authoring!) and federate again.

With usBIM.editor you can work directly on the federated model and make the necessary changes, optimising costs and working time.

To make changes to the IFC file, follow these simple steps:

  • open usBIM.editor
  • click on "New" and choose your "IFC document"
  • select the IFC file to work on
  • from the "Drawing" section, select the drop-down menu and choose the "3D Model" option
  • in the Properties window, under Features, then Model, open the BIM object library and choose the desired model (in this case, we’ll insert a boiler with the same characteristics as the existing model)
  • position the object at a certain point
  • choose the "IFC editor" environment
  • delete unwanted elements (in this case the old boiler and the partition wall) use the "Delete" key on the keyboard
  • once your changes are completed, click the "Export to IFC" button to export your modified file
New objects in the IFC model | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

Manage an extensive library of BIM objects and insert new objects into the IFC model

With usBIM.editor you can add further details and data to the IFC BIM model as described below:

You can also:

  • directly from ACCA’s BIM Object Library, with thousands of free resources (CAD blocks, 3D models, etc.).
  • from online thematic libraries of BIM objects that you can create and share with collaborators and extend over time (also including automatic reversioning functions)
  • import external files in many standard 2D/3D formats;
  • convert models and 3D objects from a wide range of formats such as AutoCAD® (.dxf), SketchUp® (.skp), 3D Studio Max® (.3ds) and many others into IFC files.
Integration with SketchUp and Blender | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

Take advantage of a seamless integration with 3D modelling software such as SketchUp®, Blender® and Rhino-Grasshopper®.

Import 3D solid models of any type and shape, created with SketchUp®, Blender® and Rhino-Grasshopper®, directly into the usBIM.editor.

The integration feature with SketchUp® and Blender® and Rhino-Grasshopper® in usBIM.editor is immediate and dynamic:

  • select the 3D Model entities to modify or as a reference point for additional details
  • start the integration process
  • you’ll see the entities selected in usBIM.editor now visible in the SketchUp®, Blender® or Rhino-Grasshopper® 3D view.
  • modify the selected entities with the chosen 3D modelling software
  • your BIM model in the IFC format is dynamically updated with your changes

Advanced functions to get even more out of the IFC model, In addition to the IFC model editing functions, usBIM.editor is equipped with advanced features that bring extra value to your workflow to produce all the relevant graphical presentation material for an enhanced communication exchange.

Construction drawings and schedules from the IFC file | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

Produce construction drawings and schedules from the IFC file

One of the biggest drawbacks in using IFC files is creating accurate construction documentation. Now, with usBIM.editor, and the BIM model in the IFC Open BIM format, you can automatically generate the entire set of construction documents organised in easily manageable and customizable drawing models:

  • create and customise project drawings from the IFC model

  • create axonometric cutaway drawings

  • get the entire set of project documentation (reports, area plans, floor plan views, cross-sections, axonometries, schedules and tables)

  • produce plan views, sections, elevation views from the IFC model

These documents are dynamically linked to the IFC model; each time your project changes, all connected documents are automatically updated too.

Export construction documents in DXF/DWG/DWF file format.

IFC model schedules and reports | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

Produce IFC model schedules and reports

For IFC objects you have all the information in summary tables with information regarding zones, features, measurement data, etc.

An "intelligrid" inside the program allows you to filter and organise information in tables; with a special “wizard” it’s also possible to create new custom tables that allow you to produce IFC file info that can also be exported in other formats. Great value for model analysis requirements.

Adding materials to IFC objects | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

Assign materials to IFC objects. Extra realism for better communication

usBIM.editor allows you to assign high-definition PBR materials to each object in the IFC model. These HD Textures are provided in ACCA’s BIM objects Library.

This finally fills the great visual gap in graphical definition of the IFC model and allows you to get excellent results when using the real time rendering tools, producing photo-montages or video, etc.

These are all advanced functions that enable you to and understand a lot more about the IFC model and improve communication between the various BIM process stakeholders.

Photorealistic rendering | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

Produce highly professional and photorealistic renderings directly from the IFC model

usBIM.editor uses Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning Denoiser from AMD Radeon™ ProRender) to produce super-fast high quality PBR renders, without even being a rendering expert and without wasting time doing fine-tune adjustments.

PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials and IBL lighting (Image-based lighting) technology guarantees extraordinary photorealistic results with physically precise light and reflection effects.

The usBIM.editor rendering functions are managed by ACCA's AIrBIM module, which is fully integrated into the software.

Learn more about AIrBIM
Scene photomontages and photo-retouching tools directly with IFC models | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

Photo-montages and photo-retouching tools to insert the rendered image of an IFC model into context.

usBIM.editor has integrated functions for scene photo-montages and photo-retouching.

Simply upload a photo of your building site and the software can reconstruct the perspective and position the IFC model in the photo applying visibility, transparencies and shadows for an even more realistic result.

Even apply photo-editing effects in a specific editor working directly on the rendered photo-montage image.

Watch the video
Real-Time Rendering from IFC | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

View and edit the IFC model in Real-Time Rendering

Thanks to the RTBIM environment, usBIM.editor integrates Real-Time Rendering to the IFC model to:

  • produce static photorealistic renderings in real time
  • experience and view the model in a dynamic real time rendering environment
  • any objects and check out changes in real time

The usBIM.editor Real-Time Rendering functions of managed by ACCA's RTBIM module fully integrated in the software.

Learn more about the RTBIM module

Realistic videos of the IFC model | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

Create realistic videos of your IFC model for high-impact and visually appealing presentations

usBIM.editor also has a great video editing tool for creating impressive multimedia presentations.

You can easily assemble text labels, static and dynamic photos, plan views, cross-sections, elevation views, axonometries in a timeline, attach cameras to the model, simulate weather effects or sunlight and record video.

Watch the video

IFC models in immersive virtual reality | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

Experience the IFC model in immersive virtual reality

With the VRiBIM working environment, usBIM.editor takes the visualization experience even further with the first immersive virtual reality technology for IFC model VR tours.

Immersive virtual reality applied to BIM in the IFC open format is certainly one of the most advanced technologies for improved visual experiences and a better understanding of the model.

Design requirement compliance analysis or clash detection between models can be done in a realistic and technologically advanced manner.

The VR functions of usBIM.editor are managed by ACCA's VRiBIM module integrated in the software.

Learn more about VRiBIM

Collaborative platform sharing | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

Share the IFC model on BIM management platforms

With usBIM.editor is fully certified by buildingSMART international allowing you to take full advantage of BIM process tools to participate and collaborate in BIM projects.

You can:

  • Acquire BIM models of your architectural, structural or MEP plant designs in the IFC format from the cloud and edit them directly with usBIM.editor.
  • export the BIM model in the IFC format, as processed, directly to the cloud, choosing which folder to save the files in and whom to share them with.

usBIM.editor will soon also be available as a Web APP integrated into usBIM..

Learn more about usBIM


The IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is an open data format, not controlled by a single operator, created to allow interoperability between the various actors in the building process. It aims to allow the interchange of an information model without loss or distortion of data or information. It contains various types of information (geometric data, properties, relationships with other objects).

Il contient des informations de différents types (données géométriques, propriétés, relations avec d'autres objets).

You may need to modify an IFC file for several reasons:

  • need to change, add or delete some entity properties (e.g. change the transmittance value of walls because of errors or because of a design variation or changes in the surveyed de-facto situation)
  • need to add, move, modify or delete objects from the IFC model without going through the BIM authoring tool (e.g. delete a wall that has been removed in the works variation project, or a change in the position of furniture, etc.).

Because usBIM.editor allows you to open, view and edit IFC models by operating on the geometry and properties of each individual entity. In this way, you work directly on non-proprietary open formats and without the need for specific BIM authoring.

With usBIM.editor:

  • open IFC files created by any BIM software
  • view and navigate the model
  • edit, delete, replace and add objects and properties
  • import and export property templates in the Excel format
  • export the IFC model with all modifications integrated.

With the usBIM.editor you can edit both the geometry and the IFC file entity properties.

This is thanks to the two dedicated environments in the software:

  • BIM model - you can make changes to the geometry of elements, insert new models, assign materials
  • IFC editor - you can edit, delete or add information to the model entity properties

With the usBIM.editor you view the IFC model and create all necessary construction and collaboration documents for presenting your project (graphical content, videos, renderings, etc.).

In detail, using usBIM.editor:

  • get all the necessary graphical content
  • produce IFC model tables, schedules and reports
  • create photorealistic renderings, photo-montages and photo-retouching directly from the IFC model
  • navigate within the IFC model in real time, thanks to Real-Time Rendering
  • create video presentations of the project
  • use immersive virtual reality (VRiBIM) to take a virtual tour of the model.

The IFC file does not contain material map information. This means that materials have to be assigned to the various elements in the model manually.

Materials can be applied directly in usBIM.editor, selecting them from ACCA’s BIM object Library or even by creating your own textures.

usBIM.editor takes advantage of AMD's RadeonTM ProRender rendering engine, which allows you to create photorealistic and super-fast renderings without the need for any dedicated software.

Yes. With the usBIM.editor you can use the IFC file to present your project using:

  • working drawings composed of floor plans, elevations, sections, axonometries, renderings, etc.
  • des rendus photoréalistes
  • photorealistic renderings
  • video presentations (thanks to the 'BIM video studio' environment)
  • real-time navigation of the rendered model (RTBIM)
  • immersive virtual reality (VRiBIM) to experience the model, modifying, replacing and inserting objects and materials.

Yes, after editing your IFC with the usBIM.editor, you can export the file and generate a new IFC that retains all the changes made.

Yes. You can take advantage of the integration with Sketchup®, Blender® and Rhino-Grasshopper® to edit the element geometry in the IFC model. This allows you to create new elements and insert them directly into the model, without leaving usBIM.editor.

Yes. You can insert your own 3D Models to enrich your IFC model, or even use the 3D Models library provided by ACCA.

In combination with other solid modelling software such as Sketchup®, Blender® and Rhino-Grasshopper® you can easily add other 3D model details to the IFC model.