Advanced IFC editor

Advanced IFC editor | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

Looking for an IFC editor that allows you to work on an IFC file without Revit®, ArchiCAD®, Edificius...?
Now you can with usBIM.editor!

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usBIM.editor is  available as a desktop version and application integrated in usBIM(these are the differences). Try it for free for a month; then choose the subscription plan that suits you best.
Free IFC editor for a month | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

Edit, print, render and immerse yourself in virtual reality tours of the BIM model while remaining in the IFC standard!

With usBIM.editor, working with IFC files and editing IFC models, allows you to manage information and access data with great freedom throughout the construction lifecycle without having to use the same software used to create the original architectural model…. That’s true BIM collaboration freedom!

Open IFC files | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

Open IFC files regardless of the BIM Authoring software used during their creation (Edificius®, Revit®, ArchiCAD®, ALLPLAN®, Tekla®, EdiLus®, etc.)

IFC Editor | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

View and operate on the entire model and on the individual IFC entities and properties

Library of BIM objects | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

Access an extensive library of BIM objects to enrich your model or even create new IFC objects

Generate IFC file | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

Convert models and 3D objects to IFC, also import them from SketchUp®, Blender® or Rhino-Grasshopper®.

Project documentation | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

Automatically produce project deliverables, working drawings, reports, schedules, etc.

Rendering | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

Produce professional Hi-Res renderings (also in Real-Time) together with videos, animations, scene photo-montages and VR immersive experiences

Looking for an Advanced IFC Editor to install?

Advanced IFC Editor | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

Need to modify the geometric and informational properties of IFC BIM models?

Discover the power of usBIM.editor, install the software on your PC and use it for free for 30 days.


Looking for an Advanced, online IFC editor?

Online IFC editor | usBIM.editor | ACCA software

Is your PC starting to slow down or do you just prefer to use cloud-based apps?

Use the usBIM.editor application to edit, export and view files in the IFC format directly online and without having to download and install any applications.

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These are the differences between the two versions

Many of the functions available only in the desktop version will soon be implemented in the online version too.

  usBIM.editor Desktop usBIM.editor online
Manage IFC files online without installing software or having special hardware requirements    
Work in the usBIM cloud enjoying all of its advanced features    
Open IFC files regardless of the BIM Authoring software with which it was created    
Access a large library of BIM objects to enrich your model and create new libraries of IFC objects    
Dynamically produce all project documentation, construction documents, reports, tables, etc...    
View and operate on the entire model and individual IFC entities    
Convert 3D objects to IFC by importing them also from SketchUp®, Blender® or Rhino-Grasshopper®    
Produce renders, videos, photomatch simulations and presentations in immersive reality    
Add Properties and Classifications    
Add Properties and Classifications from Templates    
Edit geometric and informative properties of BIM models | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

Edit geometric and informative properties of BIM models: all with a single advanced BIM editor

With usBIM.editor, work on IFC model files created with any BIM authoring not only through basic functions for viewing and navigating the IFC model but also with advanced editing functions too:

  • navigate through the model based on property and classification selections
  • move and rotate 3D models taking advantage of different viewing options (transparency levels and different element colour maps)
  • edit, delete, replace and add geometric and data properties for each individual entity
  • delete, duplicate and move one or more objects directly on the BIM model
  • define custom classification schemes
  • automate your workflow by creating property and classification templates to apply to other models too
  • import your properties from Excel files into the IFC model and associate them automatically with an entity class or to a selection of it
  • create a new version of the IFC model with all the geometric and informative changes made to the original model

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BIM editor free for a month

Customize your IFC model with additional 3D objects | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

Customize your project with new 3D objects: acquire them from the online library or create them with other well-known modelling software (SketchUp®, Blender® and Rhino-Grasshopper®)

With usBIM.editor, enrich and make the IFC BIM model more realistic with high-definition objects, materials and textures thanks to the integration with usBIM.library, the library integrated into the usBIM ecosystem and accessible from all its online applications.

With usBIM.library, get your hands on thousands of free objects (CAD blocks, 3D models, textures, etc.) ready to be added to the model.

Manage the added elements by arranging them in the model's IFC structure by assigning them with a class.

The library provides you with all the assets you need but you can also import any type of 3D solid model created with SketchUp®, Blender® or Rhino-Grasshopper®, directly into the IFC file editor.

Just select the entities to modify in the IFC editor online, start the integration process with one of the well-known 3D modellers, make the necessary changes and see how the IFC format BIM model entities are seamlessly updated.


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IFC editor free for a month

Automatically produce the entire set of construction documents from IFC file | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

Automatically produce the entire set of construction documents directly from the IFC file

Get all the graphical content and schedules from the IFC file

Produce the entire set of construction project deliverables and graphical content including reports, area plans, floor plans, section views, axonometric views, schedules and tables) directly from the IFC format openBIM model.

All drawings are dynamically connected to the BIM model; every time the model changes, all relating documents are automatically updated too.

Easily create and customize construction project drawings from the IFC model and export all graphical content in the DXF/DWG/DWF file formats.

View and organize IFC object information (zones, characteristics, measurement data and much more) in easy to read data tables with reports based on the IFC model structure.

Export the IFC file editor output to Excel format files full of extremely valuable information for further model analysis.


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IFC file editor free for a month

Get even more value from the IFC model with graphical presentations | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

Get even more value from the IFC model with graphical presentations and advanced architectural visualization features

With the BIM editor, create visually appealing presentations by getting the best from all the advanced Archviz tools:

  • produce photorealistic and highly professional renderings at maximum speed directly from the IFC model using Artificial Intelligence denoised rendering (AMD Radeon™ ProRender2 Machine Learning Denoiser)
  • merge a photograph of the construction site surroundings into the rendered IFC model thanks to the integrated photomontages and photo editing tools.
  • browse, modify and add other objects to the IFC model in real time thanks to the Real-Time Rendering and immersive virtual reality functions
  • proceed with saving the created scene and make all the necessary corrections thanks to the integrated post-production functions
  • produce multimedia presentations with the BIM Video Studio editing environment. With Edificius, produce and share full immersive 360° pano images from the Real-Time rendering environment to Facebook.

Do you need to edit IFC file?

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Real-Time collaboration with your team directly on the model ready for sharing it on the usBIM cloud | usBIM.editor | ACCA Software

Real-Time collaboration with your team directly on the model ready for sharing it on the usBIM cloud

The online version of usBIM.editor allows you to collaborate in real-time with your team members viewing them as avatars connected live to the model.

In addition, share the model on the cloud by taking advantage of the BIM management system integrated with the usBIM ecosystem.

With usBIM, in addition to your free 10GB of storage, you also get access to 15 free apps for:

  • manage the most commonly used file formats in the construction industry [.IFC.BCF, Revit (.RVT and.RFA), Point Clouds (.LAS, .LAZ, .E57, .PLY, .PTS, .XYZ, ecc.), GIS (.geoJson), AutoCAD (.DWG and .DXF)]
  • coordinate multidisciplinary project , professionals and companies located in different places and working with different software solutions
  • engage in instant messaging sessions with advanced team working functions
  • organize online meetings and conference calls with work colleagues

usBIM.editor will soon be available also as an online application integrated in usBIM to edit and export the building information models in the IFC online format and share it for free with colleagues and team members.


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Edit IFC files free for a month


The IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is an open data format, not controlled by a single operator, created to allow interoperability between the various actors in the building process. It aims to allow the interchange of an information model without loss or distortion of data or information. It contains various types of information (geometric data, properties, relationships with other objects).

Il contient des informations de différents types (données géométriques, propriétés, relations avec d'autres objets).

You may need to modify an IFC file for several reasons:

  • need to change, add or delete some entity properties (e.g. change the transmittance value of walls because of errors or because of a design variation or changes in the surveyed de-facto situation);
  • need to add, move, modify or delete objects from the IFC model without going through the BIM authoring tool (e.g. delete a wall that has been removed in the works variation project, or a change in the position of furniture, etc.).

Because usBIM.editor allows you to open, view and edit IFC models by operating on the geometry and properties of each individual entity. In this way, you work directly on non-proprietary open formats and without the need for specific BIM authoring.

usBIM.editor is also a model viewer:

  • open IFC files created by any BIM software;
  • view and navigate the model;
  • edit, delete, replace and add objects and properties;
  • import and export property templates in the Excel format;
  • export the IFC model with all modifications integrated.

With the usBIM.editor you can edit both the geometry and the IFC file entity properties.

This is thanks to the two dedicated environments in the software:

  • BIM model - you can make changes to the geometry of elements, insert new models, assign materials;
  • Editor IFC - you can edit, delete or add information to the model entity properties.

With the usBIM.editor you view the IFC model and create all necessary construction and collaboration documents for presenting your project (graphical content, videos, renderings, etc.).

In detail, using usBIM.editor:

  • get all the necessary graphical content;
  • produce IFC model tables, schedules and reports;
  • create photorealistic renderings, photo-montages and photo-retouching directly from the IFC model;
  • navigate within the IFC model in real time, thanks to Real-Time Rendering;
  • create video presentations of the project;
  • use immersive virtual reality (VRiBIM) to take a virtual tour of the model.

The IFC file does not contain material map information. This means that materials have to be assigned to the various elements in the model manually.

Materials can be applied directly in usBIM.editor, selecting them from ACCA’s BIM object Library or even by creating your own textures.

usBIM.editor takes advantage of AMD's RadeonTM ProRender rendering engine, which allows you to create photorealistic and super-fast renderings without the need for any dedicated software.

Yes. With the usBIM.editor you can use the IFC file to present your project using:

  • working drawings composed of floor plans, elevations, sections, axonometries, renderings, etc.;
  • des rendus photoréalistes;
  • photorealistic renderings;
  • video presentations (thanks to the 'BIM video studio' environment);
  • real-time navigation of the rendered model (RTBIM);
  • immersive virtual reality (VRiBIM) to experience the model, modifying, replacing and inserting objects and materials.

Yes, after editing your IFC with the usBIM.editor, you can export the file and generate a new IFC that retains all the changes made.

Yes. You can take advantage of the integration with Sketchup®, Blender® and Rhino-Grasshopper® to edit the element geometry in the IFC model. This allows you to create new elements and insert them directly into the model, without leaving usBIM.editor.

Yes. You can insert your own 3D Models to enrich your IFC model, or even use the 3D Models library provided by ACCA.

In combination with other solid modelling software such as Sketchup®, Blender® and Rhino-Grasshopper® you can easily add other 3D model details to the IFC model.

usBIM, the BIM management system, scalable and configurable according to your needs.

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  • usBIM is the online system that integrates different types of BIM tools:
    • BIM interoperability tools: allowing full interoperability during the various phases of construction design, execution and the relating maintenance processes
    • BIM collaboration tools: specific BIM tools for improved collaboration and sharing of information among all the various stakeholders involved in creating or updating the digital twin during the project's entire life cycle.
  • With usBIM, manage the project, construction management and maintenance phases of a building or infrastructure, starting from the free usBIM.10 solution.
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