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Want to control IoT devices directly from the BIM model?

Discover usBIM.IoT, the usBIM application to view and manage IoT ecosystems online directly from the building's digital twin!

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IoT an opportunity for autonomous BIM reconstruction | usBIM.IoT | ACCA software

IoT sensors integrated in the BIM model:
your project comes to life!

usBIM.IoT is the usBIM application for integrating BIM models and IoT systems present in the BIM management system and in the BIM platform (usBIM).

With usBIM.IoT, add IoT devices supervision and remote control directly on the BIM model which becomes a dynamic system that reacts to IoT device outputs and events in real time.

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View sensor data on the model in real time and manage large IoT ecosystems with a dedicated dashboard

View sensor data on the model in real time and manage large IoT ecosystems with a dedicated dashboard | usBIM.IoT | ACCA Software

usBIM.IoT uses the information-driven signals coming from the IoT sensors distributed across the building asset forming an automatic association between the physical IoT device and its digital twin.

All data recorded by the sensors is sent to the application which analyses and views real-time information directly on the BIM model available in the IFC format.

The BIM model "comes to life" by changing its characteristics according to the data each sensor transmits.

Real-time visual changes on the digital twin within BIM (based on the values of the physical device) allow a timely control even on large environments with tens of thousands of devices.

Enriching the BIM model with information from the IoT set-up allows you to visualise and manage large IoT ecosystems.

Thanks to the three-dimensional model and the federated visualisation system offered by BIM, you get a breakdown into subsystems and top-down navigation of the IoT ecosystem.

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Discover the BIM and IoT platform integrated in usBIM

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