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AEC software solutions for BIM Management

usBIM | ACCA software

BIM Management System

The integrated system of applications and functions to manage the digitization of buildings and infrastructures in an easy, secure, shared and collaborative way.
usBIM.platform | ACCA software

Common Data Environment

The Common Data Environment to manage information and procedures in a single data sharing environment (CDE). Navigable BIM model (freeMDD), control of each step (GATE).
usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software

BIM viewer and more

The free IFC file viewer with which you open, edit, convert and export in the IFC format also AutoCAD® 3D model files (dwg viewer), SketchUp® (skp viewer) and also write IFC parameters.


BIM Clash Detection

The BIM Clash Detection software for checking BIM element interferences and conflicts management between different IFC openBIM models.

Available for PC Desktop Online integrated application of usBIM
usBIM.editor | ACCA software

Advanced IFC openBIM editor

The application to work on the geometry and properties of a BIM model directly in the IFC format.

Available for PC Desktop Online integrated application of usBIM
usBIM.checker | ACCA software

IFC Checker and BIM Validation

The application to control and manage IFC data for each information exchange of the BIM process.


Facility management

The Visual Facility Management software that allows you to see your assets and maintenance interventions using 2D/3D maps and models automatically.

usBIM.dossier | ACCA software

Engineering document management

The application to organize, consult and share digital documents on cloud from scratch or using available templates (transmittals, constructions sites, etc.).

usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Construction management software

The application to manage all the problems that arise in every phase of the construction project, respect the deadlines, ensure the satisfaction of customers and team members.


2D to 3D/BIM

The application to obtain the BIM model in IFC format of a building starting from scanned and PDF drawings. From paper to BIM quickly and easily, with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Gis Digital Twin

The solution to create and manage Geospatial Digital Twins of your projects by integrating GIS data with openBIM IFC models.

Building design | AEC design softwares (Architectural, landscape and MEP installations modeling)

Edificius | ACCA software

Building Design

The 3D building design software to develop your projects together with extraordinary archviz presentations, control project construction scheduling aspects and costs, collaborate in the BIM process in total security.

Project presentation technologies | Architectural visualization

Edificius+AIrBIM | ACCA software

Architectural rendering

Artificial Intelligence (AI) rendering environment that allows you to produce professional high quality architectural renderings from your BIM projects in zero time and without having to be an expert.

Technology already integrated in Edificius
Edificius+RTBIM | ACCA software

Real-Time Rendering integrated with BIM

Real-Time (RT) Rendering environment integrated with BIM to have full control over what you are designing in real time.

Technology that can be integrated in Edificius
Edificius+VRiBIM | ACCA software

Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) integrated with BIM

Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) environment integrated with BIM to experience projects in a virtual tour and even modify it in real time.

Technology that can be integrated in Edificius

Structural Design

EN 1990 Eurocode 0 Basis of structural design
EN 1991 Eurocode 1 Actions on structures
EN 1992 Eurocode 2 Design of concrete structures
EN 1993 Eurocode 3 Design of steel structures
EN 1995 Eurocode 5 Design of timber structures
EN 1996 Eurocode 6 Design of masonry structures
EN 1997 Eurocode 7 Geotechnical design
EN 1998 Eurocode 8 Design of structures for earthquake resistance
EdiLus CONCRETE | ACCA softwareEurocodes

Design of Concrete Structures

The software for the analysis and structural design of new and existing reinforced concrete buildings according to Eurocodes (EC).
EdiLus STEEL | ACCA softwareEurocodes

Design of Steel Structures

Steel structures analysis and design software according to Eurocodes (EC).

EdiLus MASONRY | ACCA softwareEurocodes

Design of Masonry Structures

The software for verifying load-bearing masonry structures, either ordinary or reinforced, for new and existing buildings according to Eurocodes regulations (EC).
NBR 6118 Projeto de estruturas de cemento
NBR 6120 Cargas para o cálculo de estruturas de edificções
NBR 6122 Projeto e execução de fundações
NBR 6123 Forces devidas ao vento em edificações
NBR 8681 Ações e segurança nas estruturas
NBR 15421 Projeto de estruturas resistentes a sismos
NBR 8800 Projeto de estruturas de aço
EdiLus CONCRETE | ACCA softwareABNT - Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas Projeto de Estruturas de Concreto
O software para a análise e o projeto estrutural de edifícios de concreto armado, novos e existentes, de acordo com as normas técnicas brasileiras (NBR).
EdiLus STEEL | ACCA software ABNT - Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas

Projeto de Estruturas de Aço

O software de análise e projeto de edifícios de aço de acordo com as normas técnicas brasileiras (NBR).

Construction Estimating

PriMus | ACCA software

Construction Cost Estimates BoQs, Rate Analysis and Price Lists

The ideal software for designers and companies who want to optimize their construction cost management activities.
PriMus on-line | ACCA software

Online Bills of Quantities/Project Cost Estimates & Price Lists

The web-based software for on-line and collaborative project cost estimating and pricing.

usBIM integrated system Free application
PriMus IFC | ACCA software

Quantity Take-Off from IFC

The software that allows you to extract accurate metric data directly from the project's BIM model.
PriMus KRONO | ACCA software

Planning the Timing and Sequence of Project Activities

The Construction scheduling software that helps you improve project efficiency and optimize work execution costs.

included in PriMus PLUS and PriMus FULL
PriMus TAKEOFF | ACCA software

Quantity Take-Off from CAD drawings or Raster images

The software that allows you to obtain cost estimates by extracting the measurement data from your project files.

included in PriMus PLUS and PriMus FULL

Scaffolding Design and Safety

CerTus SCAFFOLDING | ACCA software

Scaffolding Design and Safety

The software for scaffolding design and drafting of the of the scaffolding assembly, use and dismantling plan.
CerTus HSBIM | ACCA software

Health & Safety BIM

The software for 3D/BIM modelling and 4D simulation of construction site evolution.

Renewable Energy | Energy Performance

Solarius PV | ACCA software

Solar PV System Design

The BIM software for photovoltaic systems design already used for thousands of different types of installations all over the world.
TerMus PLUS | ACCA software

Dynamic energy analysis and simulation

The BIM modelling software for dynamic energy simulations and analysis with EnergyPlus™.

TerMus BRIDGE | ACCA software

Thermal bridges and mould growt risk assessment

The Thermal Bridge software that uses finite element analysis, fully compliant with the EN ISO 10211:2008, EN ISO 14683:2008 and EN ISO 13788:2013 technical standards.