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Virtual reality has revolutionized the way we design, manage, plan, control, communicate.

Immersive experiences have transformed the relationship between the various stakeholders involved in the design of an building or infrastructure, in the management of a construction site, in training, in marketing.
Discover the best virtual reality software for every aspect of your work.

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No matter what you do... ACCA offers you solutions for immersive reality suitable for every need!

Virtual Reality for Architecture and Design | ACCA software

Edificius + VRiBIM

Virtual reality software for architecture and design

Virtual Reality is an extraordinary tool to support architectural design and design.
With the integration between BIM architectural design and immersive virtual reality each model becomes an interactive environment that responds to the designer's input and offers immediate insights to improve the project.

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Virtual reality software to collaborate with team and communicate with customer | ACCA software


Virtual reality software to collaborate with the team and communicate with the customer

Virtual reality completely revolutionizes the way of working in a team and changes the relationship with the customer/client. Through the BIM metaverse you visualize the 3D-BIM model in real time, create coordination meetings, identify any clashes and present your work to the client, all in a completely immersive, interactive and simultaneous way.

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>Virtual reality software for on-site health and safety, training and education | ACCA software


Virtual reality software for on-site health and safety, training and education

Virtual reality is the ideal tool for on-site health & safety training.
The reason is simple: for those who teach and train work teams, you finally have the tools to create interactive and immersive environments that reproduce realistic scenarios where each element reacts to the actions of the operator.
Can there be any better learning experience to train and evaluate the degree preparation of a worker ensuring total safety?

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ACCA is the first software house to offer dynamic integration between immersive virtual reality and the BIM model

ACCA Virtual Reality software Features

  • browse the 3D model in immersive virtual reality, experience your project viewing all its details as if it were an existing building asset
  • remove architectural elements, update and dynamically modify the project
  • customize the BIM model in real time with 3D objects and materials by accessing an extensive BIM library also available online
  • check natural or artificial lighting conditions
  • collaborate with geographically distant team members through virtual avatars that can see, interact, and communicate with each other
  • draw the attention of one or more stakeholders during the design review phases or show specific element of interest thanks to the "guided tour" function
  • enter the federated model and view clash detection aspects using the real time visualization tools
  • simulated risk scenarios useful for training workers

Enhance your architectural design workflows with a virtual reality software for architecture

Enhance your architectural design workflows with a virtual reality software for architecture | ACCA software

With the dynamic integration between BIM architectural design and immersive virtual reality, new frontiers are opened to the design experiences and usability of the BIM model by the various stakeholders participating in the process of creating and maintaining the digital model.

With Edificius VRiBIM you explore the BIM/3D model you have created with a realistic perception of environments, lights, materials. Your projects come to life and offer you more useful information to find new solutions and improve the entire architectural design process.

Other very interesting implications arise in the interaction with the client. With Edificius VRiBIM you can present the project to the customer in a simulation similar to real life. This means that clients can now grasp every aspect of the project and also be part of the important decision-making process starting from simple furniture choices or finishes right down to more demanding functional-architectural decisions too.

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Enhance collaboration with the design team using the BIM metaverse

Enhance collaboration with the design team using the BIM metaverse | ACCA software

Combining virtual reality with BIM means creating a real BIM metaverse where you can experiment with a completely new way of collaborating on a project.

With usBIM.reality you create a form of collaboration and immersive communication. Team members, even if geographically distant, can see, interact, and navigate the same model at the same time through virtual avatars. This means that the design review phase is more direct and effective because you can:

  • share a common point of view among all users and explore the model together using the “guided tour” function;
  • highlight objects to be brought to the attention of the team or draw the attention of one or more stakeholders to a specific element of interest
  • experiment design changes or simulate environmental and atmospheric conditions to evaluate design choices/variations or create visually appealing presentations for clients.

usBIM.reality also allows you to view clashes in an immersive viewing experience; "enter" the federated model and show the whole team the clash detection leveraging real time visualization. Increase your knowledge of a certain problem gaining better insights making resolution even easier and more immediate.


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Manage worker training and prevent injuries with virtual reality training software

Manage worker training and prevent injuries with virtual reality training software | ACCA software

The dynamic integration between virtual reality and BIM allows you to manage training activities preventing the risk of accidents and injuries among the workforce.

With CerTus-HSBIM, create and describe dangerous situations that can be used for workers training sessions or during briefings by simply changing the model in real time. Produce a huge number of BIM models to navigate in virtual reality, one for each phase of evolution of the construction site. Allow your employees to experience risky situations that may occur on site in first-person with the obvious advantages in terms of prevention measures.

In addition, you can take advantage of the dynamic integration between BIM and virtual reality for analysis, design, management and organization of the construction site and carry out efficient risk assessments.

With CerTus-HSBIM - while touring within the site in immersive virtual reality - you can modify the BIM model dynamically with a comprehensive health and safety planning software. If the planning prescriptions viewed in immersive reality do not satisfy your analysis, simply change them by adding extra prevention measures, change site preparations, tools or machinery directly from the immersive reality environment. The BIM model with the relating health & safety data sheets will be dynamically modified or updated too.

The analysis, control and management of the plan assume a new meaning never experienced before!


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