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Cuplock scaffolding design software for one month | CerTus SCAFFOLDING | ACCA software

CerTus SCAFFOLDING is the BIM authoring software for scaffolding design and drafting of the scaffolding assembly, use and dismantling plan.

Model in 3D with intelligent objects | CerTus SCAFFOLDING | ACCA softwareModel in 3D with intelligent objects fixed metal scaffolding frames with pipes and couplers, standard frames, prefabricated or multidirectional uprights and crosspieces, side-by-side and overlapping.
Produce detailed assembly, use and disassembly plans | CerTus SCAFFOLDING | ACCA softwareProduce detailed assembly, use and disassembly plans automatically with neat working drawings of the entire scaffolding with construction plans and an integrated Bill of Quantities.
Relevant technical checks | CerTus SCAFFOLDING | ACCA softwareCarry out all the relevant technical checks (hang harness fall clearance assessments, anchor plug pull-out checks, atmospheric discharges risk assessments).

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Video scaffold design software | CerTus SCAFFOLDING | ACCA software

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3D input to model the scaffolding based on any construction requirement | CerTus SCAFFOLDING | ACCA software

3D input to model the scaffolding based on any construction requirement and all kinds of structures

CerTus SCAFFOLDING is the scaffold designer BIM authoring software.

With CerTus SCAFFOLDING you have an advanced 3D input and a catalogue of BIM objects to design the scaffolding that you have in mind with maximum design freedom, without any limits and without the risk of neglecting particular design aspects, with an attention to detail unimaginable until now.

You can design scaffolding suitable for all construction needs and for all types of structures (small and large buildings, civil and industrial buildings, support and road works, etc.), but also scaffolding to support the construction or maintenance of plants and technical systems installed within a building.

You can draw the elements of the scaffolding in plan or directly in 3D view by selecting the characteristics of the objects at any time during the design phase.

Once the type of scaffolding has been chosen (prefabricated with an H-frame or with a portal frame, multidirectional, with tubes and couplers, with prefabricated and mixed uprights and cross-beams), simply position it along the building's perimeter to obtain, in a single input phase, a complete standard scaffolding type, which can be freely customized with all the specific 3D objects available in the catalogue.

The integrated input allows the scaffolding designer to insert, modify and delete objects during the entire design phase, keeping the structure's site plans, cross-sections or axonometric views constantly under control; a powerful diagnostics feature alerts you with any inconsistencies, omissions or errors and guides you through to the resolution of the problem.


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Library of BIM objects | CerTus SCAFFOLDING | ACCA software

A library of BIM objects

The scaffolding structure is freely customizable with all the specific 3D objects - present in the library - necessary for the design of the scaffolding in all of its different parts:

  • diagonal bracings
  • toeboards and guardrails
  • shieldings
  • baseplates
  • safety fans or brick guards
  • knee-out brackets
  • loading platforms and material hoists
  • bridgeways
  • nets and panels
  • upper and lateral out-rigged platforms
  • double bays
  • ladders
  • bracings
  • anchors
  • etc.

Each object is provided with a graphic representation and a database of information that uniquely identifies it in all its dimensional characteristics..

Import DXF, DWG, raster and IFC BIM models | CerTus SCAFFOLDING | ACCA software

Import DXF, DWG, raster and IFC BIM models

CerTus SCAFFOLDING integrates with any other BIM or CAD design software.

It allows you to import BIM models of architectural, plant and structural projects in the IFC standard format or even BIM terrain models on which to lay the scaffolding structure.

IFC file format import complies with the IFC2x3 ISO/PAS 16739 standard and is certified by buildingSMART international.

Even if the project was created in 2D, you can easily import DWG, DXF, IMAGE files and quickly start building the 3D model of the scaffolding: a guided procedure follows and assists the designer during the various design phases.


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Project sharing on the usBIM platform | CerTus SCAFFOLDING | ACCA software

Project sharing on the usBIM collaborative platform

You can use usBIM to share your project with other IFC certified BIM software.

usBIM is the first visual system for BIM management supporting creation and management of the BIM model in open formats implementing full integration of open digital platforms, plug-ins and software (BIM authoring/BIM tools) which is able to create and manage the digital BIM model during the entire lifecycle of the building, from design to construction leading through to maintenance and disposal.

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Print documents necessary for assembly or disassembly | CerTus SCAFFOLDING | ACCA software

Print all the documents necessary for assembly, use or disassembly

Starting from the simple design of the scaffolding, CerTus SCAFFOLDING allows you to automatically obtain all the documents necessary for assembly, use or disassembly.

  • Scaffolding Assembly, Use and Disassembly plan
  • Scaffolding working drawings
  • Construction site plan
  • Cost estimate / bill of quantities
  • Risk assessment for atmospheric discharges
  • Anchor checks

All the documents are dynamically linked to the Scaffolding structure's BIM model; any alterations, therefore, automatically update the data contained in the various reports and printouts so that all project documents are always consistent with the model.

BIM 3D modelling allows you to have immediate evidence of any critical issues to consider for worker safety.


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Assembly and disassembly procedures | CerTus SCAFFOLDING | ACCA software

Assembly and disassembly procedures

Thanks to a special archive, provided with CerTus SCAFFOLDING, it is possible to carry out step-by-step assembly and disassembly procedures of the scaffolding and of the completion elements, associating a description and a graphical detail to each step.

The assembly and disassembly methods archive, specific for each type of scaffolding type and for all the elements designed (decks, safety fans, bridge beams, etc.), shows the precise procedures (step by step) to follow for a correct and safe assembly, also with full reference to load handling methods and to collective or personal protection systems to prevent falls from heights.

All procedures are accompanied by the necessary detailed graphical diagrams.

In specific archives you have the analysis of:

  • the "General assembly rules" (scaffolding definition methods, anchor distribution, etc.)
  • the "Equipment" necessary when assembling scaffolding (winches, torque wrenches, etc.)
  • the "Personal Protective Equipment" (anchor lines, positioning lanyards, etc.)
  • the "Safety measures" necessary in exceptional situations (sudden weather condition changes, assembly near power lines).

Drawing models customizable and exportable in DWG and PDF file formats

Thanks to an integrated BIM design workflow you automatically get effective graphical presentations and compose working drawings by simply dragging and dropping the area plans, cross-sections, elevation views or 3D views.

All the documents can be exported in DWG or PDF format.


Internal Word Processor with RTF and PDF file format export

Certus-SCAFFOLDING is equipped with an internal Word Processor allowing you to manually modify the automatically generated project documents or even export the documents in the RTF or PDF standard file formats.

Generalized application plan

CerTus SCAFFOLDING can be used to define the rules of use and verify the scaffolding before assembly and during use.


Integration of the Assembly Plan with graphical illustrations and attachments

The assembly plan, prepared with CerTus SCAFFOLDING, can be integrated with the complete lists of workers and the use and maintenance manuals for personal protective equipment and devices.

Advanced functions for scaffolding design | CerTus SCAFFOLDING | ACCA software

Advanced functions for scaffolding design

Harness hang risk assessment

Without the use of additional modules or components, CerTus SCAFFOLDING allows you to activate the harness hang risk assessment for all scaffolding structures or for the selected decks directly from the Wizard and to automatically generate the report ready for printing.


Anchor tensile and withdrawal check

CerTus SCAFFOLDING carries out the anchors traction and withdrawal check (anchor plugs and steel bars) of the scaffolding across the façade and automatically composes a detailed calculation report. The verification of the following connections of the anchoring system complies with the indications of Eurocodes and EOTA TR 029.


Atmospheric discharges risk assessment

With CerTus SCAFFOLDING easily proceed proceed to evaluating the "Atmospheric electrical discharge" risk on the single scaffolding and in the area plan, on the area occupied by the entire scaffolding structure and draft the specific Report.


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