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Looking for a point cloud viewer to view and share point clouds with no size limits and with maximum performance?

Discover usBIM.pointcloud, the usBIM application to view, federate, manage and share point clouds Online and in Real-time.

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usBIM.pointcloud is the usBIM online point cloud viewer to view and manage point clouds with a common browser.

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  • store point clouds, even large and complex ones, view files directly from your browser without any installed software and share them with everyone via a simple link, without copying or exchanging large amounts of data;
  • view and manage point clouds of any size directly online and in many different formats.PTS, .XYZPLY, .E57, .LAS, .LAZ, .XYZCIRN and .ASC;
  • view and interact with complex texturized mesh models from your browser;
  • perform measurements on BIM models;
  • federate and manage different file formats (with visibility, transparency and colour mapping management);
  • create instant cross-sections of the model with dynamic cutting planes
  • Building surveys and design situation comparisons for cultural heritage recovery interventions, archaeological sites and historic buildings;
  • supplement the project with additional information and external links;
  • share point clouds and texturized meshes also via the usBIM system integrated chat service.
Speed, communication and collaboration at maximum power with usBIM | usBIM.pointcloud | ACCA software

Speed, communication and collaboration at maximum power with usBIM

Exchanging three-dimensional survey files isn't always a simple and immediate operation: 3D files contain an enormous amount of information and are generally large in terms of filesize.

To read such a large amount of data and also navigate within the 3D Model, you need to have specific point clouds software that need high-end hardware to meet high performance processing times.

With usBIM, you can harness the power of the cloud to process and view incredibly large point cloud data at an unbeatable speed .

usBIM.pointcloud is one of the 15 free usBIM applications with which you not only have a free point cloud viewer but you can fully exploit all the advantages of the BIM Management system too. In particular, you can:

  • share your point clouds directly in the cloud in full security
  • invite colleagues and collaborators to work on the same model, even simultaneously with the online point cloud viewer
  • communicate with your team in a dynamic chat session in order to have a real-time, direct and immediate comparison with all connected users on a project.

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Experience point cloud viewing and interaction completely online and get better insights with regards to scanned details

The usBIM online point cloud viewer allows you to view and manage even large files without using up your PC's RAM memory.

With the point cloud web viewer you can take advantage of specific tools to view and interact with the point cloud 3D survey laser scanner data.

In "Orbit" mode you can rotate the 3D model in all directions, around a chosen point, and zoom in to a specific view.

In "First Person" mode, navigate the 3D model and analyse every detail in an extremely realistic viewing mode.

You can also set the projection mode, either "Orthographic" or "Perspective" mode and use the "Orbit" and "First Person" Point Cloud navigation modes to move around freely.

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Create infinite point cloud section planes | usBIM.pointcloud | ACCA software

Create infinite point cloud section planes

usBIM.pointcloud allows you to create multiple section planes across the point cloud cluster, according to the X, Y and Z planes but also oblique section planes too.

This means that you can view all the details deriving from your 3D point cloud laser scanner data in order to get a precise spatial perception of the model from all possible angles.


Do you need to view the point cloud online?

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Take measurements directly on the model survey | usBIM.pointcloud | ACCA software

Take measurements directly on the model survey

The usBIM.pointcloud integrated viewer is also very useful for collecting measurement info relating to objects, areas and angles that cannot be measured directly on the real model. A true 3D point cloud viewer.

For example, you can measure up objects that can't be accessed or reached to improve safety regulations and with extreme precision.

In addition, you can use it as a verification tool for measurements taken on site.

Perform various types of measurements - directly on the point cloud - linear, angular and surface measurements.

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Federate models and view them simultaneously in a single view | usBIM.pointcloud | ACCA software

Federate models and view them simultaneously in a single view

With usBIM.pointcloud you can merge multiple models - even with different file extensions - and recreate a new resulting project ready for your online point cloud viewing experience.

Federate point clouds created in different survey campaigns, or combine models generated with your BIM authoring tools with those created by colleagues or team members. This allows you to enrich the point cloud with other BIM design resources such as MEP plant design or structural design models too.

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Point cloud, model annotations, GIS and BIM data: all in one point cloud management software | usBIM.pointcloud | ACCA software

Point cloud, model annotations, GIS and BIM data: all in one point cloud management software

usBIM.pointcloud isn't simply a point cloud online viewer but a software that can address point cloud management workflows. In fact, you can:

  • place the point cloud in its real context thanks to the BIM-GIS integration
  • add annotations (links and videos) to the model adding information and useful data during the design, maintenance and works management
  • connect photos taken during the survey campaigns, documents acquired during the research phase (cadastral plans, projects, drawings, etc.), work files, DWG, IFC files, etc.

You can also create BIM models from point clouds by combining the power of usBIM cloud with Edificius.

Thanks to the powerful integration tools, Edificius allows you to view the point cloud directly in the cloud, select and import only the portion of the cloud cluster you need to work on and manage seamless, high-performance scan-to-BIM processes.

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usBIM, the BIM management system, scalable and configurable according to your needs.

Get started with 15 applications and 10GB of cloud storage space for free. Then choose the applications that you need to configure your usBIM experience according to your preferred workflow!

  • usBIM is the online system that integrates different types of BIM tools:
    • BIM interoperability tools: allowing full interoperability during the various phases of construction design, execution and the relating maintenance processes
    • BIM collaboration tools: specific BIM tools for improved collaboration and sharing of information among all the various stakeholders involved in creating or updating the digital twin during the project's entire life cycle.
  • With usBIM, manage the project, construction management and maintenance phases of a building or infrastructure, starting from the free usBIM.10 solution.
  • usBIM offers you infinite configurations with functions, applications and cloud storage space that you can activate from the online store.
  • Only subscribe to the BIM tools that you really need.
  • Keep your usBIM tools under control. Check out your current configurations and remain updated with the latest available plugins.
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