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The BIM software for architectural design easy to use, highly innovative and convenient

certified by BuildingSMART for IFC import and export

The BIM software for 3D architectural design constantly in line with the latest regulations and technologies.

The first architectural BIM design software with an embedded Real Time Rendering engine and internal facilities to seamlessly integrate 3D design, structural engineering and cost estimating. The professional answer to the demanding need to design in 3D in the world of architecture.

With Edificius you have not only a BIM software, but an integrated solution:

  • a 3D architectural BIM design software
  • a BIM software for landscape and garden design
  • a static rendering software for creating photorealistic renders
  • a real time rendering software for instant rendering and animations (Edificius RTBIM)
  • a DWG and DXF CAD software for drawing with elementary graphical entities (Edificius CAD)
  • a catalogue of free furniture and lighting resources for interior design
  • a 5D BIM, to adress all project cost estimating aspects in real time
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Software BIM - Edificius - ACCA software

Video Edificius X

The new Edificius X with 4D BIM integration

Watch the video and find out how easy it is to associate the “time” property to each object of the BIM model and view the project activities Timeline even in Real Time Rendering.

Edificius is also available in Chinese


Why choose Edificius as a 3D Architectural BIM Design software?

Maximum productivity - Edificius - ACCA software

Looking for maximum productivity from a BIM software? Now you can!

With Edificius, make the most of all the advantages deriving from integrated BIM design for architecture: increase productivity and precision, lower costs and achieve faster delivery in an integrated workflow for architectural design combined with structural calculations and project cost estimating. Dynamic integration to seamlessly bring SketchUp and Blender into the BIM workflow and model free form solids. Use all the power of the 2D and 3D native DWG CAD application, Edificius-CAD. Import and Export the Architectural BIM building in IFC format. Even get topographic maps and land survey data directly from Google Maps.

Discover more about the advantages of integration

Design better - Edificius - ACCA software

Need to improve the quality of your work and give greater satisfaction to the artist in you? Now you can!

With Edificius, thanks to its Real-Time Rendering engine, you can finally check and monitor your design ideas in real-time. Experience forms, materials, objects and lighting scenarios, etc. and without having to wait endless hours for the simple rendering of a single scene to finish! Instantly check the results of your design choices by studying artificial lighting and dynamic shading: The Best Way to achieve high quality projects…

Find out more about Real Time Rendering

Landscape design - Edificius - ACCA software

Looking for a complete tool capable of addressing all aspects of architectural design? You’ve finally found it!

No need for a suite of software solutions for your architectural design processes. With a single software you can address architectural design, outdoor spaces, gardens and landscaping design together with interior design too…
Edificius gives you all the necessary project presentation tools too:
real time rendering, video and animations, scene photo montages and photo-retouching tools together with an online Library of HD textures and 3D models.
  Learn more about the advantages of these features

Seduce your clients - Edifiicus - ACCA software

Always wanted to impress your clients with beautiful eye-catching projects? Now you can!

With Edificius the customer is yours! You finally have a software that allows you to impress your clients. High quality visual presentations, professional video and renderings that have never been so close to reality!
You can show your client a realistic simulation of the project and change materials. You can also re-arrange furniture or even make the desired changes to the architectural concept with your client. Your client will truly be at the center of the project and feel part of the design process.

Find out more about the 3D Rendering features

Always in pace - Edificius - ACCA software

Need to keep up with deadlines and the latest regulations? Now you can!

Edificius brings you cutting edge technology. The software prepares you to face the new regulatory framework defined by the European Union Public Procurement Directive (EUPPD), the European directive that introduces BIM in public procurement.

Technical support - Edificius - ACCA software

Need to feel safe with constant technical support? Now you can!

ACCA software is always by your side and supports you in the use of software, in learning and in your daily work. No more secrets in working with Edificius and its BIM technology: dedicated assistance, video tutorials, forums, training and start-up courses. From day one, we’ll always be at your service and for free!

Access the free online technical support services

Edificius BIM technology features

3D BIM Modeling, Online BIM Objects Library, Real Time Rendering, IFC certified import/export …

BIM modeling

BIM modeling with parametric architectural objects

With Edificius from the simple straight-forward use of parametric architectural objects (beams, pillars, walls, etc.), automatically produce detailed construction documents such as floor plans, elevation and cross-section views, together with axonometric views, 3D cutaway views, etc…

All in a unique 2D or 3D input! Every variation of the BIM model corresponds to an automatic and dynamic variation of all the relating project documentation!


Learn more about 3D architectural design features
Garden, exterior spaces & landscaping design, terrain modelling

Garden, exterior spaces & landscaping design, terrain modelling

Edificius is a simple to use tool that effectively fuses architecture and landscape design.
A BIM modelling environment designed to address garden and landscape design.

While keeping under control all earthwork related cut & fill data with a dynamic comparison of the surveyed land model and the landscaping design plan.

Find out more about the terrain modelling and exterior spaces design features
Textures library, CAD blocks and Free 3D Model resources

Textures library, CAD blocks and Free 3D Model resources

The on-line BIM Objects Library contains tens of thousands of free design resources already optimized for use in Edificius (HD Textures, 2D CAD Blocks, 3D Models, etc.).

All the resources that you need to help you create high standard architectural content and without any fuss.

Download as many resources as you need and even publish and share your own creations with other users.

Visit the online BIM Objects Library
Automatic rendering photo editing photomontages

Automatic rendering, photo editing, scene simulations with photo montages…

Edificius gives you all the tools to present your project in the most effective way! Visually striking renderings (render photorealistic, render with transparent backgrounds, magic render, render clay, etc.) with advanced features for photo editing, scene photo-montages, videos and animations.

Find out more about the 3D Rendering features
Real Time Rendering BIM - Edificius

Real Time Rendering and BIM: photo-realistic renders in real time

Thanks to the Edificius-RTBIM module, Edificius is the first BIM software that integrates Real Time Rendering and BIM to produce photorealistic architectural renderings in real time while continuing to work in the design phase.
You can finally get constant visual feedback by checking the results of your design choices in real time.
With Edificius, even create and publish 360° Panorama images on Facebook, created in the Real-Time Rendering environment for immersive representations.

Learn more about the real time rendering environment included in Edificius
Your 3D project on the web

Edificius-VR: publish and share your 3D project on the web

With Edificius-VR you can publish your 3D models on the BIM Voyager online platform and share them with whoever you want.

The software saves the BIM file to a cloud based platform and creates a link for shared access to the 3D BIM model in a virtual reality viewer.
All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to view the project from a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Connect to the BIM Voyager platform
Customised printing import export standard formats

Working drawings, construction documents, schedules and import/export in standard formats

With Edificius you can compose your drawing models with great freedom with simple drag & drops. Produce highly detailed architectural reports, tables and project schedules. Even export all drawings in the DXF/DWG/DWF file formats and technical reports in the RTF format.

Learn more about how to prepare automatic Construction Documents
BIM Integration Standard-IFC

Import/Export in IFC standard format

Edificius can import and export in the standard IFC format. IFC is the “common” file format that allows all team designers (architectural, structural engineer, plant engineer, etc.) to exchange their BIM models. IFC 2×3 import and export is compliant with the Coordination View 2.0 certification issued by Building SMART.

More information regarding certification
Demolish rebuild

Built and Demolished elements with automatic comparison between de-facto and planned elements

Edificius is the ideal solution for preparing renovation works or work variation surveys. In a unique design environment, you can manage two separate BIM models (de facto or surveyed and project). You can automatically produce a comparison table with drawings and the relating cost estimate of the planned interventions.

Learn more about the demolish and build comparison features

BIM software and the advantages of integration

Edificius supports two different types of integration with other software solutions:
  • Integration via the standard IFC file format, with all other software that supports this international standard. For example with structural analysis software, plant systems (MEP), Energy Performance, Time schedules and budget planning (BIM 4D) and cost estimating (BIM 5D);
  • Integration with other ACCA proprietary software integrated structural design and analysis
Structural Calculations

BIM Integration with ACCA’s structural engineering software, EdiLus

You can integrate the BIM model with EdiLus for all the structural design, calculation and verification aspects in reinforced concrete, masonry, steel and timber.

Everything is in accordance with Eurocodes and the latest construction codes currently in force

5D BIM integration and cost estimating

5D BIM integration and cost estimating

The true 5D BIM… With Edificius automatically generate a dynamic Construction Estimate from the BIM model. Thanks to the BoQ and Cost Estimating features that are directly integrated in the Program.

Each variation of a BIM entity corresponds to a dynamic updating of the metric data and the project’s total cost.

For more advanced Cost Estimating and BoQ features, you can use the more extensive quantity surveying tools. It’s available in PriMus by means of direct integration with Edificius.

BIM Integration Energy performance

Integration with other ACCA software solutions that will soon be available for the International Market

The Edificius architectural BIM design model can also be integrated with information leading from other IFC standard compliant software.
In some countries, Edificius can already be integrated with other ACCA solutions using its own proprietary software technology. You can add MEP design information, Energy performance analysis, Health and Safety, Maintenance Plans, etc, to the Architectural BIM model.
In fact, ACCA produces software for a multitude of design purposes in the Building and Construction sectors. Not all of these solutions are currently available in all countries.

BIM integration with Edificius

BIM integration with Google Maps®

With the Edificius Google Maps® Importer tool, terrain modelling becomes easy and immediate. Simply define an area to import and with a simple click automatically get your terrain profile together with full-color aerial imagery and Google Maps® elevation data.

BIM and CAD integration

BIM and CAD integration

Edificius also includes a Professional 2D and 3D native DWG CAD. It allows you to draw with all the power of a CAD application with all the most common graphical entities:
lines, polylines, arcs, circles, blocks, hatches, splines, 3D polylines, meshes, faces, 3D solid face, helices, point cloud, revision balloons.
It has user-friendly interface, drawing tools and commands similar to the most popular CAD solutions available on the market.

Integration between BIM software with Sketchup® and BLENDER

Integration between BIM software with Sketchup® and BLENDER®

Edificius supports dynamic integration with Sketchup®. Build up your 3D models of any shape and form to express your creativity with the maximum freedom of expression.
Also enrich the project realized with Edificius with additional objects modeled with BLENDER®, one of the best graphics suites for solid modeling.

N.B. To add the Structural Engineering and Analysis or the advanced Cost Estimating and Bill of Quantities features, you will also need to have EdiLus and PriMus installed on your PC.

Free Technical support and Training ACCA is always by your side providing the technical support you need during your daily work
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