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Looking for the best construction punch list software? usBIM.resolver is the ideal solution to efficiently manage every punch list item in the construction industry.

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Among the best Punch List for the Construction Industry for those seeking integration with BIM and openBIM

Discover how easy it is to manage punch list items by identifying non-conformities directly on 2D plans and 3D BIM models. Appreciate the convenience of photos in inspection visits. Complete the construction information system with all the information that is added during execution.

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What is a Punch List Software?

A punch list software such as usBIM. resolver is an application used for construction project management.

usBIM.resolver makes it possible to quickly track and resolve unresolved issues during the execution of works, ensuring a timely and smooth project delivery.

usBIM.resolver is particularly useful for professionals in the construction sector, such as engineers, architects, project managers and inspectors.

It is ideal for use during all phases of a construction project, from planning to final delivery.

The software is useful for monitoring and solving problems in real time, improving communication between teams and ensuring that deadlines and quality standards are met.

It can be used in a variety of contexts in the construction industry, including:

  • Audits: for detailed evaluation of projects.
  • Inspections: to ensure compliance with standards.
  • Punch List and Snag List: to list and solve specific problems.
  • Site Walks: for on-site checks during project development.
  • Checklists: to ensure completion of all activities.
  • Walkthroughs: for detailed site reviews.
  • Construction Management: for complete project control.

In any situation where important data needs to be captured and reported, usBIM.resolver is the ideal tool.

Why choose usBIM.resolver?

  • Easy Use: intuitive and easy-to-use interface, even on iPad and mobile in general with our construction punch list software for iPad and mobile.
  • Optimised processes: reduce project closure times with efficient punch list management.
  • Better communication: with the construction walk through punch list, it facilitates communication between teams.
  • Markup Directly from Devices: add annotations directly from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Use tools such as clouds, pencils or highlighters, or add links to other documents.
  • Viewing Blueprints on Any Device: optimised for different devices ensures a clear view of plans and documents wherever you are.
  • Centralised Documentation: manage all your project documents in one place, thanks to a cloud-based solution with unlimited storage.
  • Unlimited Storage: offers unlimited space for active projects, documents and blueprints, accessible from any tariff plan.

Key functionality: what makes usBIM.resolver unique

usBIM.resolver is much more than just construction punch list software. It is a comprehensive tool that transforms the way you manage your construction projects. Find out how usBIM.resolver can help you achieve excellence in your next construction project.

Intuitive punch list management | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Intuitive punch list management

Create and manage punch lists efficiently, ensuring that every detail is treated with the utmost care.

Mobile compatibility | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Mobile compatibility

Use usBIM.resolver wherever you are, thanks to full compatibility with mobile devices, including iPads, for agile and flexible site management.

Continuous analysis | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Continuous analysis

The software allows constant monitoring of work progress and can be useful in identifying areas for improvement.

Advanced customisation | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Advanced customisation

You can adapt the software to the specific needs of your project and achieve tailor-made management.

BIM Integration | usBIM.resolver | ACCA softwareBIM Integration

At every stage of the BIM process, whether in design, execution or maintenance, punch lists can be created to optimise the results of activities and make the workflow smoother and more coordinated. Punch lists can be generated from the detection of conflicts (clash detection) during the design phase or in the event of discrepancies between the design and the execution of work.

Support and Training | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Support and Training

We offer excellent customer support and training resources to ensure that you can make the most of the full potential of usBIM.resolver.

Use photos for simpler and more effective punch lists | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Use photos for simpler and more effective punch lists

With usBIM.resolver, site inspection visits become more efficient. The software allows you to create and manage customised inspection checklists, integrating photos and comments directly in the field.

Users can report problems in real time, with the possibility of adding detailed notes and assigning specific tasks.

This approach allows for quick identification and resolution of problems, ensuring accurate and timely site inspection. Punch list management with the use of photos is extremely useful in the construction industry.

By incorporating photographs directly into punch lists, project teams can gain an immediate visual understanding of the elements to be corrected or completed.

The use of photos greatly improves communication between the various project stakeholders.

By providing clear visual evidence of the current status of the work, ambiguities are reduced, progress monitoring and quality verification of completed works become easier, and a faster and more efficient project closure process is achieved.


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Monitor the progress of punch list resolution in real time | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Monitor the progress of punch list resolution in real time

usBIM.resolver allows you to effectively monitor the progress of punch list resolution.

Through its intuitive interface, users can quickly view the progress of the various punch list items, with real-time updates.

Project managers have a clear view of the progress of the work and the ability to immediately identify any delays or problems.

Continuous monitoring ensures that corrective actions are implemented in a timely manner, thus improving the overall efficiency of the construction process.

The punch list management process with usBIM.resolver is articulate and effective. Users can create and assign punch list items, including specific details and photos for clarity. The software allows users to monitor the progress of each item, with real-time updates.

This centralised and visualised approach ensures that every problem is identified, tracked and resolved efficiently, with obvious positive results on the quality and timing of the construction project.


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With notifications everything is clearer and more transparent | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

With notifications everything is clearer and more transparent

usBIM.resolver offers an advanced notification system and effective status change tracking.

When a punch list item changes status, e.g. from 'pending' to 'in progress' or 'completed', the software sends automatic notifications to the users involved.

All project stakeholders are thus constantly updated on the progress of activities and necessary actions are taken in a timely manner.

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Punch List on 2D plans and BIM models | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Punch List on 2D plans and BIM models

usBIM.resolver offers significant advantages when noting non-conformities on 2D plans or BIM models. Users can easily report anomalies directly on models, improving accuracy and understanding of issues.

In addition, its advanced BIM model viewer allows detailed and accurate visualisation, facilitating the identification and resolution of non-conformities.

These features make usBIM.resolver a unique and essential tool for ensuring adherence to the highest quality standards in construction projects.

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What you need to know about Punch lists

A Punch list, in the context of construction Punch list software, is a document that lists incomplete work or corrections required before the completion of a construction project. It serves as a final check to ensure that everything has been completed according to specifications.

The term "Punch List" comes from the practice of "punching" or marking completed items on a list, a historical technique for tracking progress towards completion.

When drawing up a Lunch List, it is important to observe incomplete work, construction defects, or any aspects that do not conform to the project specifications. This includes quality control, compliance with safety standards, and adherence to design plans.

The Punch List should be compiled towards the end of the construction project, when most of the work has been completed but before final delivery. This allows the last problems to be identified and solved.

It is important, however, to generate snag lists on each occasion of site visits and inspections by the construction manager to ensure that the work is in line with the project and contractually binding on the contractor.

usBIM.resolver provides a digital platform for the effective and structured management of snag lists.

Using usBIM.resolver, a punch list software, enables efficient and detailed punch list management. It offers tools to easily track items, improve communication between teams and reduce project closure times.

The benefits of using usBIM.resolver include its ability to improve the efficiency and accuracy of Punch List tracking. The software facilitates communication between the various parties involved, allowing rapid exchange of information and timely resolution of problems.

It also contributes to more effective project management, reducing completion times and increasing the quality of the final work.

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