Construction site management BIM software (Health and Safety BIM)

Health and Safety in BIM | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA software

What will your construction site look like, how will it evolve over time, how and where will your activities take place, how can you avoid unnecessary risks to workers?

Design the construction site in space and time with CerTus HSBIM!

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BIM for construction health and safety | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA software

Take a virtual tour of the construction site, detect risks and flaws in advance and intervene making quick decisions, simulate site re-arrangements.

With the BIM technology integrated in CerTus HSBIM now you can model your construction site and assess safety aspects, optimize timing and work phases, get a dynamic overview of risks and prevention measures that need to be adopted, automatically produce all relevant construction site layouts, even provide workers site training in a new and engaging manner, even with an immersive virtual reality viewing experience.

Video Health and Safety BIM | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software
3D/BIM modelling of construction site | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software

3D/BIM modelling of the construction site
Model and design the construction site in 3D taking advantage of an extensive library of dedicated BIM objects

4D simulation of construction site evolution | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software

4D simulation of how the construction site evolves over time
Produce 4D simulations of how your construction site evolves over time and during the different phases by analyzing interferences and overlaps

BIM-Health and Safety plans | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software

Contextual analysis of work phases, risks and prevention measures Get full
access to an archive of job type datasheets with processes, machines and equipment, risks and prevention measures

Real-Time Rendering and Online Navigation | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software

Real-Time Rendering and online navigation of the construction site
Take advantage of real-time rendering and a browser-based model viewer

Construction site in Immersive Virtual Reality | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software

Experience the construction site in Immersive Virtual Reality
Take Virtual Tours of the construction site and simulate worker risk scenarios also useful for training

Cloud sharing | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software

Cloud Sharing on a collaborative platform
Share the construction site model in the cloud using the usBIM collaborative platform, import and export in IFC format

BIM modeling of construction site safety | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software

3D modelling of the construction siteModel the construction site with the support of an incredible quantity of BIM objects

CerTus HSBIM is equipped with a variety of specific objects and functions modelling your construction site including all the necessary tools for adding indications all relevant area characteristics:

  • geomorphological characteristics
  • topographical, urban planning and location constraints
  • aerial constraints
  • interactions with the external environment also with representations of vegetation or river courses
  • interference with surrounding residential activities, production activities or other construction sites
  • interference with the surrounding roads or with simple pedestrian traffic.

The representations are supported by specific objects and advanced BIM land modelling functions which also include direct land profile import from Google Maps™ with satellite imagery.

CerTus HSBIM also allows you to model the spatial and functional characteristics of your area as well as to describe and model the construction site's technological and necessary plant equipment by simply using appropriate BIM objects and functions.

BIM objects for spatial and functional modelling of the construction site

  • Construction site fences and boundaries
  • Site accesses
  • Site pathways and road circulation
  • Storage areas
  • Fixed workstations
  • Mobile workstations
  • Service Unit
  • Storage areas
  • Construction site logistics (offices, dormitories, infirmaries, warehouses, etc.)
  • Park and river areas
  • Dimensions (external and internal)

BIM objects for building site plant modelling

  • Construction site electrical panel
  • WATER connection panel
  • GAS connection panel
  • Waste disposal facility

BIM objects for the technological modelling of the construction site

  • Building volumes
  • Scaffoldings
  • Decks
  • Material hoists
  • Crane
  • Transport vehicles
  • Earth-moving machinery
  • Material lifting machines

BIM objects for construction site safety signs

  • Health & Safety signage
  • Pictograms
  • Road signs (Mobile construction sites, prohibitions, indications, obligations, danger, supplementary panels)
  • Modular elements that make inserting and customizing safety signals a simple and speedy process

BIM objects for the various professionals who work on the construction site during the performance of activities

  • Manual worker
  • Worker with theodolite (land surveys or measurements)
  • Worker with toolbox (Plant and technical systems)
  • Worker with demolition hammer
  • Painter
  • American trowel worker
  • Worker with radio controls
Site project import in IFC format | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software

Import/export in IFC format and model sharing with usBIM cloud Integrate health and safety design into the BIM process

CerTus HSBIM allows you to import and export models in the IFC format in order to integrate the construction site safety design into the normal work design flow.

The software is integrated with the usBIM cloud BIM management system; upload, save or download files from the cloud directly from CerTus HSBIM and share documents with all your collaborators.

It's easy to acquire the construction model in IFC format produced by a BIM authoring software and model the construction site and the safety preparations necessary for the various execution phases with the degree of detail (LOD) necessary at each stage of construction.

IFC Software BIM Certification | BuildingSMART

CerTus HSBIM is certified by buildingSMART for IFC import

4D Gantt Health and Safety | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software

4D-Gantt Environment Simulate How the construction site evolves over time by predicting interferences and overlaps

CerTus HSBIM allows the management of the different construction phases with a 4D representation of models (3D + time) and management of spatial interferences concerning each activity.

CerTus HSBIM has a 4D-Gantt environment with a set of tools to help you build up your project's WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) - the sub-division of the project work phases into elementary periods, according to the required level of detail, and their direct connection to the various building objects present in the BIM model.

The "Time Line" provides for a better understanding of how the site evolves over time and how the various activities overlap highlighting risks generated by contingent logistical and spatial situations.


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Health and Safety data sheets | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software

Contextual analysis of work phases, risks and prevention measures Create Health and Safety data sheets starting from a vast archive of jobs datasheets

The 3D/4D modelling of the construction site allows you to analyse the construction site and the health & safety aspects linked to its organization in a faster and more efficient workflow.

The identification of specific health & safety phases, in the 4D-Gantt environment, allows you to add information relating to risks, technical prevention schemes and protection measures, personal protection equipment, etc. thanks to a large archive of jobs datasheets supplied with the software, ready to be enriched or customized according to your specific needs.

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Project drawings | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software

From design to project drawings

CerTus HSBIM produces:

  • Plan views
  • Cross-section views
  • Elevation views
  • Area plans
  • Construction drawings
  • Altitude profiles
  • Earthworks Technical tables

Project drawings are dynamic and always fully aligned with the latest construction site model.

Furthermore, thanks to the integration with the 4D-Gantt time-line, produce site documentation at a certain date during the simulation, reproducing the precise evolution stage of the construction site with all references only to those elements completed at a given date.

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Real-Time rendering of the construction site | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software
Optional feature

Real-Time Rendering and BIM voyager Model rendered in real time with online viewing

CerTus HSBIM is integrated with Real-Time rendering technology allowing you to view a rendered model of the construction site in real time.

CerTus HSBIM also allows you to publish the construction site model for collaborators, workers and clients to view and interact from a simple browser available on the platform.
The BIM model of the construction site can be shared online and viewed by all stakeholders interested in execution and safety on the construction site.

Everyone can take a tour of the model in 3D, a virtual experience of the construction site with access to all the related information directly from the browser and therefore from any device and above all from anywhere.

BIM Voyager allows you to add the different scenarios deriving from the general view of the construction site or of individual spaces that are subject to specific processes.

Each scenario can be related to a specific time frame in order to share different situations in time and space with different stakeholders.

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Optional feature

Immersive Virtual RealityThe VRiBIM technology for virtual site tours, training and education

The dynamic integration between construction site health & safety BIM modelling and immersive virtual reality offers new possibilities for analysis, design, management and organization of the construction site, with risk assessments and training for injury and accident prevention.

With CerTus HSBIM, the software that integrates 3D modelling of the construction site with immersive virtual reality, you can now create a "virtual construction site" and modify the BIM model while "navigating" in an immersive environment.

Extracting a 3D model of the construction site at a given stage of works can be very useful for construction site visual surveys and also check that the requirements set out in the planning stage are effectively followed. Virtual measuring and control tools allow you to check the situation with respect to any regulatory criteria.

If the planning prescriptions viewed in immersive reality do not satisfy your analysis, simply change them by adding extra prevention measures, changing site preparations, tools or machinery directly from the immersive reality environment. The BIM model with the relating health & safety data sheets will be dynamically modified or updated too.

With CerTus HSBIM you can create and describe dangerous situations that can be used for workers training sessions or during briefings by simply moving to a different model status in real time.

The VRiBIM technology integrated with the 4D functions allow you to produce a huge number of BIM models that can be viewed in virtual reality, one for each stage of evolution of the construction site.

Every employee can experience certain risk scenarios beforehand with obvious advantages in terms of prevention.

Virtual visits on site | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software


BIM for construction health and safety | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software
BIM for health and safety | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software
Render 3 | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA software
BIM health and safety | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software
BIM safety software | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software
Render 6 | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software
BIM construction management software | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software
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Render 11 | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA Software

What do you need to create immersive virtual reality experiences with CerTus HSBIM?

  • BIM model | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA software
    a BIM model
    created or imported with CerTus HSBIM
  • PC | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA software
    a PC
    connected to the internet and with specific system requirements
  • VR headset | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA software
    a VR headset
    HTC VIVE | HTC VIVE PRO | HTC VIVE COSMOS | Oculus Rift | Oculus Rift S | Oculus Quest 2
  • Motion controller | CerTus HSBIM | ACCA software
    a motion controller
    3dRudder - footswitch keyboard with up to 16 keys or key combinations, footswitch/Hotas up to 4 axes or a combination of a footswitch and mouse
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