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software for Solar PV systems design?

sizing, financial analysis and single-line diagrams all in a single software, already used by thousands of Solar-PV professionals all over the world!

Solarius-PV is the professional Solar PV calculator software for designing photovoltaic systems and that is already being used by thousands of professionals for their daily work.

The complete, reliable and innovative tool for grid-connected photovoltaic system design integrated with a wide range of energy storage system types for precise financial and technical feasibility studies.

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Why Solarius PV?

  • Solar irradiance from Meteonorm or PVGIS climatic data

  • PV systems sizing with an integrated user-assisted generator sizing wizard

  • Modules, inverters and batteries component libraries supporting all design stages

  • Calculate the effects of PV shading from photo-panorama surveys

  • PV system electrical diagrams (AC/DC switchboards, cables, SPDs, etc.) generated automatically

  • Professional Business Plan of the PV system with both analytical and graphical data diagrams

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Things you can do with Solarius PV

Size the PV system with a guided step by step procedure

Solarius-PV easily guides the user sizing any type of photovoltaic system:

  • define the available PV system surfaces, in plan view or in elevation, using specific graphical objects or even import your own from DXF/DWG files
  • position the solar modules among those selected or simply let the software suggest the most appropriate model for you
  • identify the optimal exposure to increase the overall annual energy production
  • configure the photovoltaic system (modules per strings) for any type of inverter (LV single-phase, LV or MV three-phase, multi MPPT, with integrated or independent storage)
  • automatically get all the module-inverter electrical compatibility verifications

Automatic single-line wiring diagram of the PV system

With Solarius PV, the single-line electrical system is generated automatically by the photovoltaic system designed.

You can customize the PV system at any moment by adding electrical switchboards (in A.C. and in D.C.), electrical protection devices connected to both input and output terminals, different types of cables, etc.

The PV system single-line diagram can be represented in a drawing model completed with general data, graphic symbol legends with detailed component type descriptions and can be easily printed or exported in many different formats (PDF, DXF, DWG, etc).

Professional Financial Analysis (Photovoltaic system Business Plan)

With Solarius PV get professional financial analysis directly from the photovoltaic system project: photovoltaic system profitability, investment amortization and other indicators.

The financial analysis report is complete and detailed with:

  • total annual and hourly system productivity
  • electrical energy consumption per time frame and daily load profile
  • financing , leasing , etc.

All analysis results are provided in tables or under graphical form and can exported in XLS, RTF, PDF, etc.

Solarius PV main functions

Solar irradiance climate data from Meteonorm or PVGIS

Solarius PV estimates the photovoltaic solar production starting from specific solar irradiation data, provided by the main climatic data references available for locations worldwide

  • Meteonorm (the free, fully integrated database) for all the locations around the world
  • PVGIS for locations in Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean basin and Southwest Asia.

You can even customize your own solar irradiation user archive with climatic data from other solar atlas or from on-site measuring.

Photovoltaic system shading calculation directly from a photo

Solarius-PV takes into account solar shading caused by the presence of long-distance obstacles (mountains, hills, buildings, trees, etc) through a simple photographic survey and directly on the installation site’s solar diagram.

Solarius PV also allows you to check the effect of shading projected on the PV modules by nearby obstacles (chimneys, walls, antennas, etc) on the system layout as the solar path varies over an annual, monthly, daily or hourly period.

Manages shadow projection between parallel rows automatically calculating the minimum installation module row spacing on any surface type (horizontal, vertical or tilted).

Solar PV components libraries in support of all design phases (modules, inverters, batteries, etc.)

Solarius-PV is equipped with rich libraries in support of all PV system design phases.

  • Complete photovoltaic modules, inverters, batteries and component archives with the most common PV system relating items
  • Consumer profiles libraries (electrical loads) with hourly analytical estimation of consumption by type of user (office uses, family, etc) or by type of appliance (PC, washing machine, oven, etc)

These are easy to consult libraries and can be enriched by the user with custom created devices.

Solar electrical cables sizing

Continuously supported by an operative diagnosis, easily size cables correctly in relation to the designed PV system configuration for both the direct current (D.C.) and alternating current (A.C) sides.

  • identify the optimal cable section according to the installation method
  • assess voltage drop values for maximum efficiency

Cable sizing is determined according to standard IEC 60364.

Rapid photo simulation for visual impact analysis

With Solarius-PV specific photo-montage features allow you to simulate the designed photovoltaic system with high quality photorealistic images for visual impact analysis to show to your clients.

Simply load a photo (building or installation surface) and two measurements acquired on-site to quickly generate a photo-simulation of how your system will affect the installation surface (roof top, ground, porches, etc) by overlaying the designed PV system on your site photo.

Operational Diagnostics with alerts

Solarius-PV assists your design with an interactive design diagnostics tool that continuously highlights any design errors.

The diagnostics tool pinpoints any design errors by dynamically linking the error message to the component or object while providing useful suggestions to solve the issue.

The diagnostic tool is active during all stages of the design phase continuously checking if any errors have been introduced of any previously highlighted errors have been corrected.

Reports, system drawings and documents automatically generated from the project data

With Solarius-PV, all construction documents, reports, forms and documents are automatically filled in from the project and can be easily customized and exported in RTF, PDF, DXF, DWG formats etc.

  • Photovoltaic system technical report, with a complete and detailed description of the system’s characteristics even in other languages such as Spanish, French and (Brazilian) Portuguese
  • Financial Report (photovoltaic business plan) with all the main indicators (Payback Time, NPV, IRR, Cash flow, etc),
  • Photovoltaic system diagram indicating surfaces area view, position of modules, inverters, electrical switchboard, cable etc.
  • Photovoltaic system single-line diagram, indicating electrical switchboards, cables, protection devices, etc.
  • Automatic Cost estimate/quotation of the designed photovoltaic system
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Software screenshot (sample screenshot)

  • Meteonorm solar irradiance estimate Meteonorm solar irradiance estimate
    PVGIS Solar irradiance estimate PVGIS Solar irradiance estimate
    Photovoltaic shading calculation Photovoltaic shading calculation
  • Solar diagram Solar diagram
    Shading between parallel rows Shading between parallel rows
    Photovoltaic system assisted design Photovoltaic system assisted design
  • Identification of photovoltaic surfaces Identification of photovoltaic surfaces
    Tilted photovoltaic panels Tilted photovoltaic panels
    Photovoltaic panels sizing Photovoltaic panels sizing
  • Photovoltaic inverters sizing Photovoltaic inverters sizing
    Photovoltaic single-line wiring diagram Photovoltaic single-line wiring diagram
    Solar cables sizing Solar cables sizing
  • Photovoltaic system module positioning Photovoltaic system module positioning
    Photovoltaic system cost estimate Photovoltaic system cost estimate
    Electrical consumption coverage with photovoltaic storage Electrical consumption coverage with photovoltaic storage
  • Photovoltaic system profitability Photovoltaic system profitability
    Avoided emissions with a photovoltaic system Avoided emissions with a photovoltaic system
    Technical report of a photovoltaic system Technical report of a photovoltaic system
  • Photovoltaic financial report (business plan) Photovoltaic financial report (business plan)
    Photovoltaic system data sheet Photovoltaic system data sheet
    Photovoltaic system operational diagnostic tool Photovoltaic system operational diagnostic tool
  • Photovoltaic system scene photo-montage Photovoltaic system scene photo-montage

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