Dynamic energy analysis and simulation software

Dynamic energy analysis and simulation | TerMus PLUS | ACCA software

Need a more reliable consumption and energy performance calculation for your projects?

Discover TerMus PLUS, the BIM modelling software for dynamic energy simulations and analysis with EnergyPlus™

Although stationary calculations are the basis of the current energy performance standards, they only provide a partial and very approximate idea of the building's true energy behaviour.
A reliable high-quality energy design requires dynamic energy calculations and simulations.

TerMus PLUS is the only software for dynamic energy simulation of buildings that integrates in a unique solution the power of the EnergyPlus™ high performance solver and the simplicity of BIM/3D modelling methods.

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3D Energy Modelling | TerMus PLUS | ACCA software
3D modelling from DXF/DWG files and IFC models with BIM object library and automatic thermal bridge calculation engine.
Climate data archive | TerMus PLUS | ACCA software
METEONORM® climate archive and data import from EnergyPlusTM.
Guided definition of setpoints | TerMus PLUS | ACCA software
Guided definition of setpoints, systems and generators.
Usage profiles and hourly programming | TerMus PLUS | ACCA software
Usage profiles and time scheduling with predefined templates and customised solutions.
Project data diagnostics | TerMus PLUS | ACCA software
Real-time diagnostics of project data.
Calculation results in reports, tables, charts and 3D animations | TerMus PLUS | ACCA software
Calculation results in reports, tables, graphs, colour mapped views and 3D animations and dynamic comparison of different design solutions..
Project Cost estimates | TerMus PLUS | ACCA software
Bill of quantities dynamically integrated with the BIM model of the building.
3D BIM energy modeling and simulations | TerMus PLUS | ACCA software

Create the architectural 3D Model from DXF/DWG CAD files or from IFC models to produce automatic building energy calculation models.

TerMus PLUS makes it as easy as possible to create the building energy model ready for the EnergyPlus™ solver. Unlike other software, TerMus PLUS doesn't require an extensive data input to derive the calculation model. It can read a wide range of datasets automatically from the building's information model. That's the true power of BIM!

Even import a CAD file in the DXF or DWG format as a reference to trace upon or simply load your BIM model in the standard IFC format.

Work on architectural projects created with other BIM authoring software (such as Edificius, Revit®, Allplan®, etc.) or on energy models created, for example, with TerMus.

Assign each architectural element (roofs, doors, windows, rooms, etc.) with the characteristics and properties required for the energy simulation.

Choose material layers, materials, generators, etc. from an extensive library of BIM objects.


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Thermal characteristics and building energy requirements | TerMus PLUS | ACCA software

Guided input and METEONORM® climate data for quick definition of the energy simulation model

Quickly set the building model characteristics using the general parameters and location climate data.

Gain access to the extensive METEONORM worldwide locations climate data archive offering weather info from over 7,700 measuring stations and statistical values for temperature, wind, humidity, temperature ranges and solar irradiation.

Alternatively, you can simply import other hourly weather data sources in the EnergyPlus™ standard weather data format (EPW).

TerMus PLUS guides you with a step by step data input process to define:

  • general parameters and the locations climatic data;
  • reference indoor temperatures (constant or programmed setpoints) of buildings, thermal zones, non-air-conditioned border zones, rooms;
  • thermal power stations for heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water;
  • programmed management mode for generator start-ups.

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Usage profiles and hourly programming | TerMus PLUS | ACCA software

Usage profiles and time programming for dynamic calculations with the help of the super configurator

Define the schedule for dynamic energy simulation with a super-configurator that simplifies the input of large quantities of data the making TerMus PLUS the most reliable solution in terms of both performance and simplicity:

  • create reference sub-periods (typical day, typical week and values for each hour/minute) and apply them to all days of the year;
  • for each hour/minute of the year determine the heat generators operation periods, the presence of people, lighting and shading, etc.
  • choose predefined consumption profiles that you can use as a starting point for any kind of customisation.

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Software architettura 3d | Edificius | ACCA software
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Calculation solver TheBriNA | TerMus PLUS | ACCA software

Thermal bridges automatically integrated into the energy calculation model

Thanks to the integrated TheBriNA (Thermal Bridges Numerical Analysis) finite element calculation solver, TerMus PLUS automatically detects the structure's thermal bridges:

  • shape deviations (corners);
  • structure material intersections or building components (windows, floors, etc.);
  • combinations of materials with different conductivities (beams, columns, etc.).

Choose which Thermal Bridges need to be assessed for transmittance value definition.

TerMus PLUS is integrated with TerMus BRIDGE, the finite element thermal bridges calculation software. Thanks to the live connection between the two solutions you can:

  • import the thermal bridge calculation results from TerMus BRIDGE into TerMus PLUS;
  • acquire the materials data inserted TerMus PLUS in TerMus BRIDGE.

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Data check diagnostics | TerMus PLUS | ACCA software

Automatically check the data input with powerful diagnostics within the software before running the simulation.

With TerMus PLUS you can be sure that the input data is correct and avoid time wastages from having to check, reset and correct the building model data. This avoids having to repeat the calculation process over and over.
The diagnostics will return any errors or inconsistencies very accurately allowing you to introduce corrections directly on the object or data causing the problem.


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Simulate the energy behaviour of your building with EnergyPlus™

Thanks to the power of the integrated EnergyPlus™ calculation engine (the most flexible and widely used dynamic building energy simulation engine in the world), TerMus PLUS allows you to perform dynamic energy simulations by placing the energy model in real operating conditions.

You can check and optimise new and existing buildings:

  • the real energy consumption of the building (broken down by BECM, sub-BECM and zones) and identify main factors influencing consumption levels (data is aggregated by annual, monthly, daily and hourly frequency).
  • thermal power plant consumptions for individual installations (which may include heating, cooling and hot water services) with reference to fuel, costs and resulting emissions.
  • the influence of internal gains on energy consumption
  • the energy performance of different materials

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Dynamic calculation and energy simulation with EnergyPlus™ | TerMus PLUS | ACCA software

Dynamic 3D views, tables and charts: the best way to do an energy analysis

For each individual entity selected, you'll be able to view a detailed output and see your simulation results in both graphical or tabular form (with Excel sheets that you can customise) for annual, monthly, daily and hourly details.

Check the calculation results also in 3D with colour mapping and start dynamic simulations with animations showing the building's energy behaviour over time.

Print your charts and summary reports of all data within each individual BECM or plant.


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Dynamic calculation and energy simulation with EnergyPlus™ | TerMus PLUS | ACCA software

Dynamic BoQs dynamically integrated with the building's BIM Energy model.

Produce BoQs and cost estimates of the project dynamically with the integrated quantity surveying tools capable of acquiring all measurement info directly from the building's BIM model

With TerMus PLUS, the project cost estimates are completely automatic.

Measurements are dynamically linked to the BIM model: each update or change to the model will cause the cost estimate data to be perfectly aligned with any changes.


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Comparison of energy calculations | TerMus PLUS | ACCA software

Compare different simulations, analyses and energy diagnoses to find the optimal solution

Dynamic thermal simulation calculations are the basis for evaluating the choices made and comparing them with alternative solutions.

The TerMus PLUS 3D/BIM modeller allows you to:

  • intervene precisely and quickly on each element, modify the use profiles, time scheduling, zone and room loads, use of central heating units, etc.
  • compare the energy indicators and economic data of the model in the pre- and post-intervention situation and collect all useful data for possible improvements.

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