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Need to open an IFC file?
Do you also need to modify it?

Here’s the free IFC file reader to view and edit BIM models created in the IFC standard

Only usBIM.viewer+ gives you the possibility to view, convert and edit IFC files in a single software certified by buildingSMART International® and completely free forever!

usBIM.viewer+ is the only IFC free viewer that allows you to:

  • create an IFC file from any file format or open an IFC file produced with any BIM Authoring applications for architectural, structural, plant design, etc.
  • view all the IFC objects composing the model and work on each of them adding properties, modifying the geometry or deleting them
  • insert new objects that can be downloaded from any web catalog and in any format

All changes made to the model are saved in a new model in the IFC format.

Video free IFC Viewer | usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software
Watch the video "usBIMviewer+": free IFC model viewer, converter and editor IFC (Duration: 1:21 minutes)

View, edit, convert and share BIM models in the IFC format:
much more than just a viewer!

usBIM.viewer+ completely changes the potential use of the IFC format of a BIM model.
The IFC format becomes, in fact, not only a guarantee of access to data over time, regardless of the software with which the model was produced, but also the format in which to you can freely manage the information during the construction and maintenance phase of the building asset.

Import and export in the IFC 2x3 file format | usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software

IFC 3D viewer import-export

Import and export IFC files of models created with BIM authoring software such as Revit® or 3D modelling software such as SketchUp®

Free IFC viewer download to open, view and federate multiple IFC files | usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software

Free IFC file viewer

Open, view and federate multiple IFC files simultaneously

Best IFC viewer free, Edit and modify BIM models in the IFC file format | usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software

Editor and free IFC viewer

Assign IFC properties and modify existing ones, create groups and selection filters, use the most common classification methods (Uniformat, Uniclass, Omniclass, etc.)

IFC 3D viewer to convert 3D models DWG, SKP, 3DS into IFC files | usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software

Converter and viewer IFC

Convert your 3D models (DWG viewer, SKP, 3DS, etc.) into IFC files

Share IFC file | usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA Software

Share IFC file

Share your projects for free on a BIM Management platform

Start the IFC file viewer free download now.
Software use and technical support totally free of charge.

Are you looking for an IFC viewer to install?

Are you looking for an IFC viewer to install | usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software

Take advantage of the full power of usBIM.viewer+!

Install the software on your PC and start using it straight away for IFC model viewing with conversion and editing functions.

Are you looking for an online BIM Viewer?

Are you looking for an online BIM Viewer | usBIM | ACCA software

Is your PC too slow or you simply don't like installing desktop applications?

The usBIM platform has an integrated online BIM viewer! Log in to usBIM now, upload your models and take advantage of its outstanding viewing functions directly from your browser.

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Import - export standard IFC files of Open BIM models produced by any BIM Authoring software | usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software

Import and export standard IFC files of Open BIM models produced by any BIM Authoring software or Tool

With usBIM.viewer + you can:

  • import the IFC file of a BIM model created with any BIM Authoring software or tool (Revit®, Edificius®, ArchiCAD®, EdiLus®, SketchUp®, VectorWorks®, Rhino®, Tekla®, etc.)
  • modify the IFC file by changing objects, deleting entities or adding properties to existing entities
  • export the IFC file together with any changes by sharing it for free in the cloud on the usBIM.platform integrated in the software

Looking for a free IFC reader?

Open, view and federate multiple IFC files | usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software

Open, view and federate multiple IFC files simultaneously

With usBIM.viewer+ you open, view and federate IFC format files of 3D models and objects regarding the various design disciplines - even simultaneously – deriving from the main BIM authoring software such as Edificius®, Revit®, ArchiCAD®, Allplan®, Tekla®, VectorWorks® and many others.

With usBIM.viewer+, you can:

  • Visually navigate through the 3D virtual model using zoom, orbit and rotate features;
  • Select entities directly in 3D or in the IFC file’s entity structure
  • Easily view parts of the BIM model
  • Check each BIM element’s properties and a detailed set of information (volumes, areas, surfaces, distances, weights and much more)
  • compare multiple 3D models in one view
  • simultaneously view all design phase aspects (architectural, structural, technical systems, etc.)
  • You can easily highlight specific properties of a BIM object using the #TagBIM operator to make important information easily visible in other activities of for creating or updating the BIM model (design, execution or maintenance phases of the asset).

Viewing, searching, analyzing objects and data contained in the IFC file is very simple thanks to specific functions that allow you to highlight the entities individually or by categories and work on entire levels of the BIM model.

Freely edit and modify the BIM model | usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software

Freely edit and modify the BIM model

usBIM.viewer+ is also an IFC file editor with advanced functions for creating and modifying the BIM model, a true BIM Authoring solution for your BIM models in the IFC file format.

usBIM.viewer+ allows you to:

  • add new entities to the model
  • replace the geometry of an existing object without changing its characteristics
  • move and/or rotate any new or existing entities
  • delete entities from the model
  • modify existing properties and define a custom classification scheme
  • take measurements directly on 3D models

Start the IFC viewer free download now

IFC model download | usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software

Easily add IFC properties

With usBIM.viewer + add custom IFC properties to 3D models and objects and integrate the information with further technical, commercial, structural, plant, metric and many other data ... without having to own BIM software!

Easily implement all the specifications necessary to completely define the BIM model.

Use the advanced features of a BIM authoring for free to implement the information contained in the BIM model and make communication during the design, execution and maintenance of the most efficient and reliable work.

Create groups and selection filters | usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software

Create groups and selection filters

With usBIM.viewer+:

  • create custom views with Filters and Selection Groups
  • speed up and simplify the understanding of the BIM model

usBIM.viewer+ is the IFC file analyzer which allows you to quickly analyze the BIM model, single or federated, and eliminate any waste of time due to manual operations thanks to selection groups and saving views.

Change existing properties and assign most common classification schemes | usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software

Change existing properties and assign the most common classification schemes

The IFC viewer download allows you to modify existing properties and define a custom classification scheme.

A specific tool allows you to easily insert information relating to the most common Classification schemes. (Uniformat, Uniclass, Omniclass, Masterformat, Natspec and NBS Create).

Convert 3D models to the IFC file format | usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software

Convert your 3D models to the IFC file format

With usBIM.viewer+ open, convert, integrate and export 3D models and objects to the IFC file format originating from many other formats such as, AutoCAD® (.dwg), SketchUp® (.skp), 3D Studio Max® (.3ds) and many others .. even without having your own BIM software!

Transform your 3D virtual model to the IFC standard format, adding many other types of BIM design discipline data to the graphical representation such as, technical, sales, structural, plant engineering and cost estimating information, etc.


Use one of the best IFC viewer

Share the IFC model on BIM management platforms | usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA Software

Share the IFC model on BIM management platforms

With usBIM is fully certified by buildingSMART international allowing you to take full advantage of BIM process tools to participate and collaborate in BIM projects.
You can:

  • Acquire BIM models of your architectural, structural or MEP plant designs in the IFC format from the cloud and edit them directly with usBIM;
  • Export the BIM model in the IFC format, as processed, directly to the cloud, choosing which folder to save the files in and whom to share them with.

With usBIM.viewer+ you have free access to usBIM

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

IFC is an open and non-proprietary file format that allows full interoperability and exchange of data without the risk of introducing errors or loss of information. It is therefore the common language that allows the various professionals and role players of construction process to dialogue with each other.

A fundamental characteristic of the BIM process, in fact, is the collaboration between the various team members involved in the different phases of the structure’s life cycle to insert, extract, update or modify the information present in the model.

usBIM.viewer+ is the free IFC file viewer with which you can open and view and download IFC coordination view 2X3 files even when produced with different BIM authoring software; furthermore, you can also open other types of 3D models (.skp, .dwg, .dae, etc.) by converting them to the IFC format free of charge.

Yes, usBIM.viewer+ is an ifc reader free to download which also allows you to add properties to IFC files, in order to enrich existing information with additional technical, commercial, structural, plant, cost and many other data types. And all this without having the need for a BIM authoring software.

In addition to opening and editing of IFC files, usBIM.viewer+ also allows you to open, convert and export files in the IFC2x3 file format and even load other 3D model files exported with AutoCAD (.dwg), SketchUp® (.skp), 3D Studio® (.3ds) and many others too, and without the need of a dedicated BIM software.

Our software setup procedure allows you to use a specific parameter once you have downloaded the installation package. Network Admins can follow this simple guide to install any of our BIM solutions on multiple PCs.

  • First of all, launch the IFC viewer free download for the setup package here (we're considering usBIM.Viewer+ in this case but it's valid for any ACCA software solution): accasoftware.com/freeware/usBIM-viewer+ ;
  • Then, instead of launching the setup directly, click on the: "Do you want to create a setup Package for a different PC", option ; Create setup Package for different PC | ACCA software This will dump the entire setup package in the default folder: C:\ACCA\SETUP\usBIM.viewer+ ;
  • Now run the install process using the "-SILENTMODE" parameter in the "RUN" (Windows key+"R") dialogue as follows: C:\ACCA\SETUP\usBIM.viewer+\Setup.exe -SILENTMODE the Installations will launch but default install path and settings will be used: C:\ACCA\usBIM.viewer+ ;
  • You'll notice that there's no need to assist the install process and once completed, the software will be ready for you to use with a double-click on the relating program desktop icon.
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