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BIM for Construction Management

usBIM.platform | ACCA software
usBIM.platform | ACCA software

BIM collaboration platform

The BIM collaborative platform to manage information and procedures in a single data sharing environment (CDE). Navigable BIM model (freeMDD), control of each step (GATE).

usBIM.clash | ACCA software

BIM Clash Detection

The BIM Clash Detection software for checking BIM element interferences and conflicts management between different IFC-Open BIM models, such as the architectural, structural or MEP system.

BIM for Architectural Design

Edificius | ACCA software
Edificius | ACCA software

BIM Modeling Software

Architectural design software to develop your projects and extraordinary presentations, control time and costs, collaborate in the BIM process in total security.

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Edificius LAND | ACCA software
Edificius LAND | ACCA software

BIM Landscape Design

Professional software for gardens, green areas and landscaping design. Import the 3D terrain model from Google Maps® and design with easy-to-use tools.

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BIM for Construction Estimating

PriMus | ACCA software
PriMus | ACCA software

Construction Cost Estimates BoQs, Rate Analysis and Price Lists

The ideal software for designers and companies who want to optimize their construction cost management activities.

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PriMus IFC | ACCA software
PriMus IFC | ACCA software

Quantity Take-Off from IFC

The software that allows you to extract accurate metric data directly from the project's BIM model.

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BIM for Structural Design

EdiLus CONCRETE | ACCA software
EdiLus CONCRETE | ACCA softwareEurocodes

Design of Concrete Structures

The software for the analysis and structural design of new and existing reinforced concrete buildings according to Eurocodes (EC). BIM modeling, automatic reinforcement design and scheduling, accurate working drawings.

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EdiLus STEEL | ACCA software
EdiLus STEEL | ACCA softwareEurocodes

Design of Steel Structures

Steel structures analysis and design software according to Eurocodes (EC). 3D BIM modeling with "Magnetic Grid" technology, 3D design and verification of member connections.

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EdiLus MASONRY | ACCA software
EdiLus MASONRY | ACCA softwareEurocodes

Design of Masonry Structures

The software for verifying load-bearing masonry structures, either ordinary or reinforced, for new and existing buildings according to Eurocodes regulations (EC). BIM modeling, static and dynamic analysis with HP-BEAM and HP-SHELL elements.

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Renewable Energy | Energy Performance

Solarius PV
Solarius PV | ACCA software

Solar PV System Design

The BIM software for photovoltaic systems design already used for thousands of different types of installations all over the world.

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TerMus BRIDGE | ACCA software

Numerical calculations of thermal bridges and mould growt risk assessment

The Thermal Bridge software that uses finite element analysis, fully compliant with the EN ISO 10211:2008, EN ISO 14683:2008 and EN ISO 13788:2013 technical standards.

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Scaffolding Design and Safety


Scaffolding Design and Safety

CerTus SCAFFOLDING is the BIM authoring software for scaffolding design and drafting of the of the scaffolding assembly, use and dismantling plan.

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To use our software and services after the trial period, you can subscribe by choosing from the various available license subscription plans.

You can choose from monthly plans, annual plans and also long-term period based plans.

The subscription plan is activated upon payment. For European Community countries, local taxes are applied if not deductible.

Each subscription is automatically renewed until cancellation.

You can unsubscribe from your profile page on myACCA or by contacting ACCA’s Customer Service.

When subscribing to a license plan, you expressly authorize ACCA software to securely store your preferred payment method and automatically request payment at any due date. Before each payment, ACCA will inform you of such due payment via email.

For monthly plans, the monthly fee is paid at first activation.

For annual or plurennial plans, you can choose between:

  • Single solution payments
  • Monthly payments

The following conditions apply to annual and multi-annual plans with monthly installments:

  • You can only pay by international credit card.
  • You are required to pay for all monthly installments as agreed upon when choosing the preferred subscription plan (12/24/36 monthly installments).
  • Pay the first installment upon subscription activation, then receive a follow-up charge every month. Before your preferred payment method is used to renew your subscription plan, a reminder is sent out via email as notice.
  • Payment of monthly installments is automatic. Should any issues arise during the payment process, the procedure is then repeated for the following three days.
  • If payment is still not successful, the software subscription plan is suspended and the relating software and/or services will not be accessible.
  • Subscription owners will be notified of unsuccessful subscription payments.
  • Your software and relating services can be reactivated by regularizing payment for the chosen plan.
  • You can regulate payment manually or by requesting help from ACCA’s customer support service.
  • Failure to automatically charge the monthly installment due to credit card expiry or other payment method related issues or changes to the payment method holder’s data, the subscription owner is required to update such data by manually renewing the subscription and updating the relevant data directly from ACCA’s secure e-commerce service.
  • When subscription payment is regularized, the software and relating services are reactivated and the license owner can continue to pay the remaining monthly installments as agreed.
  • With the regularization of the payment, the license subscription plan’s new expiry date is recalculated taking into account the number of installments that remain to be paid and based on the terms and obligations of the chosen subscription plan.

We reserve the right to change the subscription plan rates at any time; we will inform you of any rate changes beforehand reserving you the right to cancel your subscription.

When activating a subscription for one or more software solutions, you get the following advantages:


Training and Support

When using any software solution you also get the support:

  • of a specialized ACCA software technician that assists you personally through the "Technical Support" service directly from the software or via e-mail.
  • of the software users community that interact in the "Forum"
  • of remote desktop assistance directly on your PC through the "Smart Support" service.

Learn to use the software:

  • with short videos regarding software features collected in the "Video Tutorials" online service
  • with structured and progressive learning paths proposed in the online "Training" service

Access to the most up-to-date version of the software

With a subscription plan you always get the latest updated version of your software.

In fact, every time you open the software specific notifications will inform you of any available updates allowing you to freely decide if and when to install them.


Installation and use of the software on multiple devices

With the active subscription you can work with the software anywhere (at home, in the office or while travelling) and also with your collaborators and design team.

In fact, the subscription plan allows you to install and use the software:

  • independently, on different devices, activating/deactivating a license directly from the device being used
  • simultaneously, on multiple devices, depending on the number of PCs enabled when defining the subscription plan

An active internet connection is required to associate a license to a device. However, you don’t need to be continously connected to the internet to be able to use the software. You can use it offline mode for up to 10 days after your last active connection.


Software available in multiple languages

Most ACCA software products are available in multiple languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

The subscription for each software is independent of the language of the installation package. You can switch from one language to another simply by downloading the software installation package in the desired language and assign a license.


Flexible subscription plans

You can freely choose the subscription you want (monthly or annual) and decide whether to activate the automatic subscription renewal option. In this way, you have the possibility to plan your budget and subscribe to the software only if and when you use it.


Some benefits of subscriptions may not be available for all products/services and for all languages.

The first step to signing up for a subscription is to create an account on the ACCA software site.

With the account you can:

  • access ACCA websites and services
  • download trial versions of ACCA software
  • manage your profile and billing information
  • activate subscriptions
  • access the "MyACCA" service to check the status of the subscriptions and manage the renewal mode

Subscription activation methods

You can activate a subscription from our e-commerce platform with all accepted electronic payment systems: credit and debit cards, PayPal® account or international bank transfer.

How to subscribe

Payment systems

ACCA software accepts electronic payments with:

  • Credit and debit cards on all major international circuits, from Visa® to Mastercard® , to Japanese JCB ® and American Express® .
  • PayPal® account to make payments all over the world without providing credit card numbers or bank account details.
  • International bank transfer to transfer money internationally.

With the "myACCA" service you access a personal page where you can find all the information about the software in use and the subscriptions status.


Cancelling a subscription

The cancellation of a subscription may change and depends on the used payment system:

  • PayPal® account or bank transfer

    All subscriptions activated using a PayPal® account or international bank transfer are automatically deactivated at the end of the last day of subscription validity. After the last day of the subscription you will not receive any further charges.

    A new subscription is required to use the software once a subscription has expired.


  • Credit or debit card

    All subscriptions signed with a credit or debit card are automatically renewed at the end of the last day of validity of the subscription period. When the automatic renewal is "active", and once your current subscription has expired, the renewal fee will be charged on the credit card used for the previous payment.

    The automatic renewal system is active until you decide to deactivate it from your personal "myACCA" dashboard.


Reimbursement of subscriptions

Subscription licenses cannot be refunded.

Before signing up for a subscription plan, you can try the full professional version of the software and without any functional limitations for 30 days. At the end of the trial period you can choose whether or not to subscribe to a paid license.

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