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Please use this form only if you need general information (either technical or commercial enquiries) regarding our software. If you're already a user of our products and need technical assistance, forward your request from the online Technical Support service.


ACCA software solutions are currently available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish (Edificius is also available in Chinese and German).

The website is available in multiple languages. This means that the website may be viewed in a certain language whereas the relating software solutions and services (training, technical support…) are not yet available in the same language.

In this case, the software products, videos, training services (Video Tutorials) and technical support (Technical Support and Forums) are available in English.

We are continuously working to make our software products and services available in an increasing number of languages.

Download and Register your product. We will keep you updated with regard to the availability of products and services in your language.

The download and the payment process is accomplished by means of a simple internet connection and is currently the only way to take advantage of ACCA’s software solutions and services (training, technical support, updates).

However, please contact us and tell us about any problems that you may encounter so that future changes in terms of distribution may possibly be taken into account.

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ACCA’s software solutions are supported by Video Tutorials, Forums and Technical Support which is totally Free and continuous.

After downloading the software, simply register to get our free services. ACCA’s software solutions are, however, very simple to use and technically very reliable. Learning and working will seem so natural.

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ACCA revolutionizes the traditional way of distributing technical software offering a more convenient and more modern system. Downloads, training, technical support and software updates are provided through the internet.

ACCA software Customers can contact us at any time or take advantage of highly professional services designed to give the maximum client support experience… and in all circumstances.

Once you have terminated the trial period, you can subscribe directly from the software. Payment can be made by credit card and the corresponding invoice for the amount spent for the subscription will be sent to you email address. All transactions are completed through secure online bank payment systems and your credit card info is NOT stored in any way on our servers.

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PriMus-DCF has been replaced by PriMus. This new version of the program is distributed in its full version configuration to give you more power and professionalism.
ACCA software solutions are developed for the Windows Operating System platforms as described in the system requirements for each product. Compatibility with MAC is only possible when using OS virtualizers.

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