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Looking for a snag list software? usBIM.resolver is the revolutionary solution for Site Compliance: Harness Snag Lists for Construction Projects

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Manage snag items | construction snag list software | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

For construction managers, safety coordinators, site managers

Managing snag lists is a crucial aspect of improving efficiency, productivity and organisation in construction projects.

In addition to its simplicity and immediacy, usBIM.resolver offers very innovative solutions and outstanding advantages in the field of construction snag list software...

Recording and annotating problems | best app for construction snagging | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Recording and annotating problems

Record problems with titles, photos and detailed documentation, assign them to those responsible and note down photos to highlight critical areas.
Facilitated collaboration | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Facilitated collaboration

Team-based problem management allows each problem to be quickly assigned to a specific contact person, with real-time monitoring, improving communication and efficiency.
Generate an endless array of projects | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Generate an endless array of projects

Tackle issues, incorporate project specifics, dates and additional details.
Efficient Reporting | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Efficient Reporting

usBIM.resolver offers the possibility to generate snag reports and share them in a professional manner, increasing clarity and precision in problem communication.
Cloud connectivity | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Cloud connectivity

With usBIM.resolver you save and restore projects from the cloud, import and export projects that are stored in your cloud workspaces, facilitating data sharing and access.
Walkthrough Process Optimisation | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Walkthrough Process Optimisation

It simplifies the management of punch lists, enabling accurate documentation and direct assignment of jobs.
Cutting-edge technological performance | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Cutting-edge technological performance

A powerful BIM visualisation engine (as well as 2D documents and plans) and compatibility with mobile devices improves productivity and quality of work.

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Annotate everything on your 2D drawings or BIM models | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Annotate everything on your 2D drawings or BIM models

The visual annotation function of usBIM.resolver represents a qualitative leap forward in the management of site non-compliance.

Users can annotate directly on 2D plans and BIM models, highlighting specific issues and non-compliance in an intuitive and detailed manner.

This tool allows critical aspects to be visually signalled directly on project representations, facilitating communication and understanding of technical issues among all team members.

This feature makes the process of identifying and solving problems more efficient and accurate, greatly improving the management of construction projects.


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Digital non-compliance management is easier | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Digital non-compliance management is easier

Managing non-compliance on the construction site with usBIM.resolver is highly efficient. The software facilitates the sharing of problems with the team, allowing immediate collaboration.

Users can create non-compliance reports directly from their mobile device, adding photos and document attachments for detailed documentation.

Each issue can be tracked from reporting to resolution, providing a clear view of progress. The software allows each detected problem to be quickly assigned to a specific manager, with the possibility of tracking the progress of resolution and highlighting all open issues in real time.

This mechanism ensures that issues are addressed in a timely manner, improving the coordination and effectiveness of site operations. All issues are addressed promptly and resolved effectively, ensuring optimal project management and improving communication and collaboration between team members.

The digitisation of this process saves time and helps to maintain a clear organisation, significantly improving the management of non-compliance on site.


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Use the immediacy of photos to report and solve any problems | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Use the immediacy of photos to report and solve any problems

usBIM.resolver excels in site photo management, offering essential functionality for the construction industry.

Users can easily record and annotate problems directly on the device, with the option of including detailed photos.

This enables effective visual communication between team members, facilitating problem identification and resolution.

The ability to generate and share professional reports makes documenting and sharing site information both fast and efficient.


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Real-time collaboration for unparalleled efficiency and speed | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Real-time collaboration for unparalleled efficiency and speed

usBIM.resolver significantly improves site collaboration by allowing constant access to all project documents.

This translates into efficient, real-time management of issues thanks to the integrated chat which allows immediate communication with designers and subcontractors.

The functionality of tracking each problem from reporting to resolution, together with the ability to monitor the progress of the work, ensures smoother and more coordinated site management.


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What you need to know about Snag List Software

A snag list is a crucial document in the construction industry that collects all problems, defects or incomplete work identified in a construction project.

It is used to ensure that all aspects of the project have been completed and meet quality standards before final delivery to the customer.

The term "snag" refers to a small obstacle or problem, often minor but crucial. The "snag list" is therefore a list of these small problems that need to be resolved to ensure the quality and integrity of the final project.

When drawing up a snag list, it is important to look at every detail of the project, including construction defects, imperfections in materials, installation problems and any aspects that do not meet the technical specifications or quality standards set.

Generally, a snag list is prepared in the final stages of a construction project, when work is almost complete. This allows the last problems to be identified and resolved before the project is handed over and accepted by the client. It is important, however, to generate snag lists on each occasion of site visits and inspections by the construction manager, to ensure that the work is in line with the project and contractually binding on the contractor.

usBIM.resolver provides a digital platform for the effective and structured management of snag lists.

It offers tools to systematically record, track and solve problems, improving collaboration between team members and accelerating the resolution process.

Key benefits include centralisation of information, easy tracking and troubleshooting, improved communication between team members, and detailed and reliable documentation.

This leads to increased project efficiency, improved time management and reduced errors.

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