Municipal asset Management software

Municipal management software | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Looking for a way to effectively manage urban assets and public infrastructure maintenance activities?

With usBIM.maint you manage public lighting systems, city networks and maintenance activities all in one cloud platform!

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Asset management software for cities | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Managing the maintenance of the municipal heritage can be difficult due to the many activities involved and the complexity of the infrastructure.

usBIM.maint simplifies the management of maintenance activities of public infrastructure assets.

City asset survey | usBIM.maint | ACCA software
Manage public lighting systems through data sheets full of general data and documents
Georeferencing | usBIM.maint | ACCA software
Georeferencing urban assets such as networks, roads and pipelines directly in cartography
Programming and controlling | usBIM.maint | ACCA software
Make the cities you manage more efficient and safer through specific tools for programming, managing and controlling maintenance activities.
Data-Driven analysis | usBIM.maint | ACCA software
Analyze reports related to ordinary, extraordinary maintenance activities and technical data and make intelligent and data-driven decisions.
Urban facilities, street lighting and road networks always under control using consistent datasets | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Urban facilities, street lighting and road networks always under control using consistent datasets

With usBIM.maint, each plant system or territorial asset (street lights, electrical switchboards, antennas, etc.) is identified and described in a detailed technical datasheet containing all relevant information necessary to manage urban facility management services.

All technical, maintenance and geographical information is combined with documents and information relating to task deadlines.

Data is structured in a hierarchical layout in order to facilitate searching and identification of urban assets.

This means you are always accessing the most recent datasets relating to each asset present at a territorial scale for a reliable and efficient management of cities and their financial resources.


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Instantly locate any urban asset directly on area plans and maps | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Instantly locate any urban asset directly on area plans and maps

With usBIM.maint, identifying and cataloging urban assets to manage maintenance activities is really simple.

Thanks to the use of GIS technology, directly on the maps, you can:

  • map urban networks and pipelines;
  • geolocate maintenance activities and places of intervention. 

Just a simple click on the map to access all the information related to each urban asset.

The integration with the mobile app also allows you to navigate inside the properties, guide the execution of activities, authorize interventions quickly, monitor activities and optimally manage workflows.  


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Create automatic activity schedules and calendars for routine and emergency maintenance activities | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Create automatic activity schedules and calendars for routine and emergency maintenance activities

usBIM.maint helps you easily schedule, manage and control the maintenance of urban assets thanks to special features for the creation of an ordinary maintenance plan, the management of extraordinary maintenance and the registration of service requests.

Automatically the software:

  • generates and optimizes the schedule of routine maintenance; 
  • notifies the technical information, the place, the date of intervention, the components, etc., as the maintenance intervention approaches;
  • manages tickets for extraordinary maintenance requests in an integrated way with routine maintenance to optimize the use of resources and reduce interference.

Thanks to the integration with the mobile application, you get the highest level of collaboration and coordination between maintenance teams and operations centers, avoid unnecessary work, unforeseen costs and safeguard managed urban assets over time.

Each open ticket is communicated in real time to the most suitable operators, complete with all the information necessary to carry out the required activities and interventions.


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Receive detailed reports on ordinary, extraordinary and technical maintenance activities for data-driven decisions | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Receive detailed reports on ordinary, extraordinary and technical maintenance activities for intelligent and data-driven decisions

To fully understand the state of urban assets and make strategic decisions, it is essential to collect and analyze a large amount of data relating to ordinary, extraordinary and technical maintenance activities. 

With usBIM.maint you have automatic dashboards that offer easy reading and interpretation of this data.

Thanks to a real-time control of the activities and to special charts it is possible to control the Service Level Agreements (SLA) and the Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

You can customize dashboards to your specific needs to set up the most appropriate strategies to improve your processes and asset efficiency and to manage a more sustainable and secure city.


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Powerful government asset management software to manage any type of resource | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

A powerful government asset management software to manage any type of resource

Any government department needs to monitor and manage resources with the aim of improving the quality of services offered to citizens while reducing costs.

usBIM.maint is an easy and intuitive public asset management software. Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, it can be customized to meet the needs of any government department:

  • Department of Energy; 
  • Department of Health;
  • Department of Education.

In addition, the asset management software for governments, is able to generate detailed and automatic reports that allow you to perfectly know the state of assets to make strategic decisions based on data, save time and money and improve efficiency and accuracy in resource management.


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City facility management software | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Keep track of any activity, manage maintenance and increase the productivity of your company

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Facility management software features

Geolocated Assets | usBIM.maint | ACCA software


Geolocate assets, activities and locations on 2D plans or 3D models to visually contextualize all facility management tasks

Facility management in the cloud | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Facility management in the cloud

usBIM.maint is an online facility management software to make the work of the facility manager and intervention teams easier.

A complete cloud-based facility management platform with additional apps that allow you to access information easily from anywhere.

Personal data sheets and QR code | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Personal data sheets and QR code

Create sheets of your properties, assets and plants with all the information and documents that describe them accurately for your maintenance activities.

Generate QRCODES to quickly access information when you're in the building and give maintenance teams all the information they need or to dynamically change and update data.

Routine and emergency maintenance | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

and emergency maintenance

Plan routine and emergency maintenance operations and monitor activities in real time with a full overview of scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance requests.

A notification system with technical information, place and date of intervention, components, etc., alerts all work teams.

Ticket management | usBIM.maint | ACCA software


Manage emergency intervention tickets integrated with routine maintenance to optimize use of resources and reduce interferences.

Maintenance teams have dedicated interfaces designed to facilitate the recording and management of maintenance requests.

Activity monitoring and reporting | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Activity monitoring and reporting

Monitor and control every aspect of the facility management process through automated and customizable reports.

You have numerous reports and data views to monitor ordinary and emergency maintenance activities and technical data.

Performance, SLA and KPI | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Performance, SLA and KPI

Analyze performance by setting specific SLAs and KPIs. Evaluate the equipment indices, MTBF (mean time between failure) and MTTR (Mean time to repair) that allow you to program targeted interventions to prolong the life cycle of each component.

For each class of SLA, the graphs show the number of interventions in time, on late, out SLA.

Document management | usBIM.maint | ACCA software

Document management

Set up the list of documents needed for each asset and receive alerts and notifications in case of expiration or missing required documents.

You have specific functions to perform due diligence on documents and share documents between different stakeholders, print them or export them in different formats.

Buildings, plants or assets are usually associated with documents in many types of formats (pdf, Office, Dwg).

Energy management | usBIM.maint | ACCA software


Energy Consumption dashboard for real-time management. Control and account for energy consumption levels and get all your data in a ingle centralized solution for predictive activities.

Quickly detect any anomalies and you can integrate the software with remote control and remote reading systems and with accounting systems (ERP) to account for all consumption.

Discover usBIM.maint, the best way to manage your facilities


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What you need to know about municipal asset management

The management of municipal assets is a key component of the decision-making processes of municipal administrations and bodies. The latter must develop a plan to manage urban assets over their useful lives with the aim of minimizing the costs of failures, maximizing economic benefits and providing citizens with services in an economically efficient manner. Asset management requires municipal organizations to collect, analyze, and share extensive data.

Through municipal asset management software, you can manage resources efficiently, make information (resource inventory, preventive maintenance schedules and life-cycle costs) accessible at all times, and provide cost-effective services.

A municipal asset management software offers numerous advantages to municipal administrations and entities. This software allows you to collect information about all municipal assets in a single integrated system and allows you to:

  • simplify the process of monitoring municipal assets, such as infrastructure;
  • have greater visibility into the performance and effectiveness of assets;
  • inform municipal staff with real-time data on the status of assets and the operations to be carried out.

With municipal asset management software, municipal staff can avoid potential disasters such as loss or malfunction of resources due to lack of maintenance. This in turn reduces service interruptions and costs that may be associated with replacing or repairing municipal assets.

Asset Management is a systematic approach to understanding, controlling and monitoring physical assets.

Asset Maintenance, on the other hand, refers to all those activities that ensure that assets are maintained in optimal conditions. In other words, Asset Management emphasizes strategy, long-term planning, program supervision and risk management, while Asset Maintenance is characterized by regular maintenance activities that ensure that assets are always operational and in good condition.

The right combination of Asset Management and Asset Maintenance allows companies to effectively minimize costs and maintain profitable production.