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Free Construction Estimating software | PriMus | ACCA software

The complete BIM solution for construction estimating, planning and cost control

The software capable of providing adequate answers to the growing needs of the construction world, specifically for Project designers, Site managers, Construction companies.

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Construction Estimating Software | PriMus | ACCA software

Why use PriMus?
All the advantages of the solutions

PriMus is the complete feature packed solution chosen by professionals, construction companies and public administrations for cost estimating, quantity surveying and cost management activities alike.

Whatever your cost estimating needs are, PriMus provides the right solution...

Cost estimates for BIM models | PriMus | ACCA software

run cost estimates for your BIM models in the IFC standard format

Quantity takeoffs from CAD drawings | PriMus | ACCA software

quantity takeoffs from your CAD drawings (DWG, DXF, etc.)

Online cost estimate | PriMus | ACCA software

even use the software directly online with a simple browser

Price lists and price books | PriMus | ACCA software

import price lists and price books in standard formats (BC3, XPWE, etc.)

Updating cost estimate | PriMus | ACCA software

dynamically update the cost estimate, BoQ whenever the project is updated

Project timing and scheduling of works | PriMus | ACCA software

address project timing and scheduling of works

Database of construction industry price lists | PriMus | ACCA software

get free access to a database of construction industry price lists

Cost estimating software and Price Lists | PriMus | ACCA software

Cost estimating software and Price Lists

PriMus is the construction costs management software solution.

You can quickly and intuitively perform:

  • construction cost estimates
  • construction site material requirements analyses
  • manage construction site costs

Access constantly updated price lists with articles, materials and prices for building and plant works.

PriMus has an extremely intuitive interface to easily produce all relevant project documents.

Customize and print produced documents or export them in the formats that you prefer: RTF, WORD, PDF, HTML, ASCII and CSV.


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Online Cost estimating software and Price Lists | PriMus on-line | ACCA software
PriMus online

Online Cost estimating software and Price Lists

Free application integrated in usBIM

PriMus online is the cloud software for producing detailed cost estimates directly online!

Estimating construction costs becomes an online collaborative working experience. From anywhere and with any device you can:

  • perform cost estimating and job accounting tasks directly online and from any device such as a PC, smartphone or tablet
  • collaborate in real time with other colleagues all at the same time on the same estimate or BoQ
  • store and access your data safely on the cloud and always have it at hand wherever you are

You have the advanced technology of PriMus, the freedom of the Web and all the security of the CLOUD!


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Cost estimating software from IFC file | PriMus IFC | ACCA software
PriMus IFC

Cost estimating software from an IFC file

Prepare your cost estimates and quantity takeoffs directly from BIM models in the IFC format.

Identify entities directly on the BIM model and acquire their measurement data automatically:

  • produce a complete cost estimate from the entities used in the model automatically
  • view which entities have been accounted for directly on the 3D model
  • the cost estimate, BoQ is dynamically updated whenever the project is updated
  • apply the same cost estimate rulesets on new projects

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Project timing and scheduling software | PriMus KRONO | ACCA software

Project timing and scheduling software

included in PriMus PLUS and PriMus FULL

Construction planning software to improve project efficiency and work execution cost optimization:

  • create work schedules directly from the project's cost estimate document
  • monitor production times, advancements, payments, etc. thanks to a detailed financial plan
  • you have summary reports and diagrams ready for exporting to Word® and Excel®.

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Quantity Take-Off software from CAD drawings or Raster images | PriMus TAKEOFF | ACCA software

Quantity Take-Off software from CAD drawings or Raster images

included in PriMus PLUS and PriMus FULL

The software for estimating costs directly from CAD project files:

  • AutoCAD® DWG or DXF
  • Adobe PDF
  • BMP and JPG files

Deal with your drawings using all the power of a 2D and 3D CAD to generate an automatic bill of quantities directly from the project.

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PriMus offers you a free conversion service for price books and price lists.

If your database is in the Excel format, you can import it directly into PriMus. Alternatively, the conversion tool, PW-CONV, already provides you with various procedures for converting price list or price book databases (for which you must detain the license for use) into a format which is compatible with PriMus.

If the conversion procedure isn't available yet, you can always request a conversion using our dedicated service available in the program's Home section. Our team will then evaluate the feasibility of the conversion process.

The PriMus suite is composed of single stand-alone software solutions designed to meet every kind of specific need:

  • PriMus, for construction cost estimates, bills of quantities and works estimates;
  • PriMus KRONO, for construction project management, time scheduling and planning;
  • PriMus TAKEOFF, for preparing Cost Estimates and Bill of Quantities from CAD and PDF files;
  • PriMus IFC, for construction cost estimates from BIM Models.

The PriMus suite comparison chart:

  PriMus PriMus IFC PriMus PLUS PriMus FULL
BoQ and work estimate        
Bids and proposals        
Analysis of construction site needs        
Importing and exporting to standard formats (XLS, DOC, ...)        
Import of databases, price lists and price books        
Open IFC standard formats of BIM or 3D CAD models        
View and navigate 3D BIM or CAD models directly in the integrated viewer        
Assignment of Price List items to BIM or 3D CAD objects        
Automatic measurements with artificial intelligence from 3D BIM or CAD model        
Constantly updated cost estimate when editing the 3D BIM or CAD model        
Data export in Word™, Excel™ formats        
Opening of standard DXF/DWG CAD DRAWING FILES        
Raster (PDF, BMP, JPG, etc.) management        
Associate Price list items to graphical entities        
Quantity Takeoff from CAD files        
Quantity Takeoff from PDF files        
Take off from image files        
Dynamic BoQ updating when editing drawing models        
Connection with your CAD or your CAD environment in PriMus TAKEOFF        
Integration with other Project time Schedules or construction cost estimates        
Works financial plan analysis and control        
Works resources analysis integrated with the construction cost estimate        
Work resources analysis integrated within the BoQ document        
Job resources requirements analysis        
Activity scheduling, resources analysis between the design and construction phases        
Data export in Excel and PDF        
GANTT, charts and reports printout management        

Yes, PriMus gives you free access to an International Database of online price books and price lists with numerous items, materials and prices for building and plant engineering works.

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