Construction Estimating Software

Construction Estimating Software

The complete solution for construction estimating, planning and cost control

PriMus is the BIM oriented solution for construction estimating, planning and cost control.

The tool capable of providing adequate answers to the growing needs of the construction world, specifically for:

  • Project designers
  • Site managers
  • Construction companies

The solution that simplifies collaboration, coordination and data exchange to fully participate in the BIM process with the security of a software fully certified by buildingSMART.

Why PriMus?

PriMus is the BIM oriented solution, complete, flexible and convenient!
Address all work phases, from estimating costs to the execution of works, only activate the features that you need and only for the period of time that you need.

Bill of Quantities and Works Estimates

Construction Cost Estimates BoQs, Rate Analysis and Price Lists

The ideal software for designers and companies who want to optimize their construction cost management activities.

With PriMus quickly and intuitively get:

  • construction and works estimates
  • estimates and works proposals
  • construction site material requirements analysis
  • construction site cost management

Easily manage rate analysis for work items, import and export price lists and cost estimate documents in Excel® and Word® file formats.

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Construction Cost Estimating Database

With PriMus you get free access to an extensive Costruction Cost Estimating Database of price books and online price lists with over 6 million items, materials and prices for building and plant engineering works.

  • Use our integrated procedures for converting your own licensed Price Lists and Price Books to PriMus compatible file formats.
  • Or simply ask us to convert your price book or reference price list if not available in the online database or if the conversion procedure is not available in PriMus.
Importing a Pricelist (Excel®)

Planning the Timing and Sequence of Project Activities

The Construction scheduling software that helps you improve project efficiency and optimize work execution costs.

With PriMus KRONO you have all the tools for:

  • Project Time schedules and Planning (Gantt)
  • Economic and financial planning

Automatically produce Project Time Schedules directly from the project's cost estimate document prepared with PriMus, compare the estimate against works execution activities, monitor tasks, costs, timing and resources, get summary reports and diagrams and export them to Word® and Excel®.

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Works Planning and Time Scheduling
Quantity Takeoff from CAD files

Quantity Take-Off from CAD drawings or Raster images

The software that allows you to obtain fast and accurate cost estimates by extracting the measurement data directly from your project files.

With PriMus TAKEOFF extract measurement data directly from files saved in the following formats:

  • AutoCAD® DWG or DXF
  • Adobe® PDF
  • Scanned BMP, JPG image files

The ideal solution to save time and minimize the risk of error, without having to own CAD software.

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Quantity Take-Off from IFC

The software that allows you to extract accurate metric data directly from the project's BIM model.

With PriMus IFC open and view any BIM model in the IFC file format, the worldwide standard used by major BIM software solutions such as: Edificius, Revit®, ArchiCAD®, Allplan® and many other BIM Authoring applications.

Acquire quantities and measurements directly from the BIM Objects, associate each object with a rate item and instantly get a detailed cost estimate of the entire project. The cost estimate is continuously updated with each variation introduced in the BIM Model or the reference Price List.

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Quantity Takeoff from BIM files
Site Diary
Coming soon

The construction site diary software that helps you to record daily site reports in a simple and fast manner even from mobile devices.

With PriMus PLATFORM, record important project information:

  • weather conditions
  • images and photos of the construction site
  • executed works, not carried out or carried out with delays
  • number of workers at the construction site
  • equipment and materials used

Simplify team collaboration, create reports with a professional layout, service access via mobile devices, with cloud based automatic data saving, with data synchronizing across multiple devices.

Free Technical support and Training ACCA is always by your side providing the technical support you need during your daily work

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The PriMus suite is composed of single stand-alone software solutions designed to meet every kind of specific need.

  • PriMus, for construction cost estimates, bills of quantities and works estimates
  • PriMus KRONO, for construction project management, time scheduling and planning
  • PriMus TAKEOFF, for preparing Cost Estimates and Bill of Quantities from CAD and PDF files
  • PriMus IFC, for construction cost estimates from BIM Models
  • PriMus PLATFORM, for construction site diary management and daily reporting tools

The PriMus suite comparison chart:

Cost estimates and work estimates
Estimates and bid proposals
Site material requirements analysis
Construction site cost management
Price Lists and Price Book databases
Quantity takeoff from CAD files
Quantity takeoff from PDF files
Quantity takeoff from scanned images
Quantity takeoff from BIM models
Construction activity planning (Gantt)
Financial planning
Construction site diary management and reporting
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Yes, the Price Book and Price List Database is free.

With PriMus :

  • free access to a database of price lists and online price lists for buildings that collects more than 6 million items, materials and prices for building and plant engineering works.
  • You have a procedure for converting price lists and price lists (for which you have a license for use) in a format compatible with PriMus.
  • you can always request the conversion of your Price List or Reference List , if not available in our Online Database or if the conversion procedure is not available in PriMus.