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Clash detection system | usBIM.clash | ACCA software

The BIM Clash Detection software for checking interferences and collisions while managing conflicts between different IFC openBIM models

Video Checking BIM element interferences and conflicts management | usBIM.clash | ACCA software
Merge into a single BIM | usBIM.clash | ACCA software

Filter and group

merge into a single BIM model in the IFC format, filter and group the entities for running a clash detection analysis

Set the clash parameters | usBIM.clash | ACCA software

Set clash parameters and interferences

set the clash parameters by checking collisions, minimum distances or tolerances and automatically detect interferences between the various models

Match Clash criteria | usBIM.clash | ACCA software

View the Collisions

get a list of objects that match the clash criteria and view the colliding objects with a simple click

Manage the life-cycle | usBIM.clash | ACCA software

Manage life-cycle of each collision

manage the life-cycle of each new collision by updating its status when new clashes occur

Export the results in many formats | usBIM.clash | ACCA software

Export results in BCF, PDF, XLS...

export the results in many formats and deal with collisions in any other BIM authoring

Coordinate the different designers | usBIM.clash | ACCA software

Coordinate on the cloud usBIM

easily coordinate the different designersand comply with the IFC openBIM standards, thanks to the BCF format and the integrated functions of BIM coordination software

BIM Clash Detection: definition, types and advantages

What is BIM Clash Detection and what advantages does it offer?
How many and what are the different types of clashes? Everything you need to know about clash detection to revolutionize your work procedures

What is BIM clash detection?

BIM clash detection is the process that identifies potential errors in the federated BIM model, allowing them to be solved during the design phase before construction process has even begun.

In BIM modeling there's not only one model, but different models for each discipline (structural, plant, energy, etc.)

Once the various AEC professionals, each for their own specific discipline, have finished their part of the design and systems sizing process, the resulting models are merged into a single federated 3D model in which it is possible to identify any conflicts before construction. And this is where BIM clash detection comes into the scene.

The main purpose of BIM clash detection is to identify the specific points where different models can overlap. Detection of BIM interference is an essential part of the BIM workflow and ensures that there are no problems in the model that may affect project delivery or costs.

Different BIM clash detection type

There are three main BIM clash detection types:

  • hard clash: elements of separate models that occupy the same physical space, such as a duct that crosses a beam;
  • soft clash or clearance clash: elements with incompatible parameters, such as two elements that are too close to each other for assembly or maintenance;
  • workflow clash (or 4D clash): temporarily inadmissible elements, such as a very voluminous element (which does not pass through the door) which must be positioned or installed before the walls and openings are built.

The advantages of BIM clash detection

The advantages offered by BIM clash detection are numerous, among the most important:

  • Reduction of reworks on site. Detecting interferences directly on the virtual 3D model reduces the number and extent of reworks to be performed on the "physical" construction site.
  • Greater precision in all phases. Without errors or missed deadlines due to unclear projects, safer and more efficient construction projects are achieved, reducing risks and material wastages.
  • Time and money savings. Interference detections, carried out during the design phase, help reduce potential problems during the construction phase, which therefore result in significant time and money savings.

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BIM Application in design conflict detection | usBIM.clash | ACCA software

Need to perform a clash check for interferences between different objects and BIM models?

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BIM clash detection online | usBIM | ACCA software

Is your PC starting to slow down or do you just prefer to use cloud-based apps?

usBIM.clash is now available as a web application, allowing you to manage BIM clash detection online without having to download anything. Register now and start using usBIM, the integrated system with 15 applications and 10GB free storage.

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How to run clash detection of BIM models created by different designers and software vendors | usBIM.clash | ACCA software

How to run a clash detection of BIM models created by different designers and software vendors

usBIM.clash is the clash detection BIM software on federated BIM models certified by buildingSMART international®.

It doesn't matter which design software you or your design and construction team use.

With usBIM.clash:

  • open and view BIM models or objects in the IFC standard format and also in many other 3D formats (.SKP, .DWG, .3DS, etc.)
  • perform BIM clash detection tasks on projects created with Edificius®, Revit®, ArchiCAD®, Allplan®, Tekla®, VectorWorks®, AutoCAD®, SketchUp®, 3D Studio Max® and many others.

Thanks to the BIM clash detection functions, you can start from a single federated model that integrates the different design aspects (architectural, structural, plant engineering, MEP clash detection, etc.).


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Hard clash or soft clash? | usBIM.clash | ACCA software

Hard clash or soft clash? You choose the most suitable type of clash detection to perform on your BIM models

From the federated model, identifying clashes is an easy task with entities such as:

  • elements of separate models that occupy the same space (hard clash), for example a pipe duct that crosses a beam;
  • elements with incompatible parameters (clearance clash), such as two elements that are too close to each other for assembly or maintenance purposes.

Just define simple ruleset parameters (type of comparison, type of collision, tolerance values) to automatically check for interferences based on the required analysis type (hard clash, clearence clash, etc.) and the degree of precision that you want to get.


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IFC entity selection groups and filters help you to set up powerful clash detection rulesets available whenever you want | usBIM.clash | ACCA software

IFC entity selection groups and filters help you to set up powerful clash detection rulesets available whenever you want

usBIM.clash allows you to choose BIM models and the elements to be analysed with maximum flexibility.

You can select objects directly on the model (visually and graphically) or use advanced features such as "Selection Groups" and "Selection Filters" which allow you to specify the files and entities on which to perform conflict analysis.

Advanced features such as "Selection Groups" and "Selection Filters" allow you to specify the entities upon which to perform a geometry conflict analysis.

The chosen analysis criteria can be stored as a template and therefore used as a meta-process analysis that can be repeated each time on the updated models.

The Clash detection results are dynamically updated not only at every model change, or models that have already been analyzed, but also in case new BIM models are added.


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How to see clash Detections with clear and comprehensive reports | usBIM.clash | ACCA software

How to see clash Detections with clear and comprehensive reports

usBIM.clash provides an overall and concise picture of the entire set of conflicts, their state together with an overall view of the design phase evolution.

Detected clashes and interferences (Issues) are organized in an accurate but easy to read clash report with a matrix structure in which you can easily identify:

  • objects that collide
  • the type of collision found
  • the state of the conflict (date of verification, resolution, etc.)

Thanks to the dynamic link between Issues and BIM, you can immediately identify and visualize interfering objects directly in the model.

By clicking on the collision, usBIM.clash automatically brings you back to the IFC model entities involved and highlights the collision points.


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Deal with Clash detection with BCF, PDF, XLS | usBIM.clash | ACCA software

Deal with Clash detection with BCF, PDF, XLS and resolve conflicts dynamically and collaboratively

With usBIM.clash, conflicts in the design process are managed collaboratively between the different designers involved.

Enrich individual issues with notes, comments and screenshots of conflicting objects and optimize the BIM clash detection procedure.

You can export the BIM clash detection report:

  • in the standard BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) of buildingSMART international®, in line with the IFC openBIM philosophy
  • in many other standard operating formats: PDFXML, HTML, CSV, XLSX.

Using the BCF standard, the individual BIM designer can view each issue, the elements affected by the interferences and any other useful information necessary to solve the problem in their BIM application.


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Find out the design conflict detection and workflow clashes tool usBIM.clash
Integrate BIM validation and Clash Detection with the entire construction process | usBIM.clash | ACCA software

Integrate BIM validation and Clash Detection with the entire construction process

The entire collaboration process can be managed by integrating the BIM validation and clash detection with the usBIM BIM management system and the other BIM integration tools.

You can:

  • coordinate multidisciplinary project teams, professionals and companies located in different places and working with different software
  • engage in instant messaging sessions with advanced team working functions
  • organize online meetings and conference calls with work colleagues
  • Share BIM data, construction project documents and 3D models in the cloud

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