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The must-have software solutions for every architect, engineer or AEC professional involved in public or private works to manage the building’s entire life cycle, from design to execution and maintenance. See ACCA's new range of solutions for integrated design and management for the construction industry!

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Architecture software | ACCA software

Architecture software

Among the wide range of architecture software solutions, 2D, 3D design and BIM modelling software are now becoming absolutely vital for any AEC professional.

ACCA's architectural design software, allows you to model in plan view or directly in 3D enabling you to work on BIM models in the IFC file format or on typical DXF/DWG CAD drawings.

3D/BIM modelling allows you to dynamically produce and update the entire set of construction project documents and quickly compose detailed site drawings too.

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3D architectural rendering software | ACCA software

3D architectural rendering software

3D architectural rendering is an important activity in the work of an architect or engineer and can be useful in architectural design, interior design, landscape or garden design, but also very often in structural or MEP plant design.

With ACCA's 3D architectural rendering software, professional rendering artwork can now be integrated with all the aspects of 3D design and can also be used as a project verification and control tool during all work phases.

Your professional and photorealistic rendered visuals, together with videos and multimedia presentations (created thanks to the raytracing and real-time rendering rendering technologies with immersive virtual reality) become important communication tools to engage better and convince your customers more.

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Building design software | ACCA software

Building design software

Architects, engineers and designers need to converge towards the many important aspects involved in professional design practices and satisfy their growing need to have software that integrates all disciplines in a natural and quick manner.

ACCA offers the first software for:

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Construction estimating software | ACCA software

Construction estimating software

Any architectural or building design firm, contractor or even the technical offices of a Public Administration need a specific software tool to develop cost estimates of their projects.

ACCA provides you with the best cost estimating features thanks to:

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Structural calculations software | ACCA software

Structural calculations software

Structural calculations and analysis are probably the most important disciplines in civil engineering and design and that’s why reliable structural calculation software solutions are fundamental for architects and structural engineers.

ACCA provides the most complete solution for structural calculations regarding reinforced concrete buildings, software for calculating steel structures and masonry structures.

These different software modules can be integrated with each other to create a complete and professional integrated structural calculation solution.

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Facility management software | ACCA software

Facility management software

Another important aspect concerning management of civil works is maintenance.

The ACCA facility management (FM) platform integrates management systems and IOT sensor systems.

The software allows you to create a digital twin of the building with real-time data from sensors. Scheduled interventions or sensor alerts (BMS systems) are managed by facility management platforms (BMMS) and allow you to keep all construction data up-to-date.

The platforms help manage buildings, assets and occupants more efficiently and effectively.

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BIM management software

Among the fundamental aspects in the daily work of architects, engineers, design and construction companies, we also find the planning and coordination of activities.

ACCA provides an integrated cloud system with which you can now collaborate with work colleagues in real time managing even large construction and infrastructure projects while working online from any device and from anywhere.

It’s easy to manage IFC, Revit, DWG, DXF, GIS, point clouds and coordinate design, execution or maintenance teams in real time.

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Other important software for architects, engineers and construction companies | ACCA software

Other important software for architects, engineers and construction companies

Other important aspects, coordinated with both architectural design or project execution, can be the design of photovoltaic systems or the scaffolding design and risk assessment software that can be used at the construction site.

Among ACCA’s solutions, there are many advanced solutions with 3D BIM technology for scaffolding, energy simulation of buildings and photovoltaic systems design.

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José & Cláudio Gil

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Cláudio Gil - José & Cláudio Gil, Lda | Portugal

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"I was looking for a tool that wasn't overly expensive, yet functional enough to give accurate design with simulated outputs and reports, bill of quantity and line diagram. It was also important that any tool I subscribed to, was easy to use. Solarius PV has met these expectations [...]"

Mark Dennis - Dennergy Solutions Limited | Jamaica

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"Edificius has almost completely changed the way I work. Now I use Edificius for design, presentation plans, elevation,section, perspective walkthrough. It has reduced my job completion time and increased the quality of work [...]"

Formarch Consultants | India

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"EdiLus has a fast and intuitive modelling: the automatic reinforcements that it suggests seemed very useful too."

Carlos G. Bailón | Argentina

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