BIM-blockchain integration

BIM-blockchain integration | usBIM.blockchain | ACCA software

The application that enables you to guarantee document authenticity and immutability over time of any file stored on the usBIM integrated system with registration on blockchain.

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usBIM.blockchain is an integrated application in usBIM. Try it for free for a month; then choose the subscription plan that suits you best from the system store.
BIM-blockchain integration | usBIM.blockchain | ACCA software

Ensure transparency and certainty of the building and construction processes and BIM model data with usBIM.blockchain

The usBIM.blockchain application guarantees transparency, traceability and effectiveness of information exchanges between the various subjects involved in BIM design, certifying date authenticity and immutability over time of any file stored on the integrated usBIM system.

usBIM.blockchain is integrated into the usBIM service and allows you to register any document uploaded to the platform (IFC models, models in proprietary formats, pdf files, images) on the Bitcoin Blockchain, therefore on a public blockchain that guarantees you total inviolability and security.

Using usBIM.blockchain - BIM and blockchain is really simple:

  • choose a file uploaded to usBIM and select the blockchain item from the menu;
  • get an immediate data summary that is then registered on the blockchain (e.g. fingerprint file)
  • select "register file" and the registration task starts.

Once the file is registered on the Bitcoin Blockchain, view the additional registration information, such as timestamps (time when the registration was confirmed) and the Bitcoin Blockchain block within which this information is stored.

File registration means that you are immutably certifying with the file’s date and content for future use.

Once the registration process is completed, you’ll then receive:

  • a .pdf certificate with the registration information;
  • a receipt that allows you to verify the certification process even with other third-party tools (which is the guarantee of transparency provided by the bitcoin blockchain).
Ensure transparency and certainty of building and construction processes and BIM model data | usBIM.blockchain | ACCA software

Blockchain: what is it used for and how can it be applied to BIM processes?

Blockchain is a registry that contains data and information (for example value transactions expressed in Bitcoin) in an open, shared manner and without the need for a centralized control and verification entity.

Data contained in the registry are managed by a network of people (validators) who guarantee its security and are responsible for validating changes made to the registry.

The registry is structured as a chain of blocks (Blockchain) containing transactions (or generally referred to as data) and consent is distributed over all the network nodes. All nodes can participate in the transaction validation process included in the registry.

Even in BIM processes Blockchain can also ensure that information exchanges are increasingly:

  • reliable, secure and particularly resistant to potential cyber attacks;
  • datable, traceable and verifiable over time (transactions recorded in Blockchain are visible to all nodes of the network and contain unique information relating to the date and time of validation of the transaction itself, creating the so-called "time stamp");
  • inviolable, immutable and irrevocable (transactions in Blockchain cannot be cancelled, modified or canceled).

Blockchain technology applied to BIM is useful to ensure:

  • readability over time, integrity, confidentiality, authenticity, security, traceability and secure storage of all project files;
  • certification of documents and validation of exchange and collaboration processes between the various stakeholders involved;
  • Intellectual property protection;
  • contract simplification between contractor, customer and professional (smart contracts);
  • easing of supply chain processes and guarantee in the event of any disputes or litigations.

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