Technical Construction Drawings

Construction drawings software | usBIM.blueprint | ACCA software

Technical Construction Drawings are specific technical or engineering drawings that are necessary to provide a clear understanding of a construction project.

usBIM.blueprint is the online application for creating floorplans, sections and elevation views from 3D models... without using a BIM software!

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Technical drawing construction | usBIM.blueprint | ACCA software

In an openBIM process, it's important to be able to produce detailed printouts and the relevant technical drawings in order to provide all stakeholders with a clear understanding of the construction project.

With usBIM.blueprint, automatically create and print floorplans, sections and elevation views directly from the IFC file in  usBIM cloud

Video technical drawings from BIM models | usBIM.blueprint | ACCA software

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Discover the construction technical drawing integrated in usBIM

Technical drawings of any BIM/IFC model online | usBIM.blueprint | ACCA software

Create the technical drawings of any BIM/IFC model online and in just a few clicks without being forced to the use specific BIM tools that often require dedicated attention from the project design teams.

Get measurementsof each element | usBIM.blueprint | ACCA software

Easily get measurements of each element or surface directly from the 3D model and export your technical drawings in different formats

Use the various filters available in the 3D view | usBIM.blueprint | ACCA software

Use the various filters available in the 3D view to have more visual control over the project and to make increasingly attractive presentations

Create floorplans, sections and elevation views online from any BIM/IFC model stored in usBIM cloud-based service | usBIM.blueprint | ACCA software

Create floorplans, sections and elevation views completely online from any BIM/IFC model stored in the usBIM cloud-based service

With usBIM.blueprint you can easily create technical drawings from any 3D model.

usBIM.blueprint is integrated in the usBIM cloud platform. Thanks to this integration you can:

  • directly upload and manage all your projects in the cloud;
  • create technical drawings such as floorplans, section and elevation views directly from your project stored in usBIM.

The usBIM.blueprint interface is extremely simple to use and allows you to generate any type of technical drawing with just a few simple clicks.

The great revolution of usBIM.blueprint is that it allows you to work directly on files in the IFC file format.

A simple workflow that enables a construction company, participating in the BIM process in openBIM, to print construction details without needing any direct intervention from the project design team and without having to subscribe to the BIM authoring software used to create the BIM models.


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Discover the technical drawing for construction integrated in usBIM

Easily get measurements for each element or surface then download your technical drawings in different formats | usBIM.blueprint | ACCA software

Easily get measurements for each element or surface then download your technical drawings in different formats

With usBIM.blueprint, quickly get element or surface measurements directly from the 3D view and evaluate spaces distribution, elements, height differences, etc.

In addition to the classic technical drawings, that you can also export in the DXF/DWG/DWF formats, usBIM.blueprint allows you to view floor plans, sections and elevations which are directly connected to the 3D BIM model.

usBIM.blueprint therefore becomes the essential tool for professionals who want to create precise and accurate drawings starting from BIM/IFC models regardless of the software used to create the originating model.


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Discover the technical drawing building construction integrated in usBIM

Have 3D filters and views for greater visual control over project and increasingly impressive presentation content | usBIM.blueprint | ACCA software

You have different 3D filters and views for greater visual control over the project and for increasingly impressive presentation content

Technical construction drawings are fundamental elements both for better architectural presentations to customers and also to improve project communication.

usBIM.blueprint offers various filters and 3D views that help you to have full visual control over the project and improve communication with customers.

Using the “Enable 2D overlay” function, you can get a full view of the technical drawings which are dynamically connected to the BIM/IFC model and automatically updated with each change.


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Discover the importance of technical drawings in construction thanks to usBIM

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What you need to know about technical drawings

Technical drawings allow you to represent objects, such as components, technical elements, buildings assets, or parts of them, used by architects to study, analyze and communicate design ideas.

They are an essential part of the architectural design process as they not only serve to communicate the design intent to the client, engineer and contractor but also to help generate new ideas and inspire creativity.

The three fundamental types of technical drawings for the architectural design process are the elevation views, floorplans and the section views.

The elevation view is a representation of elements across a vertical section plane allowing you to observe the shapes and sizes of facades, while a floorplan view, shows the internal construction layout from a bird's eye-view cross-sectioned by a horizontal plane, the section view is an orthogonal projection of a building sectioned by a vertical plane.

For a complete description of an architectural project, further types of technical drawings may also be necessary, such as a territorial context map, an extract from the current implementation plan, the general area plan, axonometric and cutaway drawings, perspective views and photorealistic renderings.

The importance of producing technical drawings is strongly linked to the ability to communicate consistent design ideas with today's discerning customers and with al other AEC professionals who take part in the design and validation process.

That's why it's fundamental to have the right tools to provide an open and effective communication using non-proprietary, open formats such as the IFC file format.

Thanks to IFC, you can collaborate and communicate with anyone regardless of the software they use while expanding the effectiveness of your technical drawings in every construction project.

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