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Looking for a more efficient and integrated way to do building design?

Choose Edificius, the 3D/BIM building design software with a complete, interdisciplinary set of powerful features integrated in a single solution ensuring greater speed and fewer errors.


3D building design software free download together with free technical support, then choose the subscription plan that suits you best.

There are always a great number of important aspects that Architects, engineers and AEC professionals need to keep in mind when looking to choose a professional BIM software solution.

Edificius BIM modelling is rapidly becoming the best way to integrate architecture, interior design, public spaces design, MEP systems modelling and all other areas of building design.

With a single software, generate 3D BIM models, floor plans, cross-sections, elevation views, construction details, BoQs, Renderings and all other relevant project documentation to start the construction phase or present your work to the customer.

Watch the video and find out how Edificius improves the world of architecture, engineering and construction.

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Watch the video "Edificius: the BIM software for integrated building design" (Duration: 4:15 minutes)
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2D/3D architectural design for new buildings and renovation projects | ACCA Software

2D/3D architectural design of new buildings and renovations

Edificius is the professional choice for architects, engineers, surveyors who are looking for a BIM software that will help bring projects and concepts to life: create floor plans or 3D models with parametric BIM objects and complete the project with objects from the software's online library.

When you design walls, windows, doors... the software creates the 3D model to visualize all aspects of your project. Automatically obtain all the necessary documentation for authorizations, for construction and to communicate with other technicians or with the client.

It’s easy to work in a coordinated way with other design and modeling tools: the software imports and exports in various CAD and 3D formats such as DXF/DWG, IFC, SketchUp®, Blender® and Rhino/ Grasshopper®.

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Interior design, furnishings and lighting

With Edificius you have a professional software to create interior design projects.

Deal with 2D drawings or 3D models and import your CAD drawings or BIM models from other BIM software vendors, complete your project with thousands of objects from the ACCA BIM Object online library, produce photorealistic renderings in a matter of seconds and create immersive virtual experiences for your customers.

Produce 2D plans and 3D views, cross-sections, elevation views and precise cost estimates.

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Land modelling, garden and public spaces design | Edificius | ACCA Software

Land modeling, garden and outdoor space design

Edificius is the simple and effective tool for integrating architecture and landscape..

Model the terrain from DWG/DXF files, raster images or Google Maps™ and design gardens, landscapes, public spaces, parks with easy-to-use tools for modelling walls, swimming pools, ponds, fences, flower beds, courtyards and many other landscaping related objects.

Get detailed floor plans complete with legends, freely customizable and exportable in DXF, DWG and the PDF format.

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Plant design (MEP) | Edificius | ACCA Software

Plant design (MEP)

Edificius allows to model the building’s MEP systems in relation to the architectural model and, in addition, also obtain:

  • a full overview of the building’s plant system
  • evaluate the spatial coherence of MEP plant networks
  • avoid that systems interfere with room aesthetics or functionalities.
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Historical buildings design (HBIM) | Edificius | ACCA Software

Historic building design (HBIM)

Edificius has an environment, with a dedicated library of BIM objects and specific editors, for the modeling of historic buildings, the management of damage relief and the assisted design of restoration, recovery, protection and maintenance of existing assets.

Model vaults, insert ribs, wooden beams, model niches, apply materials to degraded surfaces, identify and highlight the damaged areas present on a specific building element, assign an orthophoto to building elements.

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On-line library of BIM objects | Edificius | ACCA Software

Online library of BIM objects

With Edificius, access thousands of BIM objects, textures, CAD blocks and 3D models continuously updated and import many other object types such as, Revit®, SketchUp®, Obj, collada, etc. file formats.

Find categories of 3D Models, materials and colors, steel profiles, 2D blocks, material layer elements, doors, windows, trees, animated characters, mechanical systems, heat generators, animated vehicles, BIM objects for simulating the construction site too.

Whatever the type of project you’re dealing with, you’ll find all the 3D/2D or BIM objects that you need meeting all your architectural, engineering and construction needs.

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Point clouds (Scan to BIM) | Edificius | ACCA Software

Point clouds (Scan to BIM)

With Edificius you can import and manage even large point cloud clusters very easily.
Starting from the survey, select the portion you are interested in, identify edges and planes, match the different models and associate the Edificius elements to the model.

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Project Time management | Edificius | ACCA Software

Project Time management

Edificius offers a specific environment developed for planning activities project execution.

Break the project down into execution phases and link each one to the model objects.

A simple animated timeline, based on the planned activities, allows you to simulate how the various construction phases will progress over time.

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Automatic bill of quantities integrated with building design | Edificius | ACCA Software

Automatic bill of quantities and cost estimates integrated with building design

Edificius generates an automatic BOQ/construction project cost estimate dynamically from the BIM model.

Each architectural model variation automatically causes the BoQ/estimate to update accordingly aligning the project quantity totals and amounts.
Each object of the 3D BIM model is dynamically linked to price list items and measurement rows. You can see which job items and costs correspond to one or more objects present in the 3D BIM model and vice versa, select all job types and relating costs from the BIM model object.
Everything becomes automatic, faster and also easier to control.

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Photorealistic rendering, Real-Time rendering, virtual reality: see and experience your project before it is built

Produce professional renderings in a matter of seconds with materials, lighting, furnishings that empower your creativity with hyper-realistic images.

Explore the model with Real-Time Rendering, walk into a realistic 3D model and get a better look at all aspects of the project to understand and analyse problems and check your design choices.

Let your client experience the project, as if it were already built, in Immersive virtual reality, presentation videos and photo-montages of the project within the surrounding environment.

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TestimonialsWhat they say about us

Leandro Javier Martín Ramírez

"I discovered Edificius thanks my thesis tutor. During my undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Seville, we wouldn’t normally have access to this type of software for academic training purposes. In this case Francisco Villena gave me the opportunity to make a 3D model of a building and suggested me to use this software. I then searched online for further information and immediately found it very interesting."
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Ing. Leandro Javier Martín Ramírez | España


""It’s not every day you find a new BIM developer, especially one that has a mature and capable software suite addressing nearly all aspects of digital building design and construction. Welcome to the world of Italy-based ACCA [...]"

Martyn Day - AEC MAGAZINE | United Kingdom

DM Properties Ltd

"I was looking for something simple to use and loaded with features other than standard 3d rendering. Project management, quantity surveying, time management and most importand communicating designs and features with potential buyers/ investors is made simple and easy thus avoiding [...]"

DM Properties Ltd | Cyprus

Formarch Consultants

"Edificius has almost completely changed the way I work. Now I use Edificius for design, presentation plans, elevation,section, perspective walkthrough. It has reduced my job completion time and increased the quality of work. The cloud based virtual reality is superb [...]"

Formarch Consultants | India

Worried about the costs of implementing BIM?

Edificius is the best investment to use BIM workflows in an affordable way for everyone!

The costs of BIM software are highly dependent on the number of tools and functions that you need to use to design, develop and deliver.

With Edificius, adopting BIM, couldn't be more convenient for your design firm to support BIM workflows in a single All-in-One solution if compared to stand-alone solutions based on yearly subscription plans.

Edificius harnesses the best software technologies while saving you a great deal of money without missing out on:

  • a highly professional BIM software
  • a feature packed and complete solution

Edificius turns out to be much more affordable than any other solution!

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How much would it cost to have several stand-alone software solutions? See how much you could be saving with Edificius!

Software/solution Average prices Price Edificius
Annual subscription for another 3D BIM modelling software
(architecture, structure and MEP)
about 3000€/year
starting from
Annual subscription for another CAD DWG software about 1900€/year
Annual subscription for interior design software about 2800€/year
Annual subscription for garden and green space design software about 1200€/year
Annual subscription for take off software and calculation integrated with BIM modelling about 700€/year
Annual subscription for another job scheduling software integrated with BIM modelling about 1000€/year
Annual subscription for another photorealistic rendering software about 1000€/year
Annual subscription for another video editing and photo editing software about 270€/year
Annual subscription for another Real-Time rendering software about 3000€/year
Annual subscription for another VRI software integrated with BIM about 1000€/year
The costs shown in the above table relate to the market prices of typical standard software that cover similar functions as available in Edificius, the BIM modelling software with all these design functions integrated into a single program.

Move on to BIM the affordable way! Move on to Edificius!

Free Technical support and Training ACCA software, always by your side providing technical support for your every need.


Terrain and land modeling, together with outdoor spaces and gardens design aspects, are specific Edificius functions available in a dedicated environment integrated in the software.

The modeling of MEP systems (mechanical, electronic and plumbing) are specific Edificius functions available in a dedicated environment integrated in the software.

You can integrate Edificius with a wide range of ACCA software solutions.

You have dynamic integration features with Sketchup®, Grasshopper®, Revit® and Blender® for modeling free-form solids.

Also use the full power of a native 2D and 3D DWG CAD software, Edificius CAD, included for free in Edificius.

Import and export the architectural BIM model in the IFC format. Get topographic and land survey data directly from Google Maps™ satellite imagery.

Yes, AIrBIM rendering technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already integrated in Edificius.

Yes, the RTBIM Real-Time Rendering (RTR) technology is provided in both Edificius with the optional RTBIM module.

Yes, the VRiBIM immersive Virtual Reality (VR) technology can be integrated in Edificius with the optional VRiBIM module.

YES. With Edificius you can collaborate in the BIM process in complete safety because it has obtained certification by buildingSMART.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is increasingly a reality that involves collaboration, interoperability and coordination between the various stakeholders of the construction industry. With Edificius you can collaborate securely with all the best Authoring and BIM Tools certified by Building Smart International.

More information about the certification
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Use Edificius without any limitations for 30-days including free support and training!

Use the software free for 30 days.
Even during the trial period, ACCA ensures full technical support and training.