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How to open a DWG file | ACCA software
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What's a DWG file?

A DWG file is the most widely used CAD design data format used by engineers, architects, surveyors and construction professionals.

It's the most popular 3D CAD file format, being the native file format for AutoCAD, the industry's first CAD application.

The DWG file is a compact binary file format that stores and describes the content of 2D and 3D design data and metadata: it also contains information such as drawings, 2D and 3D geometric data, maps, area plans, photos, images, BIM data, point cloud clusters and although native to AutoCAD, it can be opened and viewed with a wide variety of other CAD software too.

The DWG file extension derives from the contracted form of the term DraWinG, 'drawing'.

DWG viewer | ACCA software

Opening and viewing DWG files without using a CAD software such as AutoCAD

DWG files are very popular and, in daily practice, it is often the case that DWG files are exchanged between engineers, architects, surveyors and other construction technicians.

If you're a construction sector professional, you may have come across DWG format CAD files but found it difficult to open them without having AutoCAD installed on your PC.

There are various software solutions that can open a DWG file, even without having the original CAD from which the DWG file was created; and some are even free!

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DWG viewers: what they are, how do they work, which ones should you choose

In addition to the software with which the file was saved, you can also open a DWG file with other software that support vector files, called DWG viewers.

This basically means that you don't need to buy CAD software to view the DWG file content, but you can still do it by using one of these DWG viewers.

DWG viewers can be typical desktop applications, but there are also many online DWG viewers available too that work as cloud based services which are therefore accessible from a simple web browser.

Free DWG viewer to install

IFC BIM viewer download | usBIM.viewer | ACCA software

You can view a DWG file even without having AutoCAD or CAD software thanks to a free DWG file viewer such as usBIM.viewer+.
Install usBIM.viewer+ on your PC now and use it for free forever. Not only an IFC viewer, but also a DWG file viewer too together with more advanced tools for operating on IFC files.

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usBIM.viewer+ is a free IFC viewer that allows you to open many file formats such as AutoCAD® (.DWG), SketchUp® (.SKP), 3D Studio Max® (.3DS) and even convert them to the IFC file format.

Free online DWG viewer

Online BIM viewer | usBIM | ACCA software

If your PC lacks in performance or you simply prefer not to install any software, you can now view DWG files without having to download anything with an online DWG viewer, such as usBIM.

It is a free application, it works like a real DWG viewer and allows you to open DWG files in full freedom, with any device and from anywhere.

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usBIM integrates extraordinary viewer functions for many 2D and 3D design file formats useful for the construction industry.

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