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Need to connect BIM design tools and GIS data?

Get all the advantages of the usBIM integrated BIM-GIS software, the cloud application to geolocate your BIM models on thematic GIS maps.

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Free online application integrated in usBIM
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Online GIS BIM integration | usBIM.gis | ACCA software

All the power of a BIM-GIS software in a free online application that you can use directly from a browser, on any device and from anywhere.

Video BIM-GIS software | usBIM.gis | ACCA software
usBIM.gis is a free application of usBIM. Log in with your ACCA account, get your free 15 online applications with 10 GB of cloud storage space.


What is BIM-GIS integration?

BIM-GIS integration is the process of combining GIS data with BIM design data. This allows professionals to visualize design data in a geographic context, enhance project understanding and enabling better site analysis. Additionally, BIM-GIS integration improves the management of construction and maintenance activities over time, as design and location data can be used to identify and resolve issues more quickly.

Which software used for BIM GIS integration?

Specific BIM-GIS integration software is required to integrate BIM and GIS. In particular, usBIM.gis is the free and advanced solution that allows you to directly visualize geospatial information and construction-related data in an integrated manner on the model, simplifying the planning and management of complex projects.

How is GIS used in BIM?

GIS technology can be used in BIM for various purposes such as site analysis, energy analysis, and construction planning. In fact, GIS provides a range of data deriving from on site conditions that can be integrated into BIM models to assess the environmental impact of a project and improve its planning, design, and construction.

GIS maps integrated into BIM process for projects | usBIM.gis | ACCA Software

GIS maps integrated into the BIM process for more effective projects

The GIS (Geographic information system) is a geographic information system that allows you to analyze, represent and examine entities or events that occur across a given territory.

The integration between BIM (Building Information Modeling) and GIS (Geographic Information System) represents a great evolutionary leap for the construction sector.

usBIM.gis is the free usBIM application with advanced BIM management tools and developed for you to take full advantage of BIM-GIS integration and also create thematic GIS maps connected to digital twins.

By integrating location intelligence of GIS to BIM processes you also get:

  • a shared database and a dynamic and continuous exchange of data between the two systems without loss of information;
  • an much more precise and complete vision of the project and of the urban and environmental context
  • a new information layer added to the project and its relating digital twin, consisting of territorial indicators (climatic conditions, vulnerabilities,seismic and hydrogeological risks, infrastructure and logistic services, construction quality metrics, etc.) which are the main indicators that affect all phases of the project life cycle .

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Create GIS maps directly online | usBIM.gis | ACCA software

Create, view and modify your GIS maps easily and directly online

usBIM.gis allows you to create and edit GIS maps directly online without needing to install any specific GIS software. You can:

  • import maps in these formats .GeoJSON;
  • produce a GIS map from scratch linked to BIM models starting from OpenStreetMaps™, Esri.WorldImagery™, GMaps-Streets™, GMaps-Satellite™, GMaps-Terrain™;
  • insert elements and graphical notations such as lines, rectangles, polygons and markers;
  • create one or more custom layers;
  • add properties user-customized to maps;
  • connect document links to produce high quality thematic maps of the BIM model;
  • collaborate and work with several people and in real time on the same document;
  • import and view Geojson data generated by other applications
  • edit gis maps generated by other software thanks to the geojson editor
  • export documents in the GeoJSON format.

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Connect GIS data with BIM information and manage maps | usBIM.gis | ACCA software

Connect GIS data with BIM information and manage interactive maps

With the BIM-GIS software you can manage object viewing on the maps using specific functions such as:

  • Quickly fly to different locations to identify objects within the GIS map;
  • Hide to manage the visibility mode of selected objects;
  • Zoom in and Zoom out to adjust the thematic map details viewing scale.

Also manage object properties identified on the thematic map thanks to the various editing functions.

The integration between the BIM model and the GIS map can be completed by adding information by associating links to documents present on the platform or to external web resources.


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Collaborative working functions to manage GIS project | usBIM.gis | ACCA software

Advanced collaborative working functions to manage your GIS project effectively

With usBIM.gis you can integrate all the functions of a GIS software with the usBIM collaborative working functions.

Invite colleagues and collaborators to work on the same model, even simultaneously

communicate with your team in instant messaging sessions in order to have real-time, direct and immediate discussions with all users while connected on a project.


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usBIM.gis is not a simple GIS software because it also has all the advantages of the integrated usBIM system.

In particular:

  • you have a fully on-line application at your disposal;
  • you don’t need to install any software;
  • It’s free;
  • all your work is saved on a secure cloud service enabling you to access your data from anywhere and from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone);
  • connect BIM documents and models from the usBIM cloud service directly to the maps;
  • navigate BIM models integrated in a given map directly with usBIM;
  • work on the same document simultaneously with other colleagues too;
  • share your documents by sending a simple link through the integrated chat service (;
  • even geolocalize very complex IFC models.

Yes, you can easily create GIS maps from scratch and customise them according to your needs with different layers and markers.

In order to create a new GIS map with usBIM.gis, you don’t need any other licensed software for managing GIS files.

All that you need is:

  • access to usBIM;
  • click on the "New document" icon to add a new file;
  • choose the type of file, in this case a 'GIS map';
  • choose the map type from OpenStreetMap™, Esri.WorldImagery™, GMaps-Streets™, GMaps-Satellite™, GMaps-Terrain™;
  • draw lines, polylines and polygons as required;
  • create and associate new layers;
  • insert markups directly on the map;
  • when you have finished your work, you can save the draft in usBIM or export the map in the standard. GeoJSON format.

Yes, you can attach any BIM model on the GIS map but also different kinds of files such as images, PDF documents, IFC files and all documents useful to add information to your work.

You can associate your 3D model with the elements inserted in the map (polylines, polygons, markers) and geo-localize it according to your needs.

To place a BIM model on your GIS map simply:

  • upload the 3D model to the usBIM.platform, in any format (e.g. EDF, RVT, IFC, SKP, etc.);
  • open the GIS map;
  • select the element directly on the map and associate the BIM model;
  • click on the icon in the top right-hand corner;
  • drag&drop the 3D file or add it manually by clicking on the "+" icon.

Con usBIM.gis you can:

  • import maps in the .GeoJSON format;
  • create maps linked to BIM models from OpenStreetMap™, Esri.WorldImagery™, GMaps-Streets™, GMaps-Satellite™, GMaps-Terrain™;
  • insert graphical elements and annotations such as lines, rectangles, texts, polygons and markers;
  • create one or more customised layers;
  • add customised properties to maps;
  • connect document links from the cloud platform to create true thematic maps of the BIM model;
  • collaborate and work with several people in real time and on the same document;
  • export documents in the .GeoJSON format.

Of course, the usBIM system allows you to work on the same document with your co-workers, even simultaneously. In this way everyone can participate seamlessly to modify, insert markers or other elements on the map and compare notes in real time, even if you are not physically working in the same place.

To start a collaboration session, simply share the GIS map link with your colleagues. usBIM.gis already provides all the tools necessary: use the integrated messaging system to exchange messages, files and the link to the GIS map.

A quick click on the link received through the chat and messaging service, allows you to access the document and start working and downloading files to your device. There’s no need to have other software applications installed.

usBIM.gis is one of the 15 free applications included in usBIM.

You can immediately start using usBIM.gis by following these simple steps:

  • go to the usBIM login page;
  • enter your My ACCA credentials (email used for registration and relating password);
  • click on "Login" for access.

Connect with your team and take advantage of all the benefits of usBIM.

If you still haven’t registered your MyACCA account, get your free account now and register following the instructions above.

usBIM.gis is a free application and part of the integrated usBIM system. To gain access to all these special GIS map tools, simply register to the MyACCA service.

No, usBIM.gis is an online application that you can use straight away without installing any other software or applications on your device.

Simply register your MyACCA account and login to the usBIM page with your credentials (password and email used for registration).

This avoids you from being tied to any particular device granting you the freedom to access all usBIM services from any computer, tablet or smartphone connected with an internet connection and running any operating system or browser. (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.).

usBIM, the BIM management system, scalable and configurable according to your needs.

Get started with 15 applications and 10GB of cloud storage space for free. Then choose the applications that you need to configure your usBIM experience according to your preferred workflow!

  • usBIM is the online system that integrates different types of BIM tools:
    • BIM interoperability tools: allowing full interoperability during the various phases of construction design, execution and the relating maintenance processes
    • BIM collaboration tools: specific BIM tools for improved collaboration and sharing of information among all the various stakeholders involved in creating or updating the digital twin during the project's entire life cycle.
  • With usBIM, manage the project, construction management and maintenance phases of a building or infrastructure, starting from the free usBIM.10 solution.
  • usBIM offers you infinite configurations with functions, applications and cloud storage space that you can activate from the online store.
  • Only subscribe to the BIM tools that you really need.
  • Keep your usBIM tools under control. Check out your current configurations and remain updated with the latest available plugins.
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