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How frequently do you end up having to deal with the same measurement rules and items in your Quantity Take Offs? Wouldn’t it be great if a software could process them automatically and do all the work for you?

Discover the first automatic Quantity Take Off from BIM models with Artificial Intelligence


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PriMus IFC is the 5D BIM software for automatic and visual Quantity Take off tasks using BIM models saved in the IFC format.

Discover the new revolutionary technology that can automatically identify the entity types in your 3D BIM model and guide you in creating the necessary measurement rules, in order to:

  • obtain the automatic quantity take off of all the BIM entities used in the project
  • have a visual control of the entities that are accounted for directly on the 3D model
  • rely on a continuously updated quantity take off even when the model needs to be updated with changes
  • create quantity take off templates and apply them to other BIM model projects too
Video 5D BIM construction cost estimating | PriMus IFC | ACCA software
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Find out how to create your Quantity Take Off document directly from a BIM model in the IFC format in just a few simple steps!

  • Open BIM model | PriMus IFC | ACCA software

    Open the BIM model and choose the from the reference price list

  • Select at least two entities from the BIM model | Primus IFC | ACCA software

    Select at least two entities from the BIM model and PriMus IFC finds all similar entities in the model

  • Define measurement rule | Primus IFC | ACCA software

    Define the measurement rule (apply predefined templates or create new ones)

  • Automatically get quantity takeoff | PriMus IFC | ACCA software

    Automatically get the quantity take off for all the entities of the project

  • Update of dynamic quantity takeoff | PriMus IFC | ACCA software

    Get the dynamic update of the quantity take off for any necessary modification of the IFC model

  • Project IFC | PriMus IFC | ACCA software

    Get the automatic quantity take off for any other IFC project according to predefined rules

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Choose the processing from the reference price list | PriMus IFC | ACCA software

Choose the job item from the reference price list and drag it to the quantity takeoff

With PriMus IFC you can import and view BIM models in IFC format generated with any BIM authoring software. The software allows you to examine the model in all its features and properties; to start the quantity takeoff operations with the following procedure:

  • open one or more price lists, also containing rate analyzed job items, available on your PC or online databases based on the .dcf format
  • identify work types
  • drag the item into the quantity take off with a simple drag & drop.
Selecting entities in the BIM model | PriMus IFC | ACCA software

Selecting at least two BIM model entities , PriMus IFC automatically identifies all other similar entities too...

To associate the identified work sections or job types with the entities to be accounted for, PriMus IFC offers three advanced methods of automatic and customized selection::

  • you can select - with simple entity clicks on the BIM model - at least two entities and the software automatically identify all similar entities
  • you can define additional and specific customized conditions, which cause the software to identify and highlight the relating items
  • to finish, you can manually identify each individual entity to be associated with the job type, and therefore proceed to a proper accounting process.
Define measurement rule | PriMus IFC | ACCA software

Define the measurement rule (applying predefined templates or creating new ones)

Once you have identified the entity type, create the measurement rule containing the descriptive and metric information that the software will apply to compose the quantity take off.

These the necessary instructions on the basis of which PriMus IFC will automatically perform the quantity take off.

But that’s not all! The measurement rules action (entity + work section or job type + measurements) created for a single project can be saved as model or as template (set of multiple models) and reused in any other similar project.

Quantity takeoff | PriMus IFC | ACCA software

Automatically get the quantity take off for all project entities

Once the measurement rule has been defined, or a previously saved model or template has been chosen from your archive, PriMus IFC automatically applies it to other similar conditions too, quickly returning a detailed quantity takeoff for the entire project.

Visually check the correspondence between quantity take off and the 3D BIM model entities.

Once the General Data has been defined, you can print the quantity take off, export it in Word, Excel or in the DCF format of PriMus. You can also save the project on the usBIM.platform ONE cloud to share it and collaborate with your work team.

Update dynamic quantity takeoff | PriMus IFC | ACCA software

Get a dynamically updated version of the quantity take at each revision of the IFC model

If the quantity surveyed project has undergone modifications and revisions or is subject to further development, just import the updated IFC file.

PriMus IFC automatically calculates all the entities that respond to the measurement rules (entity + job type + measurements) previously defined with the effect of obtaining an automatic update of the quantity take off to the new design condition.

Also, in this case the visual control on the 3D model, allows you to verify any added entities too.

Quantity takeoff template | PriMus IFC | ACCA software

Create quantity take off models and apply them on any other project

Another great advantage that PriMus IFC offers is the opportunity to reuse previously created measurement templates provided with the software.

After having "delevoped" an automatic quantity take off, the software allows you to save it as a measurement model and reuse it on other projects instead of starting from scratch, and without necessarily choosing reference Price Lists.

Select one or more models from your archive, apply them to the project and automatically generate the quantity takeoff for the entities corresponding to the model selection criteria; by choosing a template, you get the quantity take off including multiple work sections or job types.

IFC viewer | PriMus IFC | ACCA software

IFC viewer

With PriMus IFC you have a built-in IFC BIM Viewer to open and view IFC files of 3D virtual models from any BIM authoring software such as Edificius, Revit®, ArchiCAD®, Allplan®, Tekla®, VectorWorks®, etc. You can also:

  • load multiple IFC files in a single view, to simultaneously view all the design aspects in an integrated manner: architectural, structural, MEP designs, etc.
  • navigate the 3D virtual model in a simple way thanks to the standard Zoom, Rotation and Pan functions.
  • view the 3D model with different colours by type of element and define the transparency of the objects to also view the internal portions of a 3D model
  • explode and decompose the BIM model by plane, both along the vertical axis and along the horizontal axis
  • explore all IFC properties, including setting custom filters and selection groups
  • view all the properties and information assigned to each element of the virtual 3D model such as volumes, areas, surfaces, distances, weights, etc.
Recognition classification of the project | PriMus IFC | ACCA software

Recognition classification of the project

PriMus IFC allows you to identify, within the IFC file, the classifications composition with which the project was formely made (UniClass 2015, OmniClass, MasterFormat, etc.). In this way all the information is cataloged and managed, and therefore is easily available.
A classification is a set of information (cataloged and managed) aimed at identifying specific activities and work processes; this information, shared among all the operators in the sector of competence, allows to uniquely identify a specific entity.
With PriMus IFC, and the function of recognizing and displaying the classifications associated with the entities of the IFC project, it becomes even easier to identify the entities to be accounted for in the quantity takeoff.

WBS Work Break down Structure | PriMus IFC | ACCA software

Structured breakdown of the quantity takeoff (WBS - Work Break down Structure)

During the definition of the measurement rules, PriMus IFC allows you to define WBS structures with an unlimited number of levels.

Once the project structure has been "broken down" to the desired level, you can assign individual voices or blocks of measurement entries to the WBS structure.

Export quantity takeoff in standard formats | PriMus IFC | ACCA software

Export of the quantity takeoff in standard formats

PriMus IFC saves the quantity take off in the PriMus standard DCF format and exports to the Word DOCX file format and Excel XLSX file format. In this way, you can share the quantity take off with whoever you want, without any sort of compatibility problems. You can also save the BIM model with the quantity take off integrated in the DIFC format.

Integration with PriMus | PriMus IFC | ACCA software

Integration with PriMus

The integration of PriMus IFC with PriMus allows to integrate and complete the metric quantity take off or with information not present in the BIM Model.

You can immediately export the quantity take off in PriMus and work all the advanced functions of the software, make further integrations, print elaborates.

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