BIM Management for Construction Projects

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The 1st IFC certified BIM management software in the world!

Discover the largest integrated system for creating and managing BIM digital models.

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The largest BIM management system to create and manage models, information and procedures in open and usable formats from the web.

usBIM integrates platforms , plug-ins and software to:

  • build and manage the BIM model in a single data sharing environment and in open formats.
  • browse and interact with the BIM model directly online with any device.
  • collaborate independently of the software used.
  • obtain durable and usable data during the entire life cycle of the building.

usBIM adopts the IFC standard of buildingSMART, assuring the correct creation, management and sharing of data, documents and models among all involved stakeholders.

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usBIM - ACCA software


usBIM is based on collaborative platforms for the correct organization of the BIM process and the management of models and documents in a single data sharing environment.

usBIM.platform | ACCA software

BIM collaboration platform

The BIM collaborative platform to manage information and procedures in a single data sharing environment (CDE). Navigable BIM model (freeMDD), control of each step (GATE).

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usBIM.platform | ACCA software
PriMus PLATFORM | ACCA software

Management of works execution phases

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The digital platform to manage the execution of construction works. Multidevice access, automatic archiving, synchronization across multiple devices.

PriMus PLATFORM | ACCA software


usBIM integrates specific IFC certified plug-ins by buildingSMART (or currently in the process of being certified) for the correct management of the BIM process.

usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software

BIM viewer and more

The free IFC file viewer with which you open, edit, convert and export in the IFC format also AutoCAD® 3D model files (.dwg), SketchUp® (.skp) and also write IFC parameters.

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usBIM.clash | ACCA software usBIM.clash | ACCA software

BIM clash detection

Check for interference and manage conflicts between federated BIM models (clash detection).

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usBIM.code | ACCA software usBIM.code | ACCA software

BIM code checking

Check the correspondence of the BIM model with respect to rules and regulations (code checking).

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usBIM.gantt | ACCA software usBIM.gantt | ACCA software

4D BIM project management

Plan your BIM project and optimize the construction process.

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usBIM.browser | ACCA software usBIM.browser | ACCA software

BIM online

Browse and manage the digital model and construction documentation online.

included in usBIM.platform

BIM authoring and BIM tools

usBIM is open to any BIM authoring or BIM tools that adopts the buildingSMART openBIM standard to create and edit the BIM digital model.

BIM authoring software are capable of producing virtual models made with respect to the discipline for which they were designed (architectural modeling, structural, plant engineering, infrastructural).

BIM tools are operative tools that work in combination with BIM authoring software allowing to implement some specialized analysis aspects that can not be managed differently (energy analysis, cost management, time management, health and safety management).


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