Transforming BIM to openBIM® is our mission

ACCA software is one of the world’s leading producers of software and services for the architecture, engineering and construction industries...

A unique company providing the international markets with cutting-edge software solutions adressing all aspects of construction design, execution and maintenance.

Customers can find innovative answers to their needs; from architectural design, structural engineering, analysis and calculations, energy performance analysis, quantity surveying through to construction site health and safety, maintenance and BIM process management.

... and the N°1 Expert IFC openBIM®

ACCA is a buildingSMART Multinational Member: all of ACCA’s BIM software are IFC certified by buildingSMART International to ensure the correct use of data in an openBIM® process.

The organisation acknowledges ACCA’s key role in buildingSMART’s technical developments by entering the bSI Awards programme with several projects for which ACCA was finalist in 2021 (with the usBIM.ids project) and also with other award-winning projects in 2020, with usIFC.server, and in 2019, with the Structural E-Permit project.

ACCA is also well known for its BIM collaboration platform equipped with all the major tools and features to manage the BIM process (including clash detection, code checking, IFC editing, etc.) supporting all openBIM® formats (IFC, BCF, etc.).

ACCA’s Common Data Environment also features a bSI-certified IFC viewer.

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Transforming BIM to openBIM is our mission | ACCA software

Transforming BIM to openBIM® is our mission

"BIM can only be implemented with success if all construction industry stakeholders can easily collaborate with each other to create and update the information model.

Everyone must be free to contribute in the BIM process with their own knowledge and technology, working on open and common data. We truly believe that BIM can’t exist without openBIM® and transforming BIM to openBIM® is our mission.

We are working to substantially change the BIM process, focussing mainly on the use of the information model and not on the software as is currently the case.

Our intent is to make BIM more democratic with open collaboration spaces, easy-to-use tools, that work on standard formats and costs that are accessible to everyone and in all countries.

We are convinced that our membership in buildingSMART, as an international partner and our direct collaboration with multiple national chapters, will allow us to better respond to the needs of those that, like us, cannot see the development of BIM without openBIM®”.


Guido Cianciulli, CEO of ACCA software


Founded in 1989, ACCA has established a strong position in developing software solutions for the architectural, engineering and construction industries.

Thank to its highly creative and practical approach, for its strong attitude towards innovation, provides adequate answers to the growing needs of professionals.

The simplicity and advanced technology that characterize ACCA’s software solutions, have revolutionized the construction industry by increasing productivity in the practices of engineers, architects, surveyors, construction and installation companies, schools and universities.

  1. ACCA software is founded

    The first solutions developed for MAC OS and MS-DOS in a technical office for engineers, architects and surveyors. Software born from expertise and tested during daily work activities and needs. Since the very beginning, ACCA has been developing software created by experts of the building and construction fields… With COMET (the first version of the software which then evolved into PriMus) production and commercialization of the first Bill of Quantities and Cost Estimating software began.

  2. The birth of PriMus: and nothing was the same

    ACCA software launches PriMus for MS-DOS, the Bill of Quantitis and Cost Estimating software. The name PriMus, was chosen because it was the company’s first software and a wish for it to become a N.1 product in a still emerging market. ACCA now produces over 90 software solutions for the construction industry and PriMus is still an industry leader: a well chosen name!

  3. PriMus-Win, the first Bill of Quantities and Cost Estimating software running under Windows

    PriMus-Win was presented in Milan as the first BoQ and Cost Estimating software compatible with the for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The software was the only Italian product to be selected for the SMAU Industrial Design Award. It was probably the first Italian product (commercial) to be developed for the Windows platform. In 1995 ACCA received 1st Prize for PriMus at the Windows competition for Italy, as the best application developed for the Windows OS environment for a great company.

  4. ACCA launches TerMus

    ACCA is expanding its range year after year. In 1996 TerMus, the ACCA software for calculating and verifying the energy efficiency of buildings was launched. TerMus really was a revolutionary software, the first B.I.M. software (Building information Modeling) that addressed thermal engineering, anticipating about 15 years before others, such important design aspects that have only now become actual for others.

  5. It’s the year of CerTus

    Now famous for PriMus – used by most Italian professionals – ACCA continues relentlessly in developing new software applications for the building industry. 1998 is the year of Certus, the software for addressing the important Health and Safety issues in construction sites.

  6. Before everyone else even on the internet

    The first issue, number zero, of BibLus-net, the on-line information service and into-depth technical pubblication for the building industry professional, was released. In just a few years, it became a reference point for Italian technicians. 2003 also saw the birth of Prezzari-net, the most comprehensive on-line database of nationwide pricebooks for the building sectors which now goes proud of its over 20 million priced items for the Italian and international markets.

  7. A revolution for structural engineering and calculations too

    ACCA releases EdiLus, the first Italian BIM software for structural engineering and calculations. Advanced model input using 3D objects, the integrated FEM solver, the graphical visualization of calculation results: a true revolution for the calculation of structures.

  8. PriMus Revolution

    ACCA completely revolutionizes its flagship product with a unique initiative. The new PriMus Revolution gets a re-styled interface born from shared testing with over 15,000 PriMus clients and chosen among the most professional users of the software.

  9. ACCA crosses its national borders

    ACCA launches PriMus-DCF on the world market for the first time, the bill of quantities and cost estimating freeware. Within a few years, the software is downloaded by more than 300,000 users. PriMus-DCF is available in English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese

  10. The Architectural BIM Design adventure begins

    ACCA unveils Edificius, the BIM software for Architectural Design that integrates architecture and engineering, at the at SAIE Building Exhibition in Bologna. The unique advantage offered by Edificius is its extreme simplicity and extraordinary ability to seamlessly integrate with other ACCA software solutions such as for structural engineering and calculations, bill of quantities, energy performance, health and safety, facility management, technical systems and plant engineering.

  11. Internationalization: new achievements and great successes

    After the online launch of PriMus-DCF, ACCA participates in some of the most prestigious international trade exhibitions ACCA is present at Ecobuild (London) and Feicon (San Paolo). New collaborations and partnerships start in Brazil, Poland, Cuba, France. ACCA’s software solutions – Edificius, PriMus and EdiLus in particular – are soon very appreciated for teaching in schools and universities.

  12. Over 90 different software solutions for the architecture, engineering and construction fields

    The ACCA software solutions are increasingly used and appreciated… In 25 years of activities, ACCA has developed solutions for a multitude of construction industry needs: architectural design, bill of quantities, structural analysis, maintenance plans and facility management, health and safety, energy efficiency, acoustics, technical systems engineering, fire prevention, renewable energy, technical studies and office management, survey management, and many more. Over 90 different solutions produced by a single company for the construction sector… A know-how that makes ACCA a unique company in the world.

  13. Edificius: the first BIM software integrated with Real Time Rendering

    The tireless and unbated development of Edificius continues with great approval and appreciation on international markets too. In 2015, integration with Real Time Rendering is a reality. Edificius has now become a mature software that has nothing to envy to other players in the sector.

  14. New ACCA software Headquarters

    A modern and sustainable architecture, in harmony with the environment and the territory. An intelligent, zero-energy building designed with people in mind and the quality of working life.

  15. ACCA software, the N°1 IFC openBIM expert

    ACCA software launches its collaborative BIM platform, usBIM.platform and becomes a member of buildingSMART international, the organization that works worldwide for the dissemination of openBIM and the IFC standard.
    At the end of 2018, ACCA was the company with the largest number of IFC certified BIM software in the world.

  16. ACCA wins the 2019 buildingSMART International Awards

    ACCA wins the 2019 buildingSMART International Awards in Beijing in the Professional & Student Research category with the Structural E-Permit project.

    "An exceptional result" - the first comment from ACCA software's CEO Guido Cianciulli, who also adds - "...a gratification and recognition for all our efforts and our contribution to the diffusion of BIM. But I also consider this success as an award for Italian intelligences and also a victory for Italy."

  17. ACCA wins the 2020 buildingSMART International Awards

    Again another extraordinary result after winning the buildingSMART International Award 2020 in the "TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP" category with the usIFC.server project.

    The ACCA 2020 Convention takes off in November as the largest digital event in our history and one of the most important in the world of BIM and the construction sector.

  18. ACCA becomes Multinational member of buildingSMART

    The announcement comes with the increasingly active participation and contribution made by ACCA to the development of the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD), Information Delivery Specification (IDS) and other supporting services for the buildingSMART Technical Roadmap.

  19. Special Mention to ACCA's usBIM.geotwin project

    "ACCA software confirms its global leadership in openBIM with a special mention at the buildingSMART Awards 2023 for the innovation brought by its new product usBIM.geotwin"



ACCA certifies its quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.
This results in having the capability to constantly improve its processes and activities in relation to customer needs and satisfaction.

Learn more about the quality management system and information security policy.
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