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Looking for a Common Data Environment (CDE) fully compliant with the BIM methodology?

Discover usBIM.platform, the secure, efficient collaborative platform in line with EN ISO 19650 and openBIM®.

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Common Data Environment program | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

Projects can become very complex as data and information is added overtime, but with BIM becoming mandatory for public procurement and tenders, the challenge has become even greater!

usBIM.platform is the first IFC Certified Common Data Environment from buildingSMART international to manage the BIM process in openBIM ®

Video Common Data Environment | usBIM.platform | ACCA software
CDE | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

you get a CDE in line with the international standard EN ISO 19650 to demonstrate the BIM compliance of your projects

Cloud | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

you have a cloud infrastructure with built-in features for viewing, managing and sharing BIM files of any size and format online

Online platform | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

work in an open, accessible and usable online platform based on the use of open formats ensuring maximum interoperability

Building Intelligence | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

you have a common environment for collaborative work with high security standards to ensure efficient management of your BIM projects

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What is a Common Data Environment (CDE)?

The Common Data Environment (CDE) is a single digital sharing environment used to manage information throughout the life cycle of a construction project and store all data, including drawings, models, specifications, and reports. A CDE helps to ensure that all stakeholders have access to the latest version of project data and that all changes are tracked and recorded.

It is an essential tool for teams, as it helps improve communication and collaboration between all team members that in turn have full freedom to easily access all the information necessary in the different phases of the work in real time in order to deliver projects on time and at the expected costs.

The CDE - Common Data Environment can also be used to manage and collect information during construction execution and maintenance processes, so as to continuously update the data of the BIM model and always keep it aligned with reality, creating a real Digital Twin on the CDE that follows project evolution from design to demolition.

Why use a Common Data Environment?

There are many evermore convincing reasons to implement a CDE in construction projects:

  • it provides a centralized location for all project data, making it easier to track and manage changes;
  • it helps improve communication between team members by providing a clear structure for information sharing;
  • it improves the efficiency of all work team operations and reduces the risk of errors.

Consequently, it's probably the most essential tool for those who want to make data management of BIM projects more efficient.

What characteristics should a good CDE have?

When choosing a CDE solution these are the important features that you'll need to consider:

  • Usability: the CDE must be easy to use for all project stakeholders, with an intuitive interface, and must be accessible from any device;
  • Security: a CDE must be based on a secure software architecture with a safe login procedure providing a guarantee of confidentiality and security of all information contained therein;
  • Storage and flexibility: the CDE must have a scalable storage capacity to adapt the cloud space according to the needs of the project;
  • Integration: The CDE must be able to support the usage and viewing of various file formats including typical open file formats (IFC, BCF, IDs, MVD, BSDD, etc.) to allow each member of the project team to use the most suitable software for their work and continue to maintain a high level of collaboration.

A data sharing and collaborative working environment with the highest security standards

Cloud Security Alliance

usBIM.platform has STAR registration in the Cloud Security Alliance, to guarantee the high standards of cloud security.


usBIM.platform manages data in the cloud in compliance with the 2016/679 European regulation on privacy, known by the acronym GDPR (General data protection regulation).


usBIM.platform adheres to the CISPE Code of Conduct, which offers users the guarantee of access to reliable cloud infrastructures that are fully compliant with the GDPR.

An accessible, powerful, secure CDE in line with the international standard EN ISO 19650 to demonstrate the BIM compliance of your projects

With the Common Data Environment (CDE) usBIM.platform, you have a central cloud repository to store and manage all information produced during a process managed with the BIM methodology.

usBIM.platform is not a simple cloud but a Common Data Environment that complies with the highest data security standards and fully meets the requirements of the EN ISO 19650 standard.


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An accessible CDE, powerful, secure and in line with the international standard EN ISO 19650 | usBIM.platform | ACCA software
  • User access control
    Assign roles, responsibilities, and their access levels (read-only, edit, full control, and download) to information shared in the CDE. This ensures that the right people have access to the right information and protects the shared information assets.
  • Audit trail and logging
    Thanks to the login procedures, necessary for access to information, you can keep track of actions carried out by the different professionals and ensure evidence of the historical succession of revisions and changes made to shared data.
  • Workflow
    Optimally organize project tasks and processes and define workflows visually with advanced task management features (automatic alerts, email notifications, project task dashboards, etc.)
  • Review/Validation Gate
    Define review/validation procedures of the design documentation through the construction of specific GATES for those phases that represent important points for defining the BIM model.
    The GATES, appropriately structured, can correctly describe the requirements expressed in the BIM Protocols, as provided by the EN ISO 19650 standard, fovouring the control and the relative provision of the correct versions of documentation.
Do you want to digitize and organize your company according to the BIM methodology?
usBIM.platform is the CDE for growing companies in the digital transformation towards BIM and large organizations that need to demonstrate the compliance of their projects with EN ISO 19650.
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Expand your CDE power with built-in features for online viewing and management of BIM files | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

Expand the power of CDE with built-in features for online viewing and management of BIM files of any size and format

Using the usBIM.platform browser, access all your BIM project information in an extremely easy manner.

The CDE is equipped with an intuitive interface that allows you to:

  • view and manage online files of any size and different formats (IFC, DWG, DXF, PDF, OBJ, SKP, 3DS, RVT, etc.) that reside in the CDE;
  • add and organize digital model data and metadata using #TagBIM keywords;
  • manage point clouds and textured meshes to integrate digitally relevant processes into the BIM process for design, execution or construction maintenance;
  • federate large models generated with different software;
  • navigate the models in an extraordinarily realistic way using Real-Time Rendering to immediately verify model effectiveness and the presence of any conflicts.

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Safe Space for Collaborative Work and BIM Project Coordination | usBIM.platform | ACCA Software

A safe space for collaborative work and coordination of the BIM project

Collaborative work is the key to the success of BIM projects. usBIM.platform allows you to manage entire work teams from a single platform thanks to the presence of numerous integrated, collaborative working tools:

  • live chat and document view sharing to review documents with collaborators in real time;
  • revisions with Issue and Markup through graphical and textual tools to highlight problems on the document and send notifications of critical issues that need to be addressed and resolved;
  • synchronization of information with feedback on document updates.

In addition to sharing data, the Common Data Environment allows the team to work together on a file, coordinate tasks, facilitate communications, avoid errors and loss of information.

usBIM.platform is also configured as an Open CDE capable of supporting the use of open formats to facilitate communication without any technological limitations between the parties involved.


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Update models with information from the construction site and keep your teams always in sync with the project | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

From design to execution: update the models with relevant information from the construction site and keep your teams always in sync with the project

With usBIM.platform, update data and models contained in the CDE with all the necessary information regarding execution of works and incoming data from the construction site collected and recorded in the site journal (annotations, records, meeting minutes service orders, inspections, photographic material)

All of this information contributes to enrich the data assets of each individual model entity or to change the characteristics of the BIM model from its state at the end of the design (Project Information Model) to its state once execution is completed (Asset Information Model).


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Keep track of project information thanks to the CDE that allows you to manage any type of file | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

Keep track of all project information thanks to a CDE that allows you to effectively manage any type of file

usBIM.platform is a Common Data Environment solution that allows you to connect BIM files and document files (PDF, DWG, Word, Excel, Power Point) directly to the BIM model to quickly access all the information you need with a simple click.

In addition, directly from the Common Data Environment, even edit, view and update:

  • BCF files (BIM Collaboration Format),  a format that allows you to add and exchange notes, comments, reports, images while managing a BIM project;
  • GEOJSON open format files to place the digital model in its real territorial context;
  • Microsoft Office ® files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

You also have an integrated word processor with all other functions that allows you to write reports, describe object characteristics, take notes, create a checklist for your BIM management process or to attach to a model object.


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Create Custom Forms to Collect, Store, and Analyze Meaningful and Georeferenced Data in the BIM Model | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

Create Custom Forms to Collect, Store, and Analyze Meaningful and Georeferenced Data in the BIM Model

With the tool, you can create custom data entry forms to collect and gather meaningful and georeferenced data related to the BIM model.

The data collected and stored using modules are automatically integrated into the informational content of any usBIM.platform file, and they are always available with advanced search filters.

You can also use in the advanced viewer, usBIM.browser, to add information to the BIM model and/or its objects.

The model centralizes information and provides graphical visualizations of the involved model elements.

With, you can create a real and continuous evolving construction information system.
Finally, construction data can be integrated with meaningful and georeferenced data related to each entity of the BIM model, in IFC format, and more.

The advanced functions of collection, storage, and integration offer extraordinary opportunities for control, monitoring, and analysis of aggregated data in the BIM model.


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Looking for more from your CDE?
With usBIM.platform, customise your configuration according to your project needs and add even more applications to your data sharing environment.
usBIM.platform, in fact, is a scalable and configurable system: you choose the storage space and applications for your project needs!

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usBIM.platform is not just a simple cloud-based service, it's much more!

Cloud Infrastructure | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

scalable Cloud infrastructureaccessible anytime and anywhere by all operators using any device

Roles and responsibilities | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

assignment of roles and responsibilities to protect information assets and for information security and the prevention of fraud and errors

Workflow | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

workflow for the application of processes and procedures for reviewing/validating project documentation

Logging and auditing | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

logging and auditing to track the actions taken and ensure evidence of the historical succession of revisions and changes made to the shared data

Accessibility | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

accessibility via login procedure with regulated access levels for each user (read-only, change, complete control and download)

IFC | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

browser-based IFC viewer for reading files exchanged in standard IFC format

Communications and notifications | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

management of communications and notifications both internal to the CDE and external (e-mail)

Confidentiality and Security | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

guarantee of confidentiality and security of information managed with the https protocol

Data backup | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

automatic data backup system to ensure the recovery of data in the event of partial or total loss of the same, due to exceptional events (Disaster Recovery)

  • Projects with BIM methodology and technology according to the indications of the indications of EN ISO 19650
  • Manage and organize data in the cloud in compliance with the CISPE code of conduct, the GDPR and European privacy guidelines and with the highest security standards (usBIM.platform is registered in the STAR of the Cloud Security Alliance - CSA)
  • High-performance viewing with a browser, without any stand-alone software, from mobile and desktop devices in the BIM model with the information and data shared in the CDE
  • Manage, view and edit the BIM model in the IFC format without any BIM Authoring software
  • Save files produced with any software and view IFC, BCF, DWG, DXF, PDF, OBJ, SKP, 3DS, RVT format files, etc. directly on the collaborative platform's browser
  • Save your project files with ACCA BIM authoring software (Edificius, PriMus, CerTus, EdiLus, TerMus, etc.)
  • Integrate the digital model with additional documentation
  • Organize your digital model documents and data (#TagBIM)
  • Rest assured with automatic data backup and disaster recovery features
  • Track actions taken on the BIM model and reviews of shared documents
  • Invite other technicians to your workspace by assigning roles and access permissions
  • You have advanced gate and workflow management features
  • Integrate model checking and clash detection
  • Manage cost estimates and health and safety plans from the web with collaborative working tools (integrations available soon)

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