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Bridge management program | usBIM | ACCA software

Bridges are critical components of a Nation's infrastructures and require regular maintenance operations to comply with safety regulations and also ensure many years of service to citizens.

With usBIM, you can conduct smart inspections, assess deterioration of critical components and identify hazardous conditions allowing stakeholders to mitigate risks and take the necessary preventive action, all on a single platform!

The Bridge Management System key features of usBIM

Inventory of bridges | usBIM | ACCA software


Store and organize all bridge-related information in a centralized cloud-based service accessible from any location and device

Intelligent inspections | usBIM | ACCA software


Define inspection priorities based on risk assessments, ensure timely maintenance operations, and reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs

Maintenance plans | usBIM | ACCA software


Accurately create and manage maintenance plans, assign tasks based on their urgency and monitor their progress in real time

Integration with IoT | usBIM | ACCA software


Receive real-time notifications related to anomalies or critical conditions and respond promptly to ensure safety and integrity of the entire facility

BMS, OPENBIM and GIS | usBIM | ACCA software


View detailed 3D models of assets and their associated data, provide geospatial context to bridges for locating, analyzing and managing infrastructure assets within a specific geographic area

Reporting and analysis | usBIM | ACCA software


Generate customized and detailed reports to effectively analyze bridge data and make strategic data-driven decisions

A centralized archive to manage bridge inventories effectively | usBIM | ACCA software

A centralized archive to manage bridge inventories effectively

One of the most crucial aspects of managing bridges is the inventory which can only be managed optimally with the aid of good bridge management software capable of offering a centralized database for the storage and organization of all relevant information relating to bridges.

With usBIM, centralize any kind of information such as locations, age, type, material in a single cloud-based archive. In practical terms, this means that a Bridge asset management software makes sure that everyone involved in managing bridges can quickly view and update documents from any location and on any device.


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Increase asset lifespans using smart condition inspections and assessments | usBIM | ACCA software

Increase asset lifespans using smart condition inspections and assessments

Regular inspections and condition assessments are essential to maintain bridge safety and integrity. usBIM simplifies this process because with a single cloud platform you can:

  • plan inspections;
  • store inspection data;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of actions carried out over time;
  • schedule preventive maintenance interventions.

With the usBIM bridge inspection software, you have a complete view of all bridge maintenance related information, allowing you to spot any issues in time and before they develop into serious, critical and costly problems and plan efficient interventions to prevent them.


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Optimize bridge maintenance scheduling with usBIM's advanced features | usBIM | ACCA software

Optimize bridge maintenance scheduling with usBIM's advanced features

Effective maintenance planning and scheduling are critical to ensuring the longevity and safety of bridges. The usBIM bridge management system software provides tools to effectively create and manage maintenance plans.

Simply assign each maintenance task to the appropriate person, select the priority level based on urgency, and monitor progress until it is finished. With these features, you can be sure that no critical maintenance tasks are overlooked and that resources are used efficiently.


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By integrating IoT, you can also keep track of structural and operational health bridges in real time | usBIM | ACCA software

By integrating IoT, you can also keep track of the structural and operational health of bridges in real time

The structural and functional state of the infrastructures can be continuously monitored thanks to the integration with IoT technologies (Internet of Things). Smart sensors placed at key bridge locations allow for the following capabilities when using usBIM:

  • collect data relating to various parameters, such as vibrations, deformations, temperatures and loads;
  • receive real-time notifications concerning anomalies or emerging problems;
  • act promptly to ensure the safety and integrity of the facility.

Additionally, by analyzing the acquired data, it is possible to anticipate and prevent potential issues in the future, further optimizing maintenance efforts and ensuring a more efficient use of resources.


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BIM, openBIM and GIS technologies integrated into BMS for full 3D infrastructure monitoring | usBIM | ACCA software

BIM, openBIM and GIS technologies integrated into BMS for full 3D infrastructure monitoring

The integration of BIM (Building Information Modeling), openBIM and GIS (Geographic Information System) technologies with (BMS) bridge management system enables a holistic and more efficient approach to infrastructure planning, management and maintenance.

With usBIM, you can access and view detailed 3D models of assets and their associated data without size limitations. Additionally, by integrating GIS technology, you can provide infrastructures with a geospatial context and make it easier to locate, analyze, and manage bridges and infrastructures within a given geographic area.

The combination of these technologies within the BMS therefore allows you to improve decision-making and have a more effective visualization and allocation of resources for an overall better infrastructure maintenance.


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Monitor bridge conditions and make strategic decisions with customized usBIM reports | usBIM | ACCA software

Monitor bridge conditions and make strategic decisions with customized usBIM reports

usBIM offers powerful reporting and analytics tools that enable users to generate custom reports and gain meaningful data views.

You can easily monitor the condition of the bridges, the efficacy of maintenance activities, evaluate the overall performance of the bridge management strategy and spot any critical issues provided by the usBIM bridge management software's detailed reporting tools. Making strategic decisions based on data enhances the longevity and safety of bridge assets everywhere.


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Bridge Management tool | usBIM | ACCA software

Ready to transform the management and maintenance of bridges and infrastructures?

Don't miss the chance to make the infrastructure assets you are in charge of safer, more effective, and more durable. Change the way you work with usBIM and join other organizations who have already benefited from our comprehensive solution.


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Why choose the usBIM bridge management software

  • Unparalleled efficiency
    The intuitive interface and powerful features of usBIM make bridge management extremely simple, allowing you to optimize resources and save time.
  • A comprehensive bridge management
    usBIM gives you all the tools you need to manage any aspect of bridge management, from scheduling inspections to monitoring resources.
  • Integration with openBIM and GIS
    usBIM allows you to view BIM models of large scale bridges and infrastructures completely online and take advantage of GIS technology for geolocation and asset management within a specific geographical area.
  • Constant monitoring
    usBIM offers constant monitoring of the condition of the bridges that allows you to identify any problems in a timely manner.
  • Advanced analytics
    You have advanced reporting tools to identify trends, predict maintenance needs, and make data-driven decisions that improve the longevity of your infrastructure.
  • Cloud-based solution
    Access the information you need anytime, anywhere using an internet connection.
  • Incomparable data security:
    Rest assured knowing that your data is protected by the high security standards offered by usBIM.

What you need to know about Bridge Management Software

Bridge management software (BMS) is a software solution designed to assist infrastructure managers, engineers and maintenance teams in the effective management and maintenance of bridges.


These tools make it possible to simplify the inventory management process, conduct inspections and assessments of the most efficient conditions and plan the maintenance and allocation of resources ensuring safety and longevity of bridges.


Yes, bridge management software is extremely versatile and can be adapted to meet the needs of any organization and for various types of bridges.

The software is designed to accommodate different types of bridge structures, materials and maintenance requirements, making it suitable for a wide range of organizations, from municipalities to companies dealing with large infrastructures.

Absolutely, yes. A bridge management software offers a comprehensive database, reporting and detailed infrastructure analysis with which you can schedule preventive maintenance activities to prolong the longevity and efficiency of bridges and save on maintenance costs.

Bridge Management Software is aimed at civil engineers, technicians, local authority administrators, construction companies, government agencies and local governments, as well as anyone involved in infrastructure and bridge maintenance.

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