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Do you want the highest quality for your BIM models and processes?

Discover usBIM.checker, the IFC Checker that brings IFC model-based BIM processes and data validation to a whole new level.

BIM validation software | usBIM.checker | ACCA software

check properties and values of BIM model objects.

Data verification | usBIM.checker | ACCA software

check data consistency against predefined values

CheckList | usBIM.checker | ACCA software

generate data requirement checklists for your IFC model

Editing IFC | usBIM.checker | ACCA software

insert, modify and delete properties of an IFC model

Import excel file | usBIM.checker | ACCA software

add data imported from an excel file to an IFC file

Congruence report | usBIM.checker | ACCA software

generate data consistency reports between IFC data and checklists

usBIM.checker | ACCA software
Your IFC BIM projects online | usBIM | ACCA software

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Quality control and BIM validation | usBIM.checker | ACCA software

Control model quality through comprehensive and reliable BIM validation processes

usBIM.checker is the IFC checker for validating BIM model data against project or procurement requirements.

The software allows the BIM specialist (BIM specialist, BIM coordinator, BIM manager, etc.) to:

  • create checklists for checking the BIM model;
  • carry out automatic checks of IFC models.

With usBIM.checker obtaining IFC format models with properties and values as required by project specifications couldn’t be easier (e.g. LOIN - Level Of Information Need) or by EIR (Employer Information Requirements), BIM Execution Plan, etc..

BIM model IFC data management | usBIM.checker | ACCA software

A specialistic and versatile software that allows you to manage all IFC data relating to the BIM model in an improved workflow compared to other BIM Authoring (Revit, Edificius, ArchiCAD, etc.)

The IFC checker allows you to work much faster than you can with a typical BIM Authoring. With usBIM.checker you can:

  • create filters
  • select object types
  • check and modify properties and values

Select entities you to make any sort of control and modifications with task automations that help you to:

  • set correct properties and values;
  • add missing properties and values;
  • change or delete incorrect values and properties.
Federation and integration of data with the IFC model | usBIM.checker | ACCA software

Federate BIM model data produced by different BIM Authoring software and BIM Tools

usBIM.checker also allows you to integrate data from different BIM Authoring and Tools into a single IFC file.

Data can be exported from the source software, processed accordingly and imported into usBIM.checker in the Excel format.

With usBIM.checker, even data produced with a BIM Tool are easily added to the IFC file object properties to get a single IFC model completed with all the relevant information.

Reports and checklists | usBIM.checker | ACCA software

Produce agile data inconsistencies reports between the Checklist and the BIM Model

With usBIM.checker, you can produce automatic and detailed inconsistencies reports between checklist data requirements and the data actually contained within the BIM model in IFC format.

In detail, usBIM.checker produces lists for:

  • all objects (Windows, Mullions, Walls, Facade Panels, Floors, Doors, Facade Systems, etc.) that do not comply with the checklist parameters by highlighting incorrect property values;
  • properties not present in the model but present in the checklists.

usBIM.checker in brief

Basic IFC model viewing functions

  • Importing IFC Model files created with BIM authoring such as Revit® or 3D software such as SketchUp®.
  • IFC model viewing (with viewing styles management and customisations)
  • 3D models conversion to IFC objects
  • model navigation (properties and classifications)

Basic IFC model editing functions

  • insertion, replacement and deleting of geometrical parts of entities
  • manual insertion, modification and deleting of model properties
  • moving and rotating the model and aligning it with other models within the federation
  • automatic insertion, modification and deleting of model properties (by comparison with user-defined checklists)
  • adding of properties and values to IFC files generated by different BIM tools and imported into usBIM.checker with simple excel files
  • creation of new classifications
  • export new versions of the IFC model

Advanced verification and control functions

  • verification of the existence of object properties
  • view and control property values of BIM model objects
  • property value correctness checks against predefined values
  • checklists generation (based on properties and classifications)
  • import properties from excel files
  • automatic generation of consistency reports between properties and values contained in the IFC file and those defined in the control templates


The IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is an open data format, not controlled by a single operator, created to allow interoperability between the various building process stakeholders. It aims to promote and facilitate model information exchangeability without loss or distortion of data or information.

It contains information of various types (geometric data, properties, relationships with other objects).

The IFC tree-structure represents the tree structure of the IFC model where the hierarchy of elements classified on the basis of the IFC Type is shown.

In practice, it contains all the elements that characterise the model (entity types, objects, instances, etc.).

Its organisation can be summarised as follows:

  • IFCProject
  • IFCSite (construction site)
  • IFCBuilding (building)
  • IFCBuildingstorey (first floor, second floor, etc.)
  • IFCBuildingelements (wall, window, floor, etc.).

The IFCTypeObject represents a class that contains properties common to a set of homogeneous entities (i.e. entities that belong to the same class), e.g. all walls that have certain common characteristics.

There is also the ObjectType, which is a specific attribute.

An example of an "IFCtypeObject" is the "IFCWallType" which includes all walls.

IFC entities are: "classes of information defined by common attributes and constraints". (ISO 10303-11). They are objects uniquely defined in the IFC model that can be assigned certain attributes and dependencies with other elements of the model. Examples of IFC entities are walls, windows, pillars, etc.

The "IFC Entities" are made up of a geometric part and an information part. The latter, in turn, can be subdivided into properties and relationships between the various elements in the model.

IfcPropertySet is the set of all properties that can be assigned to an object in an IFC model.

The properties contained in such a set can be of two types:

  • predefined
  • additional/customised (i.e. user-defined).

Checking an IFC model means analysing the properties of the various entities and making sure that they meet certain requirements (for example, checking that all selected walls have a certain thermal transmittance value).

In this respect, a tool is needed to enable 'intelligent' filters and specific property controls.

This may involve designers, BIM Specialists, BIM Coordinators and BIM Managers who need to assign, verify or remove certain characteristics of the IFC model, or contracting authority operators (public bodies/consultants) responsible for checking delivered projects.

usBIM.checker checks all entity-related properties from 'smart' object selections.

usBIM.checker is very useful for the verification phase of an IFC model, in summary it can:

  • verify the existence of properties of objects
  • view and check property values
  • verify the correctness of values
  • generate and export property control templates
  • insert, modify and delete properties
  • generate a consistency report between the properties and the values contained in the IFC file

With usBIM.checker you can define the following conditions:

  • At least - enables the IFC model to be granted 'at least' the properties that are listed in the spaces provided.
  • Only - allows you to determine "only" those properties that must be present in the IFC model
  • Verification - allows you to check whether the properties that have been identified in the spaces provided are present in the IFC model.
  • Delete - this function gives the possibility to delete the properties present in the model (in this case there is no possibility to use a selection filter as in the previous cases)


usBIM.checker is a tool designed to solve the problems of checking, inserting and deleting properties.

It can greatly simplify all those operations that would be much more cumbersome and complex with a typical BIM authoring.

Yes, with usBIM.checker you can export your template for use in another project (the template is separate from the model).

With these templates, you can take advantage of the same selection and control filters on several templates and optimise the verification operations.

You can easily create a template by selecting appropriate filters (object selection criteria), identifying attributes, PsetNames, properties, etc., and specifying the properties to be inserted or checked (checks to be made on properties).