BIM Facility Management Software

BIM Facility Management Software | usBIM.facility | ACCA software

The application for building maintenance management and advanced integration of all facility management functionalities with the BIM model and process or with the digital twin document system.

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Maintenance plans in a BIM-integrated way | usBIM.facility | ACCA software

Manage assets and maintenance plans in a BIM-integrated way

usBIM.facility is the application to manage building maintenance and to integrate all facility management activities (BIM Software for Facility Management) into the BIM process in an advanced way.

With usBIM.facility you access the facility management environment directly from usBIM -  BIM management System.

You have an overview with all ticket activities; with a simple click on the graphs you can locate on the model the objects that have a ticket with the selected priority.

Everything related to the control, verification and maintenance of assets can be done directly on the facility application and be immediately visible on the BIM model:

  • Site management:
    Visualise and identify a location directly on the model and obtain property information in both the BIM model and the facility system.
  • Management of assets and maintenance plans:
    From the asset tab you can view or search all assets; select the individual asset and manage all information (properties, tickets and attachments) directly from the template; you can also view maintenance plans by checking information and assets belonging to them.
  • Management of maintenance activities:
    Organise maintenance tasks by filtering them by date or by room, view planned tasks and the checklist of tasks to be performed for maintenance (you can get more details of maintenance tasks by connecting to the facility).
  • Ticket management:
    You can view open tickets or create new ones and easily define the entire ticket lifecycle from the request for action (creation), to assignment to the most appropriate user (by skills, distance, etc.) to closure via acceptance and waiting status.

The ability to use the application from mobile devices gives you the additional advantage of being able to receive information in real time and carry out maintenance activities wherever you are, opening, taking charge of and closing tickets, repositioning assets.

usBIM.facility - BIM facility management platform is an integrated application in usBIM that you can purchase from the system store.
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