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Common Data Environment
BIM Management System
Single User (single user creating networks with other individual users)    
Organisation User (networks of groups of users managed by a single a administrator)    
Common Data Environment Management (CDE) according to the ISO 19650 standard    
Creation and management of checkpoints for the review/validation of project documentation (Gate)    
Corporate organization management functions    
Functions for the organisation of company processes    
Access from a web browser with desktop/mobile compatibility (freeMDD)    
Cloud infrastructure    
Automatic data backup and disaster recovery    
Definition of roles and responsibilities    
Traceability and event tracking    
Application Programming Interface (API) integration    
FUNCTIONS INTEGRATED (included and free of charge or available with subscription plans)
Opening and viewing (usBIM.browser)    
Federation of IFC files online (usBIM.federation)    
Metadata management (#TagBIM) (usBIM.browser)    
Document management of project files    
Collaborative working and IFC models revision (Issue and Mark-Up)    
Workflow creation and management for workflow monitoring and management    
Organization and planning of processes and activities (usBIM.project)    
Building Intelligence: monitoring and georeferencing of BIM model data    
Word processor integrated in the BIM management platform (usBIM.writer)    
Creation and editing in the Microsoft Office document platform (    
On-line management of point cloud clusters and textured meshes (usBIM.pointcloud)    
BIM models photorealistic PBR rendering using Artificial Intelligence denoising (usBIM.rendering)    
Real-Time Rendering of BIM models and immersive Virtual Reality viewing experiences (usBIM.reality)    
Integration of the BIM model inIFC format with building IoT sensors (usBIM.IoT)    
Creation of GIS thematic maps with data contained in BIM models (usBIM.gis)    
Construction phase management (integration with PriMus-PLATFORM)    
Online bill of quantities Management (PriMus)    
Comparisons of different versions of a BIM model in the .IFC format (    
Clash detection between federated models in the .IFC format or in other BIM formats (usBIM.clash)    
Editing of .IFC format model object properties, classifications and attributes (usBIM.editor)    
Checking of .IFC format model properties (usBIM.checker)    
Construction maintenance and facility management integration with the BIM process or with the digital twin document system (usBIM.facility)    
File sharing and messaging service for integrated system applications (    
Video conference and desktop sharing tools including collaboration for files, models,
documents, data and application sharing with the usBIM eco-system (
Files Management in .BCF (usBIM.bcf)    
Esri ASCII raster format (.ASC)