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How do you collaborate and manage documents and data in the BIM process?

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BIM Data Management tools | usBIM | ACCA software

Leading technology and innovation to create and manage documents integrated with even large sized BIM models.

Manage and centralize all the BIM construction documentation necessary to create the construction information system in a single data repository. Turn BIM into OpenBIM making collaboration between AEC teams more efficient!

BIM management software solution online | usBIM | ACCA software

Manage BIM models and the construction information system online in a secure and reliable workflow

BIM document and document hyperlinks | usBIM | ACCA software

Create hyperlinks between the digital model and BIM project documents to get quick and direct access to all information

Document construction management tools | usBIM | ACCA software

Associate additional information to BIM model objects thanks to the powerful #TagBIM keywords and customizable forms for aggregating important georeferenced BIM related data

Construction document management software | usBIM | ACCA software

Create and manage BIM docs (Whtml, Word, excel etc.) together with all the documentation relating to the construction project (360° panorama photos, textured meshes, point clouds, etc.)

From BIM to data management with usBIM

In a BIM process, data management can be extremely complex because BIM data:

  • consists of many different file types;
  • are often distributed over multiple software solutions, causing sharing and collaboration to become very difficult;
  • change continuously during project evolution making it difficult to keep track of all the latest changes.

The only way to manage BIM data effectively is to use a BIM data management software such as usBIM.

usBIM is a cloud-based platform that helps users manage their BIM data in a single centralized service. It gives all interested parties access to the latest version of the BIM model, facilitates the monitoring of changes and avoids misunderstandings and delays during construction.

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Manage the building information system in full data security and reliability | usBIM | ACCA software

Manage the building information system in full data security and reliability

With usBIM create and manage the building's information system directly online by setting a data-driven BIM design process (Data Driven Design):

  • assign differentiated roles with their relating permission levels for an improved workflow efficiency throughout the entire organization
  • easily track activities carried out within the BIM data management system
  • search for documents using specific commands
  • promote collaboration between the different design team roles
  • increase efficiency, optimize working time and reduce the risk of errors due to bad communication

In addition to providing tools for correct data organization, with usBIM you have a set of BIM coordination software and a common data environment.

You can efficiently connect multidisciplinary design teams, store data, documents and BIM models and also benefit from high level data security with automatic backups and disaster recovery systems.


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Discover the BIM and data management integrated in usBIM

Quickly access all the information you need directly from the BIM model | usBIM | ACCA software

Quickly access all the information you need directly from the BIM model

With usBIM - BIM management System, integrate the 3D BIM model with project data and documents that can be accessed online at any time and with the support of technologically advanced features.

Associate additional information to model objects (drawings, descriptions, technical specifications and other documentation) by means of:

  • logical links between digital models and documentation stored and shared in the Common Data Environment (CDE)
  • external links between the digital model and documents present in other external data repositories or websites

This allows the BIM model to become a georeferenced ecosystem of information present within the collaborative platform.


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Discover the BIM document management software integrated in usBIM

Easily find and access BIM data associated with the model by activating powerful graphical filters | usBIM | ACCA software

Easily find and access BIM data associated with the model by activating powerful graphical filters

usBIM allows you to aggregate data to BIM model objects or to documents stored in the Common Data Environment (CDE) by means of TAGS (#TagBIM) classifying them in an orderly manner into categories.

Any data extrapolated and highlighted for an object or a model can become a useful value for organizing, searching or selecting objects, documents and data which are part of the building information system.

The #TagBIM keywords allow you to set up powerful graphical filters, simplify organization, speed up search processes and also allow you to streamline data transmission between the various stakeholders of the BIM process.


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Discover the BIM data management platform

Even more advanced BIM data management thanks to an integrated word processor | usBIM | ACCA software

Even more advanced BIM data management thanks to an integrated word processor

A BIM document management software, part of the usBIM integrated system, with advanced text editing and word processor features available in usBIM.writer and

With the usBIM.writer application, team members can easily create, edit, store and share BIM docs (simple text templates, useful forms, forms to fill in) directly online in your usBIM cloud space.

With, integrate all the features of your Microsoft Office 365 ® subscription to the files stored or created in your cloud space:

  • create Word, Excel, Power Point documents directly within the folders of your online project teams
  • open, edit or work online on documents created by desktop versions of Word, Excel or Power Point and stored in usBIM.

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What is BIM data management?

BIM data management is the process of organizing and storing data related to a BIM project. This data can be of different types: 2D drawings, 3D models, energy analysis, engineering drawings and other information concerning the construction process.

BIM data management helps improve the efficiency of the construction process, ensures that all team members have access to the latest and most up-to-date information, reduces the risk of errors and delays, providing a central repository for all project data.

Who owns the BIM data?

BIM data is the digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a built asset. In most cases, the owner of the BIM data coincides with the owner of the asset.

For example, if a company commissions an architect to design a new production plant, the company typically owns the BIM data for that plant.

The difference between BIM data and BIM document management

There is no clear difference between BIM data management and BIM document management, but we can certainly distinguish:

  • BIM data management as the process of organizing and storing data related to a BIM project. This data can include model files, object data, and project metadata;
  • BIM document management as the document management process for a BIM project. These may include the construction schedule, drawings, specifications and other contract related documents.
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usBIM, the BIM management system, scalable and configurable according to your needs.

Get started with 15 applications and 10GB of cloud storage space for free. Then choose the applications that you need to configure your usBIM experience according to your preferred workflow!

  • usBIM is the online system that integrates different types of BIM tools:
    • BIM interoperability tools: allowing full interoperability during the various phases of construction design, execution and the relating maintenance processes
    • BIM collaboration tools: specific BIM tools for improved collaboration and sharing of information among all the various stakeholders involved in creating or updating the digital twin during the project's entire life cycle.
  • With usBIM, manage the project, construction management and maintenance phases of a building or infrastructure, starting from the free usBIM.10 solution.
  • usBIM offers you infinite configurations with functions, applications and cloud storage space that you can activate from the online store.
  • Only subscribe to the BIM tools that you really need.
  • Keep your usBIM tools under control. Check out your current configurations and remain updated with the latest available plugins.
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