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Cloud based construction management software

From today with usBIM.resolver you manage all the problems that arise in every phase of the construction project, always respect the deadlines, you ensure the satisfaction of customers and team members.

Video construction management software online | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software
Transform a problem into a task to be solved | construction management system software - usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Transform a problem into a task to be solved

Create problem tasks in just a few clicks from wherever you are, either at the office or from the construction site. Add photos, text, videos, BIM Models, DWGs or PDF files and speed up your entire project management workflow.
Efficient, secure communication | construction management platform - usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Efficient, secure communication

Forget about having to find old e-mails, photos and documents that may have been sent through to different services. Communicate with others using an internal chat session connected to specific tasks in a single working environment!
Track issues through to closure | construction software online - usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Track issues through to closure

Assign tasks to the person in charge of solving certain issues, everyone involved will get an automatic notification including direct links to files or models while you can continue to keep track of the issue until it's finally closed!
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What kind of issues do you usually handle?
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Architects and engineers | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software
and engineers

Coordination and collaboration problems within design teams
Site Supervisors | construction project tracking software | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software
Site Supervisors
Construction site Problems
Construction Team | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Coordination of construction site activities
General contractor software | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

and maintenance issues
BIM manager and BIM coordinator | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software
BIM manager
and BIM coordinator

BIM design issues
Projects are under full control without any drawbacks thanks to visually customizable scheduling boards | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Projects are under full control without any drawbacks thanks to visually appealing, dynamic and customizable scheduling boards

With usBIM.resolver the construction management application, use a simple grid system or classic kanban boards to assign, start, track, manage and control the different activities of your project.

Design your workflows from finding Topics and assigning Tasks. To update activity progress, simply change the activity status by choosing between "draft", "to do", "in progress", "completed" and "closed".

Each column in the Kanban Board represents a different phase of the workflow ("to do" – "in progress" – "done"). Cards (tasks) are moved from one phase to another until they are completed. To update the project progress, simply drag and drop each card from one phase to the next.

Customize your tabs with colors, tags, priorities, due dates that allow you to get a visual overview of all scheduled tasks with their respective managers.

Ultimately, usBIM.resolver gives you full control of the project:

  • monitor the progress of the construction process in real-time;
  • identify activities that are delayed on the roadmap, potential bottlenecks and any inefficiencies in team work;
  • evaluate any changes and make proactive workflow decisions to prevent the project from slowing down.

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Annotate everything on your 2D drawings or BIM model | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Annotate everything on your 2D drawings or BIM model

With usBIM.resolver you can annotate specific issues and nonconformities directly on 2D plans and BIM models.

The visual annotation functionality of usBIM.resolver represents a quantum leap in the management of project or site nonconformities.

This tool allows you to visually report critical issues directly on project representations in an intuitive and detailed manner, facilitating communication and understanding of technical issues among all team members.


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Harness the immediacy of photos to report and solve problems | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Harness the immediacy of photos to report and solve problems

With usBIM.resolver, users can record and annotate real-time site issues directly from mobile devices, including detailed photos of critical areas.

By attaching photographs directly to tasks, project teams can gain immediate visual insight into items to be corrected or completed.

This approach enables rapid problem identification and resolution and greatly improves communication between project stakeholders, ensuring accurate and timely site inspection, reducing ambiguity and providing clear visual evidence of the current status of work.

Furthermore, the use of photos facilitates the monitoring of progress and verification of the quality of completed works, contributing to a faster and more efficient project closure process.


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No more emails, attachments and documents scattered everywhere | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

No more emails, attachments and documents scattered everywhere: choose the right way to communicate for your construction projects

Communication is the key to success in any construction project!

With usBIM.resolver communication and sharing information becomes simple.

Always have your project and relating topics at hand, view and coordinate ongoing activities from anywhere using any device, communicate quickly using the same construction management platform.

Need to send messages, provide instructions, specify critical issues or ask your project teammates for updates concerning ongoing activities?

You'll no longer need to waste time talking on the phone, writing emails, recovering files and documents collected in different archives.
All the information you need to manage your projects is available in the cloud and shared in a single work environment.

With usBIM.resolver, you also have a live chat integrated into the construction project management software which is specific to each task. Use it to communicate in real time with your team members to exchange messages, send direct links to issues, share files, projects and documents.


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Managing and tracking issues with a single powerful tool couldn't be easier | usBIM.resolver | ACCA software

Managing and tracking issues with a single powerful tool couldn't be easier

usBIM.resolver offers powerful construction management tools to make coordination and collaboration between teams easier and more intuitive and to optimize the entire problem tracking process.

Locating and assigning issues is really simple with usBIM.resolver.

In fact, thanks to the integration with usBIM you can view and navigate a BIM model or a project in different formats (IFC, BCF, RVT, SKP, EDF, DWG, PDF, etc.) directly from the online viewer, identify the issues and immediately create a new task for troubleshooting, integrations, modifications, variations.

Once the criticality to be solved has been identified and the relating task created, team members can be redirected to the exact location where a full and detailed description of the problem can be viewed. All with a single click!
Attach documents, comments, photos, sketches to the identified issue so that everyone involved in its resolution can easily access not only the model but also the relevant information without ever leaving their workspace to search through countless e-mails looking for files and valuable information.

In this way, the construction task management software usBIM.resolver becomes a centralized hub where all involved stakeholders can easily collaborate, track and monitor any critical project issues until they are closed.


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usBIM.resolver is part of the usBIM ecosystem | ACCA software

Leverage integration with usBIM, the openBIM collaborative platform that accompanies the digital transition of your business

usBIM.resolver general contractor software is part of the usBIM ecosystem.

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What you need to know about online Construction Management Software

Construction Management software tools are used to plan, schedule and monitor the progress of construction projects.

Software solutions that include specific construction project management features helping managers assign tasks, monitor progress, and meet budget objectives.

Construction management software can be used for both small and large projects. These solutions can help save construction managers time and money while improveing project efficiency.

Construction management software can offer many advantages. They can:

  • simplify project management;
  • provide a centralized area for storing project information (from the typical architectural plans to budgeting details, through to construction schedules);
  • make it easier to track down all project issues;
  • improve communication between all members of a construction team.

This enables all information and documents to be shared in a single centralized location allowing seamless collaboration and sharing of data and resources for optimizing construction projects and avoid delays.

To choose a construction management software you need to understand how it can ensure that a project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Construction projects always involve multiple activities, the planning of which can be difficult in the absence of specific tools.

In addition, the software must allow the managers to follow the progress of the project and quickly identify any critical issues, delays, interferences.

Another fundamental feature of a construction management software is the availability of specific functions for communication and collaboration between team members, stakeholders and contractors, so that all project participants are always correctly informed and any problem can be promptly solved.

Tools for agile digital document sharing and integration with the BIM methodology should not be overlooked.

There can be various solutions used during the construction management phase considering that it is a complex process including numerous activities (planning, coordination and project supervision). ACCA software provides specific solutions for different needs, such as:

  • usBIM.project for project planning, budgeting, and task list creation;
  • usBIM.dossier for creating, archiving and document management of construction projects;
  • usBIM.resolver, the construction workflow management software for managing issues and workflows.

Yes, construction management software is designed to be used to manage specific activities by users with different roles and technical skills.

usBIM.resolver, for example, can be used by site managers, construction team managers, design teams, facility managers, BIM coordinators and BIM managers.

All those who collaborate with these figures and are part of their project or construction teams can use usBIM.resolver to work in a coordinated way and always be involved in the development of the project.

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usBIM, the BIM management system, scalable and configurable according to your needs.

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  • usBIM is the online system that integrates different types of BIM tools:
    • BIM interoperability tools: allowing full interoperability during the various phases of construction design, execution and the relating maintenance processes
    • BIM collaboration tools: specific BIM tools for improved collaboration and sharing of information among all the various stakeholders involved in creating or updating the digital twin during the project's entire life cycle.
  • With usBIM, manage the project, construction management and maintenance phases of a building or infrastructure, starting from the free usBIM.10 solution.
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