BIM Collaboration Platform

BIM collaboration platform | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

Discover usBIM.platform, the world's only IFC-certified BIM management platform from buildingSMART international

The BIM collaboration platform built to meet the ISO 19650 standard.

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Need to make your design activities more efficient and improve the organisation of your company's data and processes?
If you want to create a Common Data Environment (CDE) fully compliant with the ISO 19650 standard and the BIM methodology, usBIM.platform is the solution for you!

  • CDE | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

    a data sharing environment with integrated applications and services
    to manage the entire construction lifecycle from the design phase through to construction, site management, and maintenance of the asset.

  • Cloud | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

    a dedicated cloud infrastructure
    to create and manage BIM models, support data sharing and collaborative working

  • Online platform | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

    an open platform accessible and usable online
    based on the open formats, certified by buildingSMART International to ensure maximum interoperability

  • Building Intelligence | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

    an advanced Building Intelligence system
    equipped with innovative functions for data collection and analysis, and planning activities tasks

Cloud Security Alliance | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

usBIM.platform is registered in the STAR of the Cloud Security Alliance, guaranteeing the highest standards of cloud security.

CSA operates the most popular registry of cloud security service providers, the CSA Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR). Click here to access the CSA STAR Self-Assessment.

Viewing and managing IFC files in the browser | usBIM.broswer | ACCA software

ONLINE MANAGEMENT OF THE BIM MODEL Manage BIM models online keeping full control over the different project file formats

usBIM.browser is the tool that allows the collaborative usBIM.platform to:

  • view and manage IFC, DWG, DXF, PDF, OBJ, SKP, 3DS, RVT, ASC, etc. file formats completely online and stored in the CDE cloud storage space
  • navigate the 3D BIM model, even if you don’t have a BIM authoring software such as Edificius, Revit, Allplan, ArchiCAD, VectorWorks...
  • federate multiple IFC models in a single view, create tags, annotations, links, and geo-references on IFC model objects.
Manage roles, permissions and documentation | usBIM.file | ACCA software

ROLE AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Manage and organise documentation with an advanced user access control system

With usBIM.file you have all the functions for basic document management starting with the assignment of permissions, roles and responsibilities of the platform users.

In addition to providing the tools for a correct and structured organisation of information, usBIM.file also fulfils specific regulatory requirements for tracking and auditing activities within the platform.

Viewing and managing BFC files in the browser | usBIM.bcf | ACCA software

VIEWING AND MANAGING BCF FILES Easier communication with other designers and teams using BCF files

usBIM.BCF allows you to view, create and edit files in the .BCF format (BIM Collaboration Format), a format which also support adding and exchange notes, comments, reports, images during the management of a BIM project.
You can track all revisions made to an issue generated with any clash detection and model checking software, co-working revision and resolution of all project issues.

Microsoft office editing | usBIM.writer | ACCA software

MICROSOFT OFFICE EDITING Create, edit and view Microsoft Office documents with full platform integration

With simply forget about having to upload and download Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or other Microsoft Office document files for viewing or editing: open and view your Office documents directly in your browser and, if you already have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, use the special features to edit them directly on the platform!

You can also create a new document directly online and integrate it into the BIM model or insert it into the BIM management process.

Integrated Word processor | | ACCA software

INTEGRATED WORD PROCESSOR Create and manage your documents online with a Platform integrated word processor

If you need to draw up a report, describe the characteristics of an object, add notes, create a checklist for your BIM management process or attach it to a model object, you no longer need to create documents with external software and upload them to the platform.

With usBIM.writer you have all the functions of a word processor and with the advantage of being fully online and integrated into the usBIM.platform.

Collaborative working | usBIM.share | ACCA software

COLLABORATIVE WORKING Collaborate, communicate and interact with your team directly on the cloud

Live chat, revision management with Issue and Markup, synchronisation of updates with feedback: with usBIM.share, the platform offers tools for collaborative working on IFC BIM models and project documentation in general.

Apart from sharing data, usBIM.share allows teams to work in groups on files, coordinate their activities and facilitate communication avoiding errors and loss of information.

Project workflow management | usBIM.workflow | ACCA software

PROJECT WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT Define workflows for business process control

Optimise your project activities with usBIM.workflow which allows you to design processes and workflows with advanced task management functions.

Also define procedures for reviewing/validating the design documentation through the construction of specific GATEs, for each design or execution phase, which represent important points for the definition of the BIM model (e.g. the phases of sharing or delivery of models and deliverables).

Planning of processes and activities | usBIM.project | ACCA software

PLANNING OF PROCESSES AND ACTIVITIES Organise your CDE structure by activities and processes with professional planning and monitoring tools.

Coming soon

With usBIM.project create, plan and control activity timing and costs and integrate processes, documents and data in highly-efficient processes.

With a structured organisation of the  CDE data and document contents, get the most appropriate management of your work activities in terms of timing and budgeting.

GIS thematic maps | usBIM.gis | ACCA software

THEMATIC GIS MAPS Analyze data contained in construction CDEs with easy-to-understand GIS thematic maps

With usBIM.gis get spatial maps with the data contained in the BIM models of each individual building.

It is the first GIS cloud service fully integrated into a BIM management platform (usBIM.platform) to quickly get spatial maps from Building Information Model data.

Point clouds | usBIM.pointcloud | ACCA software

POINT CLOUDS Working with point clouds and textured meshes

With usBIM.pointcloud you have a new system integrating digital surveying and BIM technologies.

Manage point clouds and textured meshes directly from the browser to integrate digital surveying processes into the BIM process of construction design, execution or maintenance.

BIM Real-Time data from IoT | usBIM.iot | ACCA software

BIM REAL-TIME DATA FROM INTERNET OF THINGS Bring your BIM model to life with integrated IoT sensors

You can connect the BIM model built in the platform to IOT sensors integrated in the building thanks to standard connection formats and protocols.

All the data recorded by the sensors are sent in real time to the platform which perform the analysis and makes them visible on the BIM model as an IFC format.

The IFC model "comes to life", changing characteristics according to the data each sensor transmits and communicates millions of geo-localised information in real time in a simplified and readable way.

Construction Management | PriMus.platform | ACCA software

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Convey data from the construction site to CDE

Coming soon

With PriMus-PLATFORM you can manage all construction site related information uploaded to a digital site journal, from observations to photographic material and resources.

Each of this information contributes to enriching the information relating to each entity or changing the characteristics of the BIM model from its initial status, at the end of the design phase (Project Information Model) through to its status with additional information once the construction phase is completed (Asset Information Model).

BIM Data Management | | ACCA software

BIM DATA MANAGEMENT You can access any construction data, whenever you need and wherever you are

Coming soon

With, you can create a true construction information system by using the most advanced functions that will give you access to the meaningful data linked to each entity of the BIM model in IFC format and dedicated dashboards.

usBIM.platform becomes a BIM Data Management integrated platform to manage construction data with storage, monitoring, analysis of significant information and geo-referencing.

Real-Time rendering and VR | usBIM.render | ACCA software

RENDERING, REAL-TIME RENDERING AND VR Create professional renderings and immersive virtual reality experiences of BIM models directly online

With usBIM.render you can create professional renderings of the model views shared on the usBIM.platform, directly online.

Production times are super-fast and the results are extremely professional thanks to the advanced Artificial Intelligence de-noising.

Even render your IFC models. All you need to do is assign materials to the IFC model objects using usBIM.editor.

With usBIM.reality you can navigate through your IFC, EDF, RVT or SKP models from your browser. View your shared BIM models in real-time.

Thanks to the advanced Real-Time Rendering functions, you can visualize any model with objects and specific materials in an extraordinarily realistic way.

With immersive virtual reality, check the effectiveness of your models and also visually verify conflicts.

usBIM.platform is not just a cloud:

it’s an environment for data sharing and collaborative working with the highest safety standards

Scalable Cloud infrastructure | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

Cloud infrastructurescalable, available from anywhere at any time by anyone with any device

Assignment of roles and responsibilities | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

assignment of roles and responsibilities protecting information assets and preventing fraud and errors

Workflow | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

Workflow processes and procedures for the review/validation of project documentation

Logging and audit | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

logging and auditing Track actions and ensure evidence of the historical succession of revisions and changes made to shared data

Accessibility through user login procedure | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

Accessibility via login procedure with regulated access authorization levels for each user (read-only, edit, full check and download)

IFC browser-based IFC viewer | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

browser-based IFC viewer reading exchanged files in standard IFC format

Management communications and notifications | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

management of communications and notifications both internal and external to the CDE (e-mail)

Information confidentiality and security | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

Confidentiality and security ensuring secure data and privacy management via https protocol

Automatic data backup system | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

automatic data backup system to ensure data recovery in case of partial or total loss of data due to exceptional events (Disaster Recovery)

  • design with BIM methodologies and technologies according to the ISO 19650 standard.
  • manage and organise data in the cloud in compliance with the CISPE code of conduct, GDPR and European privacy guidelines and with the highest security standards (usBIM.platform is registered in the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) in the Security Trust Assurance and Risk (STAR) level.
  • manage, view and edit the BIM model in the IFC format without any BIM authoring software
  • Save files produced with any software on the platform and view IFC, BCF, DWG, DXF, PDF, OBJ, SKP, 3DS, RVT, ASC, etc. files directly on the browser.
  • Save your work files directly from ACCA software solutions (Edificius, PriMus, CerTus, EdiLus, etc.).
  • Supplement the digital model with additional documentation
  • Organise the digital model documents and data (#TagBIM)
  • featuring automatic data backup and disaster recovery functions
  • keep track of actions taken on the BIM model and the various revisions of shared documents
  • invite other colleagues, co-workers to your workspace by assigning roles and access permissions
  • use advanced gate and workflow management functions
  • integrate code checking, clash detection and BIM 4D
  • manage BoQs and cost estimates directly from the web with collaborative working (integration soon available)