BIM Collaboration Platform

BIM collaboration platform - usBIM.platform - ACCA software

Do you want total control of the design processes, execution, maintenance and management of a building?

With usBIM.platform now you can!

The BIM collaboration platform to manage the entire life cycle of the building in a single data sharing environment.

usBIM.platform meets two basic requirements for your work:

  • you finally have global control of all construction processes.
  • you have data available in open format, which can be consulted and managed directly online.

usBIM.platform adopts the IFC standard of buildingSMART, guaranteeing the correct creation, management and sharing of data, documents and models among all the subjects involved.

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BIM collaboration | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

CDE: Common Data Environment

With usBIM.platform correctly apply the BIM methodology in a single data sharing environment (CDE or Common Data Environment) according to the requirements of the ISO 19650 standard.

usBIM.platform is designed to meet the requirements of ISO 19650 .

usBIM.platform is completely customizable according to the organizational schemes provided for in the tender documents.


  • is based on technologies that guarantee the correct development of the information flow necessary for the creation of the BIM model;
  • is available online from all devices (works on PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablets)
  • allows the sharing of any file format (open and proprietary) for seamless information exchange
  • it is open, because it is based on the IFC standard by buildingSMART
  • it is scalable and guarantees interoperability with PriMus PLATFORM, the platform for managing works execution and construction site diaries.

The buildingSMART certification guarantees the correct creation, management and sharing of data among all those involved regardless of the BIM authoring software, the BIM tool or the BIM collaboration plug-in used.

Common Data Environment (CDE) | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

freeMDD: free Models, Documents and Data

Navigate the project in a visual manner directly from the internet.

The preservation and structuring of Models, Documents and Data in open formats within the usBIM.platform and the navigation functions guaranteed by the usBIM.browser plug-in allow the user to obtain a visually consultable BIM model directly from the Internet.

The platform itself becomes a BIM model that can be navigated from the internet, from which it is possible to explore and manage:
  • the IFC model composed of the federation of the models obtained from the various design and execution processes;
  • data and documents in open formats structured and linked to the model or to its objects through specific platform functions.
freeMDD: free Models, Documents and Data | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

GATE: creation and control of each step

GateWorkflow for project documentation revision/validation

The definition of GATES for the description and implementation of procedures for design documentation revision/validation, allows the construction of specific GATES, for each design or execution phase, which represent important points for the definition of the BIM model (for example the phases of sharing or delivering the models and construction documents).

Appropriately structured GATES can correctly describe the requirements expressed in the BIM Protocols, in compliance with the ISO 19650 regulation, favoring the control and availability of the correct versions of the documentation.
Gate: creation and control of each step | usBIM.platform | ACCA software

Brief overview of usBIM.platform

Features, functions and advantages of the platform

accessibility through user login procedure - usBIM.platform - ACCA software

accessibility through a user login procedure and access to the various Directories available within the Common Data Environment (CDE) regulated by the various user access levels (read only, editing, complete control and download)

assignment of roles and responsibilities - usBIM.platform - ACCA software

assignment of roles and responsibilities to allow the adoption of the Segregation of Duties (SoD) principle for protecting information assets, information security, fraud prevention and errors

workflow - usBIM.platform - ACCA software

workflow for the application of processes and procedures for revision/validation of the project documentation favoring control and the availability of the latest up to date versions of the documentation

logging and audit - usBIM.platform - ACCA software

logging and audit to track the actions carried out and to guarantee the evidence of the chronological order of document revisions and of any changes made to the shared data

Scalable Cloud infrastructure - usBIM.platform - ACCA software

Scalable Cloud infrastructurealways accessible by anyone and from anywhere

Availability of an IFC viewer - usBIM.platform - ACCA software

availability of an IFC viewer for reading files exchanged in the IFC standard format

management communications and notifications - usBIM.platform - ACCA software

management of communications and notifications both within the Common Data Environment (CDE) and externally (by e-mail)

Information confidentiality and security - usBIM.platform - ACCA software

information confidentiality and security managed through the "https" protocol

Automatic data backup system - usBIM.platform - ACCA software

automatic data backup system to guarantee data recovery in case of partial or total loss of information due to exceptional events (Disaster Recovery)


usBIM integrates specific IFC certified plug-ins by buildingSMART (or currently in the process of being certified) for the correct management of the BIM process.

usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software usBIM.viewer+ | ACCA software

BIM viewer and more

The free IFC file viewer with which you open, edit, convert and export in the IFC format also AutoCAD® 3D model files (.dwg), SketchUp® (.skp) and also write IFC parameters.

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usBIM.clash | ACCA software usBIM.clash | ACCA software

BIM clash detection

Check for interference and manage conflicts between federated BIM models (clash detection).

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usBIM.code | ACCA software usBIM.code | ACCA software

BIM code checking

Check the correspondence of the BIM model with respect to rules and regulations (code checking).

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usBIM.gantt | ACCA software usBIM.gantt | ACCA software

4D BIM project management

Plan your BIM project and optimize the construction process.

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usBIM.browser | ACCA software usBIM.browser | ACCA software

BIM online

Browse and manage the digital model and construction documentation online.

included in usBIM.platform

BIM authoring and BIM tools

usBIM is open to any BIM authoring or BIM tools that adopts the buildingSMART openBIM standard to create and edit the BIM digital model.

BIM authoring software are capable of producing virtual models made with respect to the discipline for which they were designed (architectural modeling, structural, plant engineering, infrastructural).

BIM tools are operative tools that work in combination with BIM authoring software allowing to implement some specialized analysis aspects that can not be managed differently (energy analysis, cost management, time management, health and safety management).


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