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3 in 1: much more than just an IFC viewer

View the IFC files of BIM models, convert DWG CAD drawings to the IFC format and even add extra properties to IFC files... without needing your own BIM software!

usBIM.viewer + is the free IFC file viewer with additional functions for converting DWG, SKP, 3DS files into IFC format files and writing your own IFC parameters relating to your 3D models... even without having your own BIM software!

The simple tool to open, view and edit an IFC file. The essential software to be able to participate in the BIM process with all the security of a software fully certified by buildingSMART.

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IFC Viewer

usBIM.viewer +

3 in 1: much more than just an IFC viewer

  • View the IFC files of 3D virtual models derived from the main BIM authoring tools

  • Easily convert to IFC files by loading your 3D models and objects saved in many other well known formats

  • Assign IFC properties and enrich 3D models with technical and commercial data

Already used by thousands of customers all over the world


What you can do with usBIM.viewer +

View IFC files

With usBIM.viewer + open and view IFC format files of 3D models and objects from any BIM authoring software such as Edificius®, Revit®, ArchiCAD®, Allplan®, Tekla®, VectorWorks®, and many others ... even without having your own BIM software!

You have a simple tool to open and view an IFC file . The essential software to participate in the BIM process with all the security of a BuildingSMART certified software .

View the BuildingSMART IFC Certificate here

Convert 3D models to IFC files

With usBIM.viewer + open, convert, integrate and export in IFC file format 3D models and objects from many formats like AutoCAD® (.dwg), SketchUp® (.skp), 3D Studio Max® (.3ds) and many others .. even without having your own BIM software!

Turn your 3D virtual model into the IFC standard format, integrating the graphical representation with any technical, sales, structural, plant engineering and cost, etc. information.

Easily add IFC properties

With usBIM.viewer + add custom IFC properties to 3D models and objects and integrate the information with further technical, commercial, structural, plant, metric and many other data ... without having to own BIM software!

Easily implement all the specifications necessary to completely define the BIM model.

Use the advanced features of a BIM authoring for free to implement the information contained in the BIM model and make communication during the design, execution and maintenance of the most efficient and reliable work.

The main features of usBIM.viewer +

Viewing the 3D model

With usBIM.viewer +:

  • navigate the 3D virtual model visually with the help of typical Zoom, Rotate and Pan features.
  • easily view portions of the BIM model. 

Specific visibility management, coloring and transparency features, applied and defined by level, type of element or single entity allow the user to conduct very detailed analysis.

Display of IFC information

With usBIM.viewer +:

  • Work in graphical mode
  • Select the entities in 3D or in the tree structure of the IFC file
  • View and verify the information of each BIM element (volumes, areas, surfaces, distances, weights and many others)

Comparison of multiple 3D models

With usBIM.viewer +:

  • compare multiple 3D models in one view
  • simultaneously view all design phase aspects (architectural, structural, technical systems, etc.).

Specific functions ( Snap, Move, Rotate, Align ) let you easily overlay and update different BIM models.


With usBIMviewer +:

  • highlight specific properties of a BIM object using the #TagBIM
  • make important information easily visible in other activities of creating or updating the BIM model (design, execution or maintenance phases of the asset)
  • use the advanced search features to find information that others have highlighted in the model using #TagBIM

The #TagBIM managed by usBIM.viewer + are recognizable by any other BIM Authoring or BIM Tool application . The digital recognition allows to automate the execution of activities or the preparation of project documents (eg: cost estimates, facility management plans, etc.). Connecting the most relevant information through the #TagBIM feature saves time and avoids making mistakes thanks to the automatic recognition of the software and the easy reading of data by participants.

Creating Groups and Selection Filters

With usBIM.viewer +:

  • create custom views with Filters and Selection Groups
  • speed up and simplify the understanding of the BIM model

With selection groups and saving views, quickly analyze the BIM model , single or federated, and eliminate any waste of time due to manual operations.

Free Technical support and Training ACCA is always by your side providing the technical support you need during your daily work

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

With usBIM.viewer + you can open and view BIM templates in IFC file format for free from any BIM Authoring such as Edificius®, Revit®, ArchiCAD®, Allplan®, Tekla®, VectorWorks® and many others without the need of your own BIM software

You can even transform your 3D project into a standard IFC format and use the advanced IFC writing capabilities to create your new additional data for each BIM model.

The IFC standard (acronym for Industry Foundation Classes) is an open file format developed by buildingSMART (International Alliance for Interoperability, IAI) to facilitate interoperability between the various professional roles in the construction industry (architects, engineers, contractors, clients, etc...) independently from the software solutions adopted used for their daily work.

usBIM.viewer + adopts the IFC standard because it is functional to the BIM (Building Information Modeling) process and is a universally recognized standard ( ISO 16739 ).

IFC is the recognized standard used to transmit data from the best authoring and BIM tools certified by Building Smart International.

YES. With usBIM.viewer + you can collaborate in the BIM process in full security as it is software certified by buildingSMART .

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is increasingly a reality that implies collaboration, interoperability and coordination between the different actors of the construction industry. With usBIM.viewer + you can work safely with all the best Authoring and BIM Tools certified by Building Smart International.

usBIM.viewer +

3 in 1: much more than just an IFC viewer

Software screenshots (example screens)

  • Viewing IFC files View IFC files
    Converting 3D models to IFC files Convert 3D models to IFC files
    Assigning IFC properties Assign the IFC properties
  • Visibility Management, colors and transparencies Management of visibility, colors and transparencies
    Viewing IFC information Viewing IFC information
    Comparing multiple 3D models Comparison of multiple 3D models
  • Assigning #TagBIM properties Assign the #TagBIM properties
    Creating Groups and Selection Filters Create Groups and Selection Filters
    Edit IFC files Edit IFC files