BCF management (BIM Collaboration Format)

BCF management | usBIM.bcf | ACCA software

The integrated application that allows you to manage BCF format files for improved project collaboration and issue resolution.

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usBIM.bcf: discover all the advantages of the BCF formatResolve IFC model-related issues in co-working even in the early design phases, report issues without transferring the BIM model!

usBIM.bcf is the service, integrated into the usBIM digital platform, that allows you to operate according to two distinct workflows:

  • create a BCF from scratch and export the file in the .BCFZIP format;
  • view or edit a .BCFZIP file even if generated by other applications. Simply load the file into a project folder.

Like all usBIM applications, usBIM.bcf works completely online and is integrated in a cloud, you can use it anytime, anywhere and with any device, without installing any other software.

With usBIM.bcf:

  • improve communication between the different parties working on a project by allowing them to raise issues/observations and send messages, comments and links in a single environment without using emails, images, spreadsheets etc;
  • keep track of revisions made to issues generated with all clash detection and model checking software through a "history" of comments, notes and images;
  • manage, report, assign and resolve interference problems in a co-working context;
  • speed up the review process by identifying and resolving critical issues in real time before moving on to the construction phase.
Deal with critical issues in co-working | usBIM.bcf | ACCA software
Coordinate the BIM project with BCF files | usBIM.bcf | ACCA software

BCF (BIM Collaboration Format): what is it and what’s it used for? Find out how to exchange information and coordinate your BIM project

BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) was developed in 2009 and maintained by buildingSMART International for the exchange of communications relating to the IFC model.

It is an open XML-based file format that allows comments to be added to a BIM model in IFC format without using other software and without modifying the BIM model.

The BCF file format has a well-defined structure, consisting of one or more views of the model which are captured as images, including info referring to the coordinates and direction of each snapshot within the IFC file and comments related to some entities in order to reference the information with respect to the model elements. Issues and comments are in fact linked to model elements by means of unique global IDs (GUIDs).

The BCF format:

  • guarantees a form of communication which is physically separate from the digital IFC format model, but which at the same time can be integrated with it to enable team coordination within the BIM design process;
  • optimises information exchange flows without the need to transfer large BIM models;
  • allows you to add and exchange notes, comments, images across the whole team;
  • allows you to highlight any issues, which can then be resolved in real time (by assigning the problem directly to one of your collaborators).
Creation, classification and BCF files management | usBIM.bcf | ACCA software

Easily create, classify and manage BCF files for each identified interference and inconsistency

Within any usBIM folder you can create a new BCF file that contains a folder for each of the detected interferences/inconsistencies.

There are three types of files, present in the archive, that need to be sent to identify any given problem in a unique manner:

  • MARKUPS, i.e. a file containing textual information regarding the IFC file with the model, the author of the report, the entities involved and any comments useful to resolve the problem;
  • VIEWPOINTS, views that pinpoint the problem directly on the digital model. They can be multiple and also be linked to the Markup comments;
  • SNAPSHOTS, simple images of the issue being addressed and linked to the identified viewpoints within the digital model.

After creating a new BCF, by means of an issue, you can define its title, add a description specifying to which user the resolution of the issue is assigned; you can set a priority type using the "Priority" combo box (Label, Status and Type), and add the model view as an image (snapshot) and leave comments and remarks on the current issue.

The BCF file is matched to a specific point in the project, so at any time you can go back to the exact point in the model where the clash was generated via the browser with your preferred device.

All team members involved in the project can provide their feedback, either by commenting or by changing the priority status (open/in process/closed) or the notes and images in the issue/report. Once the changes have been made and the issue resolved, you can then move on to consolidating the new version of the document.

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