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usBIM.viewer+ is also an IFC file editor with advanced functions for creating and modifying the BIM model, a true BIM Authoring solution for your BIM models in the IFC file format.

Adding New Entities

usBIM.viewer+ allows you to add a new entity to the model.

Simply choose the belonging level of the new entity (eg first floor, second floor, etc.) among those present in the IFC file, or a 3D model imported in one of the many compatible formats (SKP, OBJ, Collada, etc ...) from which to extract the geometry, the name of the new entity and the type (for example column, beam, slab, wall, etc.) by selecting it from those available in IFC such as IfcColumn.

Adding a new entity - usBIM.viewer+ - ACCA softwareAdding a new entity

Entity Geometry Replacement

usBIM.viewer+ even allows the user to replace existing object geometries without changing the characteristics (properties and relations). Simply select an existing entity and then select the 3D model file from which to extract the new entity geometry.

Replacing entity geometry (before) - usBIM.viewer+ - ACCA softwareReplacing entity geometry (before)

Replacing entity geometry (after) - usBIM.viewer+ - ACCA softwareReplacing entity geometry (after)

Move/Rotate Entities

The software allows you to move and/or rotate any new or existing entities using snap nodes and object grips to attach to other objects present. If the entity "contains" other objects, these too will be moved (for example, moving a wall will also move its doors/windows).

move and rotate entities function - usBIM.viewer+ - ACCA softwareThe move/rotate entities function

Removing Entities

With usBIM.viewer+ you can also delete an entity from the model. If the entity "contains" other objects, these too will be removed (for example, removing a wall will also remove the relating doors/windows).

All operations performed on the model (added entities, replacements with new geometries, moved and removed) are temporarily preserved so as to be able to "restore" the initial configuration.

Entity marked for removal - usBIM.viewer+ - ACCA softwareEntity marked for removal

Adding/Modifying/Deleting Properties (IfcPropertySet) and Classifications (IfcClassification and IfcClassificationReference)

With usBIM.viewer+ modify existing properties and define a custom classifications scheme.

Easily insert information relating to the most common Classification schemes (Uniformat, Uniclass, Omniclass, Masterformat, Natspec and NBS create).

Modifying existing properties - usBIM.viewer+ - ACCA softwareModifying existing properties
Modification of existing classifications - usBIM.viewer+ - ACCA softwareModification of existing classifications - dialog to choose from known classifications

Property Selection

With usBIMviewer+ each property or entity data (ifcPropertySet and ifcElementQuantity) becomes a useful value to select the model objects to perform analysis or introduce modifications to all highlighted objects simultaneously.

Selection by properties - usBIM.viewer+ - ACCA softwareSelection by properties

Classification selection

usBIM.viewer+ allows you to add a classification (ifcClassification and ifcClassificationReference) to each entity of the BIM model in iFC format. Create classifications freely or refer to standard classification schemes (Masterformat, Omniclass, Uniclass, etc. that are already present in the software). The classifications become selection elements to speed up operations on entire groups of entities with common characteristics.

Selection by classification - usBIM.viewer+ - ACCA softwareSelection by classification

The Measurer

A specific measurement function allows the user to check the geometric dimensions of individual entities or parts of the model at any time. The function can be useful to get measurements directly from the model in any operating phase, both in the design phase, but also in the construction or maintenance phases of the building asset.

Thanks to the usBIM.viewer+ freeware, anyone can get precise geometric data by managing the BIM model in the IFC open format.

Measuring feature - usBIM.viewer+ - ACCA softwareThe Measuring feature

Let's build the next version of usBIM.viewer+ together

usBIM.viewer+ is a freeware software that facilitates the use of the IFC format for the entire construction sector and also spreads concepts and technologies relating to Open BIM.

It’s because of these peculiar features that ACCA has decided to create a project that is open to the Open BIM community, fully focused on the IFC open format, and open the development process to suggestions coming from users for new basic features to be developed for the future evolution of the program.

If you want to send your comments and suggestions for the development of usBIM.viewer+ you can do so by writing to:


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

IFC is an open and non-proprietary file format that allows full interoperability and exchange of data without the risk of introducing errors or loss of information. It is therefore the common language that allows the various professionals and role players of construction process to dialogue with each other.

A fundamental characteristic of the BIM process, in fact, is the collaboration between the various team members involved in the different phases of the structure’s life cycle to insert, extract, update or modify the information present in the model.

With usBIM.viewer+, you can open and view any type of IFC coordiantion view 2X3 files even when produced with different BIM authoring software; furthermore youcan also open other types of 3D models (.skp, .dwg, .dae, etc.) by converting them to the IFC format.

Yes, usBIM.viewer+ is a true IFC file editor with advanced BIM model creation and editing functions. usBIM.viewer+ also allows you to add properties to IFC files, in order to enrich existing information with additional technical, commercial, structural, plant, cost and many other data types. And all this without having the need for a BIM authoring software.

In addition to opening and editing of IFC files, usBIM.viewer+ also allows you to open, convert and export files in the IFC2x3 file format and even load other 3D model files exported with AutoCAD (.dwg), SketchUp® (.skp), 3D Studio® (.3ds) and many others too, and without the need of a dedicated BIM software.

Our software setup procedure allows you to use a specific parameter once you have downloaded the installation package. Network Admins can follow this simple guide to install any of our BIM solutions on multiple PCs.

  • First of all download the setup package here (we're considering usBIM.Viewer+ in this case but it's valid for any ACCA software solution): www.accasoftware.com/freeware/usBIM-viewer+
  • Then, instead of launching the setup directly, click on the: "Do you want to create a setup Package for a different PC", option. Create setup Package for different PC | ACCA software This will dump the entire setup package in the default folder: C:\ACCA\SETUP\usBIM.viewer+
  • Now run the install process using the "-SILENTMODE" parameter in the "RUN" (Windows key+"R") dialogue as follows: C:\ACCA\SETUP\usBIM.viewer+\Setup.exe -SILENTMODE the Installations will launch but default install path and settings will be used: C:\ACCA\usBIM.viewer+
  • You'll notice that there's no need to assist the install process and once completed, the software will be ready for you to use with a double-click on the relating program desktop icon.