Digital Twin Gis | usBIM.geotwin | ACCA software

The dynamic connection between ACCA usBIM platform and Esri® arcGIS ® technology creates intelligent integration between openBIM and GIS

A new paradigm for the digitization and geospatial management of buildings and infrastructures with no limits on the complexity, number and continuous updating of the data.

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Digital twin mapping | usBIM.geotwin | ACCA software

usBIM.geotwin offers you an innovative and cutting-edge solution to create and manage Geospatial Digital Twins of your projects by integrating GIS data with openBIM IFC models.

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GIS provides the context needed to analyze, simulate, and optimize design solutions. The interconnection between BIM and GIS can be used for any type of geospatial query.

It finally becomes possible to create Geospatial Digital Twins for the smart cities of the future.

Digital models that interact with each other at a territorial level to connect information produced in real time by technicians, construction companies, maintenance workers.

Buildings and infrastructures that become real devices interacting with each other at a geospatial level.

Geospatial management and interrogation of openBIM IFC digital models without limits | usBIM.geotwin | ACCA software

Geospatial management and interrogation of openBIM IFC digital models without limits

One of the main limitations of the technologies currently adopted for the digitization of buildings is that they are based on a static integration of data between BIM and GIS systems, which entails numerous limitations in the management of digital twins.

With usBIM.geotwin, on the other hand, you have no limits in the management of digital twins, because its technology is based on a dynamic and bidirectional integration between the openBIM system and the GIS system that allows you to:

  • have all the BIM information always available to the GIS for geospatial queries. No limits on numbers and dimensions, both for specific works and for linear infrastructures such as roads, railways, bridges, tunnels where dimensions and the relating issues are even more complex.
  • create spatial queries on the GIS and immediately visualize the 2D and 3D shapes of the overall dimensions of the BIM model of the construction and the model itself to optimize the design choices;
  • display, directly from the geospatial view, the details of architectural, structural, building or infrastructure model federations and IFC properties with all its data.

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Real-time data of buildings and infrastructures on the GIS, always updated, throughout the life of the IFC models asset | usBIM.geotwin | ACCA software

Real-time data of buildings and infrastructures on the GIS, always updated, throughout the life of the IFC models asset

Thanks to the integration between GIS and openBIM of usBIM.geotwin, you can create integrated and collaborative workflows and optimize asset management in every phase of the work life cycle.

With usBIM.geotwin, in fact, immediately make available on the GIS all the changes and updates made on each digital model.

The use of openBIM formats also allows to guarantee to all stakeholders involved the perennial access to data, the sharing of information and the perfect coordination of activities.

The information that you can access directly from the GIS view are multiples: geometric data, design information, Asset management data, Facilities Management, IoT (Internet of Things).

usBIM.geotwin is able to provide real-time detailed data of any kind to the GIS system.

An example? You can get to see in detail the maintenance operations to be carried out on each individual model, the properties of each individual asset, the active maintenance tickets, the activities performed on each object. The building and its maintenance data can also be used in Immersive or Augmented Virtual Reality to provide cloud indications on the activities to be performed, before or during the intervention.

In addition, through the integration between GIS and openBIM it is possible to monitor the status of complex infrastructure systems, have real-time notification on dangerous situations at the territorial level, analyse in detail each single element that is generating the anomalous behavior and remotely control the infrastructure with virtual reality involving several operators connected in the cloud simultaneously on the same model.


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openBIM GIS TECHNOLOGY® | usBIM.geotwin | ACCA software

From the synergy between ACCA and Esri® - the main worldwide players in openBIM® and GIS sectors - the ArcGIS Digital Twins of usBIM.geotwin are now born.

A revolution that passes from simplicity towards a big step forward for the digitization of the construction sector.


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What is a geospatial digital twin?

A geospatial digital twin is a digital model of an environment, asset, building, infrastructure, etc. enhanced with geospatial data.

GIS technology is used to create a scaled digital replica of the physical environment, including buildings, roads and bridges.

By combining GIS geospatial data and BIM technology, geospatial digital twins can:

  • provide a complete view of the current status of the project;
  • offer powerful simulation tools to accurately prepare for the occurrence of potential problems and to take appropriate corrective measures;
  • allow informed decisions on investment and infrastructure development.

The integrated vision provided by geospatial digital twins can be used to improve the design and decision-making process in numerous sectors, including for example asset management, urban planning, infrastructure monitoring.

Why is a geospatial digital twin useful?

Geospatial digital twins are extremely useful as they provide immediately available information in the design, construction and maintenance of a work. There are numerous fields in which they can be used (optimization of environmental resources, energy saving, safety and much more). For example, it is possible to exploit GIS information to:
  • identify the amount of rainwater that can be collected and consequently design adequate and well-sized collection systems to irrigate public green areas, parks and gardens;
  • guide designers in choosing the orientation, location and construction materials of works in areas at risk of flooding;
  • to identify dangerous situations at a local level, evaluate in detail each single element that is generating anomalous behaviour and remotely monitor the infrastructure.

How digital twins and GIS optimize the operation of smart buildings?

The integration between Digital twin and GIS is revolutionizing the AEC sector and setting the stage for the design and management of intelligent buildings and smart cities.

By leveraging digital twins, building designers and owners have instant access to digital representations of thousands of physical objects and systems that can be updated and monitored in real time.

GIS further enhances these management and control capabilities by providing geospatial analyses that make it easier to geolocate and understand the interactions and interdependencies between different elements.

The combination of these two technologies helps to monitor the performance and energy consumption of buildings, the scheduling and costs of maintenance interventions, the operation of HVAC equipment, the efficiency and safety of infrastructure assets, etc. in a much more effective way.

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