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Point cloud to BIM software | Edificius | ACCA software

Looking for a Point cloud to BIM software to transform your point cloud clusters into a BIM model?
With Edificius you can switch from a Point Cloud to a BIM model with just a few clicks!


Point Cloud to BIM software free download together with free technical support, then choose the subscription plan that suits you best.

BIM point cloud | Edificius | ACCA software

Switch from Point Cloud to BIM quickly and easily

Edificius has specific features that allow you to build the digital twin of a built environment starting from photogrammetric or laser scanner data (scan to bim) and to significantly reduce the BIM modelling process. You can:

  • align the point cloud to the X and Y axes
  • change the point dimensions
  • add the vertical section and quickly define the floor levels thanks to the advanced HRS Manager (Height Reference System)
  • define the horizontal sections for all desired floors
  • insert architectural objects (walls, doors, windows, etc.) using snap nodes and practical point cloud accelerators.

Now create your BIM models starting from your Point Cloud files and without rebuilding the architectural model from scratch.

The Point Cloud to BIM model tools are neatly arranged within a specific environment in the Edificius Project Navigator.
BIM point cloud to IFC video | Edificius | ACCA software

Watch the demo video and find out how to manage "Point Cloud to BIM" with Edificius (Duration: 8:18 minutes)

Manage a Point Cloud to BIM process
even faster and more powerful
thanks to the integration with usBIM

Point Cloud BIM | Edificius | ACCA software

Edificius takes full advantage of the high performance usBIM.pointcloud application to quickly open, view, manage, federate and acquire Point Clouds of any size and complexity and without depending on your PC's hardware.

The integration between Edificius and usBIM.pointcloud optimizes your Point Cloud to BIM processes:

  • upload your point clouds of any size to the cloud , access and view your point clouds from anywhere and with any device and easily share them with your colleagues and team members
  • view and manage even the most complex of point clouds completely online and in many well-known formats such as .PTS, .XYZPLY, .E57, .LAS, .LAZ, .XYZCIRN and .ASC; without using any external software requiring expensive hardware
  • Federate different model formats and manage various viewing, movements, rotations and scaling options
  • place the point cloud in its real context thanks to the BIM-GIS integration
  • share point clouds and texturized meshes also via the usBIM integrated system chat service.
  • partialize the point clouds
  • select and import the portion of the point cloud you want to work on into Edificius, significantly reducing processing times.
ondemand_video Watch the video

Find out more about the usBIM.pointcloud application
Renders directly from point cloud scan to BIM software | Edificius | ACCA software

Automatically obtain technical documentation and photorealistic renders directly from the Scan to BIM software

Once you have created the 3D model from the point cloud with Edificius, generate automatically:

  • drawing models (plan views, cross-sections, elevation views, etc.)
  • isometric views
  • construction drawings
  • construction cost estimates
  • photorealistic renderings

You can also overlay the architectural model over the point cloud for all kinds of validation and checking purposes, activate and deactivate section views, apply textures and shading and even take virtual tours navigating within the model in first person with Real-Time Rendering or Virtual Reality.

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