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free 3D Real Time Rendering software | Edificius+RTBIM | ACCA software

Looking for a software to view your project in real time?

Find out how Edificius integrates Real-Time Rendering with 3D BIM modelling to produce extraordinary, visually impressive architecture scenes for interior design, landscape design, HBIM and MEP systems in real time.

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Real time 3D rendering software | Edificius+RTBIM | ACCA software

No more waiting hours and days for renderings to complete

Take advantage of the high-performance archviz output that only a real-time rendering software like Edificius can offer!

Video 3D building rendering software | Edificius+RTBIM | ACCA Software
Integrated CAD DWG | Edificius+RTBIM | ACCA software
Model and validate design choices in real-time
Real-time rendering | Edificius+RTBIM | ACCA software
Produce realistic project simulations as if it were already built and try out different technical solutions all in real time
Photorealistic Rendering | Edificius+RTBIM | ACCA software
Produce high-quality archviz output in a fraction of the time
Multimedia presentations | Edificius+RTBIM | ACCA software
Produce amazing video presentations of your projects
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3D Real-Time rendering improves your way of designing!

Real-Time rendering and architectural design | Edificius+RTBIM | ACCA Software

Real-Time rendering and architectural design

Imagine having full control over dimensions, positions and properties for each architectural element and being able to see a dynamic 3D render in real time.

With Edificius real time 3D rendering software, now you can! One of the great advantages of 3D BIM modelling is the dynamic integration of the various views.

Check and evaluate your design choices in real time; whenever you change materials and colors or the characteristics of an object, their graphical representation is instantly updated in the real-time rendering view.

A rendered image is generated in a fraction of the time compared to traditional rendering engines and even HD-Video takes a few minutes instead of many days of processing.


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Real-Time rendering and interior design | Edificius+RTBIM | ACCA Software

Real-Time rendering e interior design

With Edificius you can choose from a wide variety of optimised furniture objects for your environments directly from the online catalogue, enrich them with materials, colors and 3D textures and see the visual output in real time!

The real-time rendered model allows you to see your BIM model with realistic materials, specular reflections and dynamic shadows generated by light points present in the model.

These representations help you to evaluate each interior design choice correctly offering an improved overall perception of spaces.


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Building rendering software free for one month
Real-Time rendering and public spaces design | Edificius+RTBIM | ACCA Software

Real-Time rendering and public spaces design

Use the Real-Time rendering tools to enhance your landscape design projects with very realistic and professional representations.

The Edificius catalogue offers you a wide range of objects and textures for furniture, the arrangement of outdoor spaces and the representation of plants and vegetation with movement for real-time viewing.
Improve your scenes with:

  • the dynamic meteorological system (clouds, rain, dynamic daytime lighting);
  • the fog effect;
  • animations (characters, water, birds, trees, bushes and plants);
  • three-dimensional audio effects.

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Real-time rendering and MEP modeling | Edificius+RTBIM | ACCA Software

Real-time rendering and MEP modeling

RTBIM technology integrated with MEP modelling workflows improves your productivity, the quality of your work and your collaboration with other technicians.

Real-Time rendering offers you an overview of the building-plant system and a new way of evaluating the spatial and dimensional coherence of the plants.

With Real-Time Rendering, instantly detect possible design errors and interferences between systems, architecture and structures much faster.

Also, provide a more effective representation of the project, useful at every stage of its life cycle.


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Real-Time rendering changes the way you present your project!

Real-Time Rendering is also an extraordinary tool for architectural visualization. Present your project to your clients, change every detail upon request and evaluate other possible options in real time.

Real Time Architecture software
Take advantage of dynamic image resolution upscaling | Edificius+RTBIM | ACCA software

Take advantage of dynamic image resolution upscaling and reduced GPU processing workloads

Edificius can automatically activate the best image upscaling technology based on your GPU - even more realism, better lighting dynamics and improved image output.

This performance "boost" allows you to enrich your project with extra graphical details that otherwise your video card wouldn't be able to handle.

Edificius is the first BIM software in the world to have both leading upscaling technologies together:

  • DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology developed by Nvidia and based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms
  • FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) technology developed by AMD and based on a more classic upscaling algorithm that renders by "scaling" the image to a target resolution

These two “upscaling” modes, combined with Edificius RTBIM's Real Time Ray Tracing, guarantee you an incredible visual experience.

Simulate the true physical behaviour of light with soft shadows and accurate reflections for even more professional and realistic images.


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Free Building Rendering Software
Fast renders with stunning lighting effects | Edificius+RTBIM | ACCA software

Get fast renders with stunning lighting effects

Do you want to take advantage of the speed of real-time rendering without sacrificing the quality of "static" rendering? Edificius has exactly what you need!

The first software in the world to use Unreal Engine's Path Tracing technology (Epic Games) in BIM modeling workflows.

Learn more about the new Path Tracing features.

An exclusive and highly advanced technology for progressive rendering with DXR acceleration, allowing you to produce high quality photorealistic images in Real-Time with uncompromising global illumination, physically correct refractions, super-sampled anti-aliasing and much more.

With Edificius, choose Ray Tracing or Path Tracing for real-time rendering of the BIM model. Set your viewpoint and lighting parameters (contrast, exposure, photo effects, lighting) and produce amazing photo-realistic images and professional video presentations.


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Real time rendering software for architecture free for one month

Real Time architectural visualization software

Create spectacular project presentations

The powerful features of Real-Time Rendering in a dynamic video editing environement. BIM Video Studio offers true video-editing tools to create your project video presentations.

Videos created with BIM video studio are dynamically linked to the BIM model; similar to other typical building design output (floor plans, cross-sections, axonometry views and other representations of the 3D model, videos generated with BIM Video Studio will automatically update whenever the model is modified.


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Create immersive 360° panorama photos

Engage your customers in 360° by placing them into a new reality: the one designed by you!

Produce 360° panorama scenes and experience your design solution in a fully immersive view using a compatible HMD unit.

This kind of representation has the promise to provide AEC professionals with the ability to experience their project designs before they're built as a digital duplication of the final product becoming an important prerequisite allowing architects and engineers to create and interact with their digital designs more intuitively.

Your 360° panorama creations are social-media ready and automatically detected as panorama content when shared online. An innovative solution to communicate your design ideas to discerning users with greater clarity, while exploring different solutions before moving on to their actual realization.


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Free real time rendering software for one month
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YES. With Edificius you no longer need multiple software solutions for your architectural design. With a single software you can now deal with architecture, outdoor spaces and gardens, interior design, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

Terrain and land modeling, together with outdoor spaces and gardens design aspects, are specific Edificius functions available in a dedicated environment integrated in the software.

The modeling of MEP systems (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) are specific Edificius functions available in a dedicated environment integrated in the software.

You can integrate Edificius with a wide range of ACCA software solutions.

You have dynamic integration features with Sketchup®, Grasshopper®, Revit® and Blender® for modeling free-form solids.

Also use the full power of a native 2D and 3D DWG CAD software, Edificius CAD, included for free in Edificius.

Import and export the architectural BIM model in the IFC format. Get topographic and land survey data directly from Google Maps™ satellite imagery.

Yes, AIrBIMpro2 rendering technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already integrated in Edificius.

Yes, the RTBIM Real-Time Rendering (RTR) technology is provided in both Edificius with the optional RTBIM module.

Yes, the VRiBIM immersive Virtual Reality (VR) technology can be integrated in Edificius with the optional VRiBIM module.

YES. With Edificius you can collaborate in the BIM process in complete safety because it has obtained certification by buildingSMART.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is increasingly a reality that involves collaboration, interoperability and coordination between the various stakeholders of the construction industry. With Edificius you can collaborate securely with all the best Authoring and BIM Tools certified by Building Smart International.

More information about the certification