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Are you looking for an "all in one" 3D architectural software?

Discover Edificius, the first BIM software that integrates 2D and 3D architectural design tools with Rendering, Scene Photomontages, Real-Time rendering, Video editing, Immersive Virtual Reality...

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Free Architecture Design Software for an month | Edificius | ACCA software

Edificius offers you a unique 3D design software for architecture with a complete set of modelling and architectural visualization tools.

The "easy-to-use" BIM software for architects and other professionals for every phase of the architectural project, from concept to final design.

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Model in plan or directly in 3D view | Edificius | ACCA software

3D/BIM modeling and integrated DWG CAD

Model in plan view or directly in 3D and experience BIM software architecture. Use BIM objects and modelling tools or the integrated DWG CAD or even start from IFC models in the IFC format.
Print and update all project documentation | Edificius | ACCA software

Automatic project drawings

Print and update all your project documentation from model (floor plan views, elevations, cross-sections, axonometric, isometric cut-away views) and quickly compose your construction drawings
Demolish and Build | Edificius | ACCA software

Re-modelling projects

Manage re-modelling projects with the Project Group phasing tools (demolish and Build)
Import file Revit, Sketchup, Blender | Edificius | ACCA software

Integration with Revit®, SketchUp®, Blender® or Rhino / Grasshopper®

Import models created with other 3D architecture software and modellers such as Revit®, Sketchup®, Blender® and Rhino/Grasshopper®
Online BIM objects library | Edificius | ACCA software

BIM objects library

Complete and enrich your project with 3D Models and textures from the free, online BIM objects library
Photo editing | Edificius | ACCA software

Photo editing

Put your model into context and simulate it inside the surrounding environment with embedded photo-matching and photo editing tools
Photo-realistic renders | Edificius | ACCA software

Photo-realistic renders

Create super-fast professional and photo-realistic renders using the AIrBIMpro2 RayTracing engine with Artificial Intelligence denoising
Real-time rendering | Edificius | ACCA software

Real-time rendering

Evaluate your design choices in real-time rendering
Videos and presentations | Edificius | ACCA software

Video presentations

Produce highly impressive and presentations
VRi | Edificius | ACCA software

Immersive virtual reality experiences

Create immersive virtual reality (VRi) experiences for your clients
Share 3D models online | Edificius | ACCA software

3D models online viewer

Publish, browse and share your 3D models online
Collaborate with a team | Edificius | ACCA software

BIM collaboration

Collaborate with your project team members involved in other AEC disciplines: import and export in the standard IFC format, full interoperability with other BIM authoring software and BIM tools, take advantage of the integration with collaborative BIM management platforms

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Architecture Interior Design software free download | Edificius | ACCA software
3D design software architecture | Edificius | ACCA software
Project Render | Edificius | ACCA software
Interior design program | Edificius | ACCA software
Professional 3D interior design | Edificius | ACCA software
3D interior design for Windows | Edificius | ACCA software
3D software for interior designer | Edificius | ACCA software
Interior design render | Edificius | ACCA software
Professional Interior Design software free download | Edificius | ACCA software
Architecture Interior design software free download | Edificius | ACCA software
3D Interior design software for windows | Edificius | ACCA software
Interior design programs free | Edificius | ACCA software

Architectural projects rendered with Edificius+AIrBIMpro2

Model in 2D/3D with parametric BIM objects | Edificius | ACCA Software

Quickly model in 2D/3D with parametric BIM objects and design buildings with advanced drawing tools

Edificius is the best architectural design software solution combined to BIM modelling for simple, fast and intuitive design results.

Master BIM program architecture with Edificius. You can work in 2D or directly in 3D with dedicated BIM parametric objects such as beams, columns, walls, etc. and dynamically get floor plans, elevations, sections, axonometries, isometrics cut-away... All from just a 2D or 3D input!

Any editing on the BIM model corresponds to an automatic and dynamic variation of all views and all project drawings.

Thanks to the standard IFC format and advanced automatic object recognition functions:

  • you can create a project starting from a BIM model generated with another architectural modelling software such as Revit®, ArchiCAD®, etc.
  • easily exchange data and collaborate with other designers involved (structural calculation, energy performance, plant engineering, etc.) in the realization of the project.

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You will get a free 3D architectural design software with the complete set of features
Automatic construction drawings the model| Edificius | ACCA software

Automatic construction drawings from the model

How often do you need to update the documentation after changes or corrections to your models?

With Edificius and the BIM modelling from 2D/3D architectural design, you can dynamically update your architectural drawings and all the project documentation (floor plans, cross-sections, elevation views, axonometries, isometric cut-away illustrations, perspectives, architectural reports, tables and schedules, land elevation profiles).

Drawings are dynamically connected with the BIM model; whenever the project changes, all relating documents and views will also be automatically updated.

Compose working drawings using simple drag & drop operations: just drag the drawings into paper space (including renders of your architectural project) and arrange them according to your creativity needs.

You can export all the graphics in DXF/DWG/DWF format and the reports in RTF format.

Furthermore, for the objects "Room", "Envelope", "Door" and "Window" Edificius groups in synthetic tables all the information related to assigned architectural zones, characteristics, materials and models, metric and geometric data, material layers, etc.

In addition to drawing models, with Edificius you get dynamic BoQ directly from the architectural model.


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Manage re-modelling projects, renovations and variations | Edificius | ACCA software

Manage re-modelling projects, renovations and variations with the Project Group workflow (Demolish and Build)

Apart from being a 3D architectural software, it offers a dedicated environment for addressing re-modellings and project variations:

  • design project variations and renovations with specific phasing tools to demolish, rebuild or modify architectural objects from existing to new
  • dynamically compare the architectural BIM models that represent the "Surveyed Situation" and "Design Stage"
  • print the comparison drawing models and the relating BoQs

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Online BIM objects library | Edificius | ACCA Software

Create and customize your project with free resources available from the online BIM objects library

Edificius offers you a free online catalogue to complete and enrich your architectural project with all the necessary objects or elements.

HD PBR textures, CAD blocks, 3D models ... There are tens of thousands of free resources available in our online library that you can bring directly into our architecture software.

Access and browse libraries quickly, import and export the native .BOL files or the entire BIM library online.

You can publish your own custom elements in the online library and you can take advantage of the editor to modify an element or material with a simple click.

Many of the resources available in the catalogue are real and commercial objects, created by the most important manufacturers and the most famous brands in the sector.

Discover the on line library

Import IFC, DWG, DXF files or 3D models | Edificius | ACCA software

Import IFC, DWG, DXF files or 3D models from Revit®, SketchUp®, Blender® or Rhino / Grasshopper®

With Edificius you can import drawings in IFC, DXF /DWG format or insert external objects created with 3D solid modelers such as Revit®, SketchUp®, Blender® or Rhino / Grasshopper®, in many formats (.3DS, .SKP, .OBJ, etc.).

Dynamic integration with these modelers allows you to modify existing models (even if previously imported into Edificius), and obtain increasingly complex shapes, even managing point cloud clusters.


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Free CAD application integrated in BIM software | Edificius | ACCA software

Also get a free 2D/3D CAD application integrated in a BIM software for architecture!

With Edificius you have an integrated and free CAD DWG to make 2D technical drawings and 3D mesh modelling.

With Edificius-CAD:

  • import and open files in "DXF AutoCAD" and "DWG AutoCAD" formats
  • edit them directly in Edificius with lines, polylines, arcs, circles, blocks, fills, splines, 3D polylines, mesh, face, 3D solid face, helix, point cloud, revision balloon.
  • create and save files in native DWG format (manageable by other CADs)

Use it for free

You will get a free architectural software with the complete set of features

Photomatching tool to evaluate building visual impact | Edificius | ACCA software

Use the photomatching tool to evaluate your building's visual impact in true context

Edificius is an architect design software with extremely advanced functions for scene photo-matching and photo editing.

Simply upload a photo and the software allows you to reconstruct the perspective, locate the orthogonal planes, set the vanishing lines and position the 3D model over the image and apply visibility, transparencies and shadows to get an even more realistic effect.

With a rendered image using the photo match tool you can even add further photo editing effects.


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Photo-realistic renders | Edificius | ACCA software

Produce photo-realistic and highly professional renders instantly

Thanks to the integration with AMD’s Radeon™ ProRender Ray Tracing Engine, Edificius uses its Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning Denoiser) to produce high quality renders at super-high speed, without wasting time making adjustments and above all without doing any post-processing with other dedicated software.

The use of PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials and IBL (Image-based lighting) technologies guarantee extremely highly photo-realistic quality results and extraordinary light and reflection effects.


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Design, simulate and present the project in real-time rendering

Thanks to the RTBIM environment, Edificius integrates Real-Time Rendering to the BIM model which can be used for:

  • design buildings while checking the results of your architectural creations in real time
  • get static photo-realistic renderings in real time
  • create and publish 360° images on Facebook for immersive representations

RTBIM can be integrated into Edificius with a specific subscription.


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Video editing tools to create multimedia presentations projects | Edificius | ACCA Software

Improve your Archviz output with professional video editing tools to create high-impact multimedia presentations of your projects

In the "BIM Video Studio" environment you can easily manage a timeline composed by texts, static and dynamic scenes, floor plans, plans, sections, elevations, isometrics views and working drawings; fix cameras position in the model, simulate atmospheric effects or solar lighting and record movies.

The videos created are dynamically linked to the BIM model and will change automatically if changes are made to the model.


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Immersive virtual reality with BIM model | Edificius | ACCA software

Create immersive virtual reality experiences dynamically connected with the BIM model

With the VRiBIM features, Edificius offers you the first immersive virtual reality technology completely embedded in an architecture bim software to take virtual tours of BIM.

With VRiBIM, immersive virtual reality is integrated and dynamically connected to the BIM model: you can explore the BIM model in virtual reality directly from Edificius and also interact with your VR headset controllers modifying it in real-time or from the software modelling environment.

RTBIM can be integrated into Edificius with a specific subscription.


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Share 3D project online | Edificius | ACCA Software

View, publish and share your 3D project online

With Edificius you can publish your 3D models online and share them with everyone.

Save the BIM file to the cloud and create a link to share access to the 3D BIM model in virtual reality.

All you need is an Internet connection and a browser to view the project from your PC, smartphone or tablet. It’s that easy!


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openBIM processes | Edificius | ACCA Software

Collaborate with your design team and professionals from other disciplines in openBIM processes

Edificius helps you to be more productive and to coordinate the activities of your firm in an improved and more efficient workflow.

You can import files and models from other 3D modelling software and, thanks to the standard IFC format, from BIM authoring software and BIM tools such as Revit®, ArchiCAD®, etc.

You can export your model in .IFC, .DWG / DXF, .SVG, .OBJ, .SKP, .AED, .STL, .PLY.

In addition, our BIM architecture software offers advanced integration functions with opeBIM collaborative platform usBIM.


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Free Technical support and Training ACCA software, always with you providing technical support for all your needs.


Here are some examples of architectural projects that you can download for free:

  • Focus projects: over 50 articles regarding residential, public, commercial and sporting purposes.

A good presentation of a project is a crucial step towards decision making and realization.

Today, thanks to the level of advanced visuals applied to architectural design, with Edificius you can present your architectural creations to your clients in multiple ways:

  • 3D views (isometric views, perspectives, isometric cross-sections);
  • photo-realistic renders in detail and highly impressive, which can now be produced in a very short time (see how to do it);
  • videos based on real-time rendering (see an example);
  • immersive virtual reality (watch the video);
  • by sharing a link to view the project on a common browser (find out more);

IFC is the "common" file format, information model, which allows all designers belonging to a team (architects, structural engineers, MEP engineer, etc.) to exchange their BIM models, regardless of the native software or formats used.

Edificius can import and export in the standard IFC format.

Edificius can import and export in IFC 2x3 format because it has achieved the buildingSMART International IFC Coordination View 2.0 certifications.

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