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Do you think it is better to design your building’s installations systems in 3D but don't want to lose the freedom that your old CAD gives you?

Discover the BIM software for 3D modeling of installation systems, as simple as a CAD!


Try the MEP software for free, together with free technical support for a month. Then choose the subscription plan that suits you best.

Edificius MEP is the new generation BIM MEP software for 3D modeling of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems integrated with architectural design.

With Edificius MEP you can continue to work with the same freedom as with a CAD, but with all the advantages of a BIM!

Video MEP software | Edificius MEP | ACCA software
Watch the video "Edificius MEP: MEP software" (Duration: 4:04 minutes)
Modeling BIM systems | Edificius MEP | ACCA software

Model in plan and section view and now also in 3Dwith the advantage of seeing and truly understanding how the entire system develops and affects the building.

Architectural drawing models | Edificius MEP | ACCA software

You have the 3D, 4D and 5D dimensions dynamically integratedto avoid errors and wasting of time in drafting project documents, the cost estimate and the schedule of works

Interoperability with IFC standards | Edificius MEP | ACCA software

Design your Installation systems in full integration with the architectural and structural layout while maintaining control of any interference and incompatibility aspects between the various design disciplines.

Real-Time rendering and Immersive Virtual Reality | Edificius MEP | ACCA software

Take a tour of the BIM model in an interactive immersive Virtual Reality experienceto check every single detail and see your system as if it were already built.

You have an intuitive and adaptive "Smart MEP" modeler with intelligent component connections and automatic alignments

Edificius MEP is feature-packed with unique design tools in the panorama of BIM modelling for MEP systems thanks to innovative 2D/3D modelling functions.

Forget working in 2D plan or section view to model your MEP systems - as you would with other "BIM Authoring" MEP modeling software - to model your systems: with Edificius MEP you can finally deal with systems modelling in a simple and intuitive way also by working directly in 3D view with dedicated parametric objects.

The “Smart MEP” modeler makes the software behave adaptively showing exactly what the user expects automatically.

The individual elements (pipes, ducts, accessories, etc.) can be positioned using functions that simplify modelling operations with, intelligent connections alignment tools and automatic orientations.

Thanks to the intelligent connection ports, everytime a MEP object is added to the system, it is automatically adjusted and modified both from a geometric point of view (diameter, width, height, etc.) and in shape (inserting elbow joints, curves, fittings, etc...) for a correct and seamless connection with other components.

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Choose from installations modeling types | Edificius MEP | ACCA software

Choose from multiple installations modeling types.

With Edificius MEP you can model any type of network or system either inside or outside the building quickly and precisely with specific parametric objects.

Edificius MEP allows you to choose between the following types of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems:

  • electrical Watch the video
  • plumbing systems
  • fire extinguishing systems
  • Hydronic HVAC systems
  • direct expansion HVAC systems
  • Aeraulic HVAC systems
  • Drain, waste and vent systems
  • gas distribution systems
LODs design flows and manage | Edificius MEP | ACCA software

Follow design flows and manage LODs

With Edificius MEP you have the advantage of designing mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems while continuing to operate on the same model accessing an enormous amount of information.

The high level of detail that can be achieved with the simplicity and naturalness of Edificius MEP allows you to concentrate on the best possible technical solutions and verify them immediately integrating architecture, structural, installation systems or other components of the building.

The natural and intuitive workflow of Edificius MEP allows you to define the project LODs in a progressive way. Model the system using 3D parametric objects and when the appropriate degree of design detail is reached, it replaces the parametric objects with the corresponding manufacturer object..

This workflow does not force the designer to populate the project catalog in advance with hundreds of commercial objects during the modeling phase and contributes to making the whole MEP modelling process much easier and straight-forward to manage.

Create infinite BIM objects | Edificius MEP | ACCA software

Create an infinite BIM objects library with the parametric MEP object configurator

With Edificius MEP you have free access to the rich BIM Objects Library containing the different types of pipes and ducting sections (mechanical, electrical and plumbing), fittings (curves, joints, transitions, plugs), special accessories, equipment and terminals (sanitary, heating systems , kitchen cabinets, etc.).

In addition, with the BIM MEP objects configurator, you create any specific component or installation system during the project design process.

After configuring the object, you can "match" it with the corresponding market product, upload it to the online catalogue and automatically utilize it in all new projects.

It is a unique and innovative method for finding an object, which starts from defining its functional characteristics in the project, offering maximum design freedom without binding component choices to those available in the catalog..

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Convert architectural objects into MEP objects | Edificius MEP | ACCA software

Convert architectural objects into MEP objects

With Edificius MEP you can transform 3D architectural objects into MEP objects and therefore design the MEP systems in consistency with other design choices, such as the furniture styles for instance.

All objects and 3D Models, useful for architectural representations (such as the sanitary appliances, kitchen furniture, heating systems, etc.) that are also part of the MEP system, can be converted into specific parametric MEP objects and customized with intelligent port connectors and other functional parameters for installations and systems modeling.

MEP object from 3D model | Edificius MEP | ACCA software

Create new MEP objects from 3D models

With the same guided procedure proposed for converting architectural objects, Edificius-MEP allows you to create a new MEP object starting from a 3D model:

  • import the 3D file (.ifc, .skp, .obj, .dae, etc.)
  • select the category and type of an object similar to the one you want to create
  • enter the geometric properties corresponding to the 3D model
  • define the characteristic technical data and the object custom properties
  • insert the port connectors
Import and export models IFC format | Edificius MEP | ACCA software

Import and export models in the IFC format to interact with any other BIM software

Edificius MEP, fully compliant with the IFC Open-BIM philosophy, can import an IFC format file, even if produced with other architectural "BIM Authoring" software such as Autodesk Revit®, ArchiCAD®, etc. and can seamlessly export the MEP model according to the IFC CV2.0-MEP standard for further system design workflows.

Thanks to advanced automatic object recognition functions, with Edificius MEP you can create a project starting from an IFC model created with other architectural, structural design software, etc.

LExport according to the IFC CV2.0-MEP standard applies to both the elementary objects and the "System": the grouping of objects that form the installations. The IFC model is then exported with the individual system objects categorized and ready for the subsequent design, verification and sizing phases by electrical and thermo-hydraulic designers.

The Edificius import and export features in IFC 2x3 format have the IFC Coordination View 2.0 certifications by buildingSMART International.

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Print drawing models legends schedules and cost estimate data | Edificius MEP | ACCA software

Print drawing models, legends, schedules and cost estimate data, etc. directly from the MEP model

With Edificius MEP automatically produce the following construction documents directly from the 3D model:

  • the system drawing plans
  • the project working drawings
  • a descriptive technical report of the project
  • a comprehensive components list
  • a detailed Bill of Quantities

Using different colours for the different installation systems, combined with different views of the building, offer multiple graphical and representation possibilities.

There are specific options - that allow you to view the upper or lower part of the system together with milder colour mapping - to obtain customizable and easier to read system drawings.

Simulate evolution of project over time | Edificius MEP | ACCA software

Simulate the evolution of the project over time

Edificius MEP offers a "4D-GANTT" environment for an integrated time analysis management of the project. By building up a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), you can break down the project into elementary parts (periods) and connect them to the model objects with simple drag and drop operations. By running the Gantt Timeline, you can see a visual simulation of how the different work phases progress in time.

Share projects on the usBIM.platform | Edificius MEP | ACCA software

Share projects on the usBIM.platform collaborative platform

Edificius MEP has advanced integration functions with the collaborative cloud platform usBIM.platform.

usBIM.platform is a data sharing environment designed specifically to start collaboration processes and simplify implementation of the BIM methodology even in small projects and small organizations.

The cloud platform of usBIM.platform responds to the needs imposed by current regulations and technologies and allows the transition to BIM much easier and more accessible to everyone.

Find out more about usBIM.platform

View your building’s installation system and experience it with Real-Time rendering and Immersive Virtual Reality

Rendering with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Edificius MEP integrates the revolutionary AIrBIM technology that uses Artificial Intelligence to produce photo-realistic renderings in just a fraction of the time that traditional ray tracer engines do. Create professional renders without being an expert, without wasting time making adjustments and above all without doing any post-processing operations with other dedicated software.

Real-Time (RT) rendering

Edificius MEP can also be integrated with RTBIM, a Real Time rendering technology that helps you to check your design choices in real time. In Real-Time rendering view, you can move around the BIM model exploring different details and scenarios. At a simple click of a button, you can produce a High-Definition rendered image instantaneously. Everything is perfectly and dynamically integrated respecting the true BIM philosophy.

Immersive Virtual Reality

Further integration allows you to add VRiBIM technology to Edificius MEP to explore and navigate throughout your MEP designs in a 1:1 true life-like scale. Each BIM model becomes an interactive environment that responds to user inputs supporting immediate ideas for improving the project. Thanks to VRiBIM, it’s much easier to try different design solutions and evaluate their feasibility in real time.

Free Technical support and Training ACCA is always by your side providing the technical support you need during your daily work


Terrain and land modeling, together with outdoor spaces and gardens design aspects, are specific Edificius functions available:

  • in a dedicated environment integrated in the software
  • in the specific software Edificius LAND (available separately).

The modeling of MEP systems (mechanical, electronic and plumbing) are specific Edificius functions available in a dedicated environment integrated in the software.

You can integrate Edificius with a wide range of ACCA software solutions (see the full comparison table for details).

You have dynamic integration features with Sketchup®, Grasshopper®, Revit® and Blender® for modeling free-form solids.

Also use the full power of a native 2D and 3D DWG CAD software, Edificius CAD, included for free in Edificius.

Import and export the architectural BIM model in the IFC format. Get topographic and land survey data directly from Google Maps™ satellite imagery.

Yes, AIrBIM rendering technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already integrated in Edificius and Edificius LAND.

Yes, the RTBIM Real-Time Rendering (RTR) technology is provided in both Edificius and Edificius LAND with the optional RTBIM module.

Yes, the VRiBIM immersive Virtual Reality (VR) technology can be integrated in Edificius and Edificius LAND with the optional VRiBIM module.

YES. With Edificius you can collaborate in the BIM process in complete safety because it has obtained certification by buildingSMART.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is increasingly a reality that involves collaboration, interoperability and coordination between the various stakeholders of the construction industry. With Edificius you can collaborate securely with all the best Authoring and BIM Tools certified by Building Smart International.

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