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2D/3D architectural design with Edificius software

Edificius is the Architectural BIM Design software that allows you to generate floor plans, elevation views, cross-sections, isometric and perspective views with a simple 2D or 3D input!

  • 2D design with integrated CAD DWG
  • 3D modeling with parametric objects
  • Online BIM Objects Library
  • Import from SketchUp®Blender®, Rhino/Grasshopper® and many different formats
  • All the project documents and Cost Estimating integrated with model BIM
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2D/3D architectural design

3D architectural design with parametric architectural BIM objects | Edificius | ACCA software

3D architectural design with parametric architectural BIM objects

With the 3D Edificius Architectural Design software you can quickly and easily define the building’s BIM model with parametric architectural BIM objects specifically for 3D architectural design.

Each step of the BIM modelling phase corresponds to an automatic and dynamic variation of the relating construction documents deriving from the project! A way to save time and avoid errors.

Free textures, CAD blocks and 3D models | Edificius | ACCA software

Free textures, CAD blocks and 3D models

The online BIM object library contains tens of thousands of free resources already optimized for Edificius (Texture HD, CAD Blocks, 3D Models, etc.) to help you design better and faster.

You can download all the resources you need.

Publish and share your items too.

Integrated CAD | Edificius | ACCA software

Integrated CAD

Edificius also includes Edificius-CAD, a professional 2D and 3D DWG CAD software, with interface, drawing modality and commands similar to the most popular professional CAD systems on the market.

With Edificius-CAD integrated in Edificius you import DXF / DWG files and you can edit them directly in Edificius with lines, polylines, arcs, circles, blocks, screens, splines, 3D polylines, mesh, face, 3D face solids, helix, point cloud, revision cartoon.

BIM integration with SketchUp® | Edificius | ACCA software

Integration with SketchUp®

Edificius provides a dynamic integration feature with SketchUp to satisfy creativity needs even for the most demanding design tasks.

Create 3D solid models of any type and shape for maximum freedom of expression.

BIM integration with Blender® | Edificius | ACCA software

Integration with Blender®

Edificius can also integrate the BIM model with Blender too, one of the best solid modeling solutions.

Enrich your Edificius project with additional objects modeled using Blender and use its specific features that are comparable to other well-known 3D modeling programs such as 3D Studio Max® and Maya®.

Integration with Rhino/Grasshopper | Edificius | ACCA software

Integration with Rhino/Grasshopper®

Alongside SketchUp and Blender, Edificius BIM3 now supports an additional integration process that dynamically connects with Rhino-Grasshopper®, one of the most powerful algorithmic modeling software for the generation and control of simple and complex shapes.

Thanks to the Edificius-Rhino-Grasshopper® connection you can:

  • import Rhino-Grasshopper® models into Edificius
  • modify existing models (even if previously imported into Edificius)
  • manage point cloud clusters
  • take advantage of Grasshopper® parametric systems to obtain increasingly complex shapes

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IFC Certification

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File formats supported

Import .dxf/.dwg (CAD) | .skp (SketchUp®) | .dae (Collada®) | .rvt/.rft (Revit®) | .bvh | .3ds/.ase (3D Studio Max®) | .boj | .ply | .ifc | .nff | .mdc | .q3o/.q3s (quick3D®) | .raw | . ac | .stl | .irrmesh | .xml | .irr | .off | .ter | .mdl (3D GameStudio Model) | .hmp (3D GameStudio Terrain) | .mesh.xml | .skeleton.xml | .material (OGRE 3D) | .ms3d (Milkshape 3D) | .lwo (Lightwave Model) | .lws (LightWave Scene) | .lxo (Modo Model) | .csm (CharacterStudio Motion) | .cob/.scn (TrueSpace) | .xgl | .dgn | .bmp | .jpg | . jpeg | .jif | .png | .mng | .jng | .dib | .dds | .tga | .pbm | .pgm | .pam | .pfm | .hdr | .psd/.pdd (Photoshop) | .pcx | .xpm |
Export .dxf/.dwg (CAD) | .svg | .obj | .skp (SketchUp®) | .dae (Collada®) | .stl | .ply | .ifc |
automatic project construction documents | Edificius | ACCA software

Automatic project construction documents

The Edificius architectural design software allows you to automatically produce the following construction documents:

  • area plans
  • floor plans
  • cross-sections
  • elevation views
  • isometric views
  • perspective views
  • architectural reports
  • comparison tables
  • tables and schedules

With Edificius compose your drawing models with great freedom using simple drag & drop operations that automatically generate architectural project reports, tables and schedules.

Export the complete construction documents set in DXF/DWG/DWF file formats and technical reports in the RTF format.

The “Room/compartment”, “building envelope”, “Doors” and “window” objects are also listed into summary tables with all relevant data referring to assigned architectural area, characteristics, materials and component descriptions, metric and geometrical data, material layers, etc.

Advanced features also allow you to filter and organize data for further viewing in specific report tables. A dedicated Table Creation wizard helps you prepare customizable tables too.

Remodeling and renovation works

The software Edificius offers a design environment to plan work variations and remodelling projects with advanced dynamic comparison tools between the "Existing" and "Planned" project phases.

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Renovation works | Edificius | ACCA software
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demolish, rebuild, create, compare | Edificius | ACCA software

Demolish, rebuild, create, compare...

The “Project Group” feature is the advanced work variations and remodelling management tool that automatically integrates two architectural BIM models.

The Architectural objects (walls, windows, floors, etc.) in the “SURVEYED” situation of BIM model are identified as “EXISTING”, while the objects defined from scratch in the “Planned Build” situation are then identified as “NEW”.

Thanks to special “Tools” (demolisher, trowel and magic wand) you can easily mark the elements to demolish or define new architectural elements to be built.
“Project Group” also manages all the information generated by dynamically comparing the existing situation and the planned layout.

The comparison is automatically organised in the drawing model nodes (area plans, floor plans, cross-sections, elevation views, and construction details) for both of the BIM models.

Specific options allow to customize the comparison chart criteria too.

Graphic tables any type of comparison | Edificius | ACCA software

Construction drawings for any type of comparison...

We use the “Project Group” file to obtain the comparison drawing models in Edificius.

On the Edificius Home page, in the “New” section, you can select the “Project Group” file type and specify the Edificius file that represents the “De Facto Situation”.

The “Project Group” tool then generates a group file and a copy of the “document” of the “Current Situation” (CS) that becomes the “Design Stage” (DS) “document” from where all remodelling aspects are addressed.

Edificius provides "Tools" such as the demolisher, trowel and magic wand with which you can intervene on architectural objects at a "Design stage". If strictly necessary, you can also intervene on the "Current situation" document which represents the surveyed situation.

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