Virtual Reality Software for Architecture and Design


BIM Architectural Design + VRiBIM

Do you need to get a clearer perception of the spaces and materials used in your project?

Discover the first immersive virtual reality technology integrated in BIM for architecture and design

Get all the advantages of dynamic integration between architectural BIM design and immersive virtual reality: experience your BIM model in a virtual tour and modify it in real-time!

Discover how to navigate in an immersive virtual reality environment directly from the Edificius architectural BIM design software and how to continue to modify the model in real time both in VR or from the software...

Immersive virtual reality for architecture: navigation

Take a virtual tour in your BIM models in immersive virtual reality directly from Edificius

VRiBIM changes your way of designing. It radically transforms your relationship with the stakeholders involved in the project and greatly improves communication with customers

With VRiBIM you can explore your project live. See it in all its details as if it were already built and get an even more realistic perception of spaces, environments, colors, lights and materials.

Even the presentation of the project becomes a dynamic and interactive experience; you will be able to communicate your ideas in an even clearer, more understandable and engaging way and test changes in real time as they are requested by the client (from simple choices such as furniture or surface finishes, to more demanding functional-architectural choices).

Immersive virtual reality for architecture: modify

Modify the BIM model in real time from the immersive virtual reality environment

VRiBIM is the first technology for Immersive Virtual Reality integrated and dynamically connected to BIM software solutions for architecture and design.

With VRiBIM you can modify the BIM model - from the immersive virtual reality environment or through the dynamically connected BIM authoring software - while you navigate in the virtual environment you get a direct visual feedback to reach the most appropriate design choices rapidly.

Each BIM model becomes an interactive environment that responds to inputs and offers immediate insights to improve the project. Thanks to VRiBIM, trying different solutions and evaluating their feasibility in real time changes everything.


Discover the power of VRiBIM

With VRiBIM take a virtual tour of your model and continue to make changes to your project in immersive virtual reality checking and comparing different solutions. Your environments come to life bringing an entirely different feel to your design experience.

Navighi il modello BIM

Take a tour and explore your model in complete freedom

Modifichi gli elementi architettonici

Modify the architectural elements (walls, doors, windows, etc), materials, 3D models

Personalizzi gli spazi

Organise your spaces by moving, rotating and resizing objects

Check measurements in real-time

Take measurements from within the various environments

Check your lighting settings

Check your lighting effects and settings (natural and artificial lights)

Update the BIM model in real time

Update the BIM model in real time (floor plans, elevation views, cross-sections, construction cost estimate)

Access the BIM Objects Library

Access a vast collection of BIM Objects (also available in the online library)

Attach annotations and documents

Attach annotations, datasheets, links, add videos to elements in the project

Use voice commands to explore and modify

Use voice commands to explore and modify the BIM model

What do you need to create immersive virtual reality experiences with Edificius + VRiBIM


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VRiBIM is an additional module for Edificius that integrates the immersive virtual reality work environment

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Edificius + RTBIM + VRiBIM1 yearSubscription valid for 1 PC
  • Architectural BIM Design
  • Garden design, External spaces and Terrain Modelling
  • Rendering with Artificial Intelligence (AIrBIM)
  • Real Time Rendering (RTBIM)
  • Immersive Virtual Reality (VRiBIM)

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